“The Magic Crafter” The Magic Crafter Making Spring Treats with The Lilac Cat Hey Everyone! It’s The Magic Crafter! And I am here today to teach you how to make a cute little Springtime treat. It is super simple, and only takes a few ingredients. And it is the perfect activity if you have any young children who like to help in the kitchen. So, without any further adieu, let’s get started. Okay, guys! To get started with this activity, you are going to need a few ingredients. You are going to need some Vanilla Wafers Some Rainbow Sprinkles (colored sugar). You are also going to need some chocolate covered egg candies. And you will also need some frosting. Here, I am using a Rainbow Confetti Frosting, but you can use whatever flavor you want. For the first step, Take a Vanilla Wafer, and make sure that the flat side is facing up. Then, take your frosting… And just swirl it on to the wafer. After that, take three colorful chocolate eggs, and place them in the frosting. And for the last step, we are going to take some colored sugar, And sprinkle them on the “nest.” And there you have it! Your Springtime Treat is complete! You can make a whole army of these, if you’d like. And take them to a party. Or you can just eat a bunch of them yourself… Or, whatever you want! There you go! They are so simple to make, that you can make them for everyone. Subscribe to my Channel for more Videos Inspired by Magic, to Inspire Magic in each and every day! Thank you for watching! And I will see you next time on… The Magic Crafter! *Meow!* Thank you for watching! Please see the Description Box for Links to my Social Media (and Etsy Store!). Happy Spring, everyone! “The Magic Crafter”