Entitled Dad doesn’t understand how yard sales
work L
So, a few years ago I went to a fantastic private high school to avoid all my old tormentors
who went to public school. Regardless of what religion you are, the fact that the school
was a Catholic high school will be important later, so bear with me. Now, let me tell you
why my family always marks our equipment with our names and ‘not for sale’ stickers. Every year, we have an annual garage sale
to support the local community. People bring in gently used stuff from clothes to toys
as donations, we sell them super cheap, and the profits jointly benefit the school and
local charities. Win-win scenario for all involved. My family handles the bikes, since
my mom used to be a triathlete and could repair a bike blindfolded. Our bikes usually go for
15-30$, and we bring all our maintenance equipment to do last-minute fixes on bikes and whatnot. Me: Envoy of the 8 stars, master of the elements,
moderately clueless gamer. Mom: Worked retail for years, wonderful woman
to her family, takes exactly zero crap from entitled folk Ep: Get a load of this guy So I’m casually playing a now-defunct game
on my phone and my mom is cleaning a spare tire when EP approaches and starts looking
at our bike selection. That’s our cue to put on our ‘Happy salesperson faces’ (patent pending).
Thankfully he doesn’t ask any questions we need to answer, and seems to be looking more
at the collection of bikes in our maintenance area. After a few minutes of looking, he seems
to make a decision, and points to… the bike repair stand we use to hold the bikes up when
we fix them? EP: Yeah, how much for that? I don’t see a
price tag. Mom and I share a chuckle. I decide to speak
up. Me: Oh, that’s ours. We use it to help fix
the bikes, it’s not for sale. EP: But this is a sale, right? Me: …yeah? EP: Well if this is a sale, and it’s here
at the sale, then it must be for sale! I’ll give you thirty bucks for it. I take a moment to stand there dumbfounded,
probably making a surprised Pikachu face before it was even a meme. His logic made some sense,
but… well, by that logic all the tables, lockers in the hallway, and people at the
sale are alos available for purchase. Thankfully, my Mom, who might as well be an anti-Karen
weapon, steps in. Mom: Sorry sir, but this is equipment I brought
from home to maintain the bikes. It. Is. Not. For. Sale. EP: But it’s a sale, so- Mom: Are the tables in the gym for sale? No.
Are the lockers for sale? No. Some things just are not for sale here, so please either
buy a bike or let the other customers browse in peace. EP: Fine! leaves in a huff After that, we stuck a peice of tape labelled
“NOT FOR SALE” and our last name on the bike stand. We had a quick chuckle about it, but
not ten minutes later a young boy comes up. Poor kid couldn’t have been more than 7, innocent
and pure as a freshly fallen snow. Boy: Um… how much is that? Dad told me to
come over here and buy it since you weren’t selling it to him. I don’t know wether to laugh at the child’s
innocent confession or cry at the father’s idiocy. We point out the not for sale tape
and send him on his merry way towars the toy section. Fifteen minutes later, EP returns,
again, this time with more serious backup. Remember how I said it was a Catholic school?
EP brought a nun with him. Now, anyone who’s been taught by a woman of
the cloth knows the golden rule: NEVER. Anger the nun. Sister D, as I’ll refer to her as,
is usually one of the sweetest, kindest people you’ll meet. She also has a normal intimidation
factor of zero, given that she stands at around 4 foot 3 inches and looks like she just turned
98. But those of us in the music department know she can be commanding, loud, and occasionally
downright terrifying. Even as I type this I’m half expecting a holy lightning bolt to
fry my butt. Regardless of wether the big guy is real or not, you still don’t wanna
cross her. This is a big mistake for EP, since A) I’m
one of the best, nicest students in school, B) Me and my family do a lot of work to help
the elderly sisters in their daily lives and are well in their good graces, and C) Sister
D saw us unloading our bike equipment. EP: There! They won’t sell me or my son that
bike stand! Look, they even put that ‘Not for sale’ sticker on it so they can take it
home themselves! I wanted it first! I casually wave to Sister D and lean back
in my chair to watch the fireworks. Mom, on the other hand, is ticked. Mom: Fine, you really want to buy it from
me? This bike stand cost a thousand dollars. That’s my asking price. Sister D: starts getting the picture, turns
to EP You mean to tell me you dragged me halfway across the building because you wanted to
buy someone else’s property? EP: But it’s a SALE! It’s at the sale, so
it must be for sale and I want it! Mom & Sister D, simultaneously: Get out. EP: Huh? Sister D: You heard me. Out! I don’t want
you harassing the volunteers for their personal belongings. We have every right to refuse
you, so go and don’t come back until next year! Mom takes on a stern stance, glaring at EP.
I’m barely keeping the laughs in. And people are watching. Realizing he’s beat, EP offers
one final parting shot before heading home. “BUT IT’S A SAAAAAALE!” EP demands my healthiest food for her 3 kids
L Obligatory on mobile. ((Update at bottom)) (Plus a big edit, my 14 yo reminded me its
3 kids and I wrote her instead of them/they. I am a bit shaken still, sorry) (Another guick edit, now that I’ve woken up.
My oldest daughter is 14. I was out running a dieing phone battery while I was writing
this last night and was writing too fast. I’m not going to change it in the post, so
you all can see how I messed up. I’m sorry. I was writing too fast, too emotionally, and
I was very tired. Also, my mom is my neighbor. She lives two doors down. She is 73 and very
levelheaded but sassy like my daughter.) So my home is known for having tons on kids
over at all times. I have a 14yo and an 8yo. There are about 10 kids on our block who are
in my 8yo’s age range (5 others in my teens age range) and I have an open door policy
for all kiddos. Every day of the week I hear from multiple kids “I’m hungry” or “I’m thirsty”. I have NEVER turned a kid away, even though
I am very low income. I know that I will be feeding way more kids than my monthly budget
allows so I buy in bulk and lower cost food to feed the horde. ( for example, I will but
4 or 5 organic apples for my kids to have after the neighborhood kids are gone but I
also buy 15 cheap non organic apples for everyone to munch on together while they are playing
or nice whole wheat bread for our morning toast with breakfast but 1 dollar loaves from
the discount bread store for bulk pb&j.) Enter EM yesterday, walking up my driveway
to about 10 little kids, including both my kids , sitting on my little front lawn, having
apple slices, ham and cheese sandwiches with glasses of water. I have never met her befor. Em: are you feeding the kids? Me: yes, they have been playing for a few
hours and a lot of them said they were hungry. I’m expecto-corona. I reach out to shake her
hand Em: what are they eating? she ignores my hand Me: just some apple slices and sandwiches
putting my hand down Em: is that water clean? Me: yes, I have a britta water pitcher. Em: rolling her eyes that does not clean the
water, next time give them bottled water. gestures at random very sweet little girl
and two others who are just as sweet Me: I don’t buy bottled, it’s pretty expensive. Em: but you can get all this food? Me: well, it’s not that expensive when you
buy in bulk and find discounts. Em: squints at me like I just spoke Vulcan
discounts? Me: thinking I’m about to drop a knowledge
bomb yeah, I go through a lot of food with all my sweet adopted kids I laugh, em scowls
ummm… yeah, I get the cheaper bread and cheese and fruit and stuff because it’s a
lot of extra mouths to feed. Em: quite for a minute do you always feed
your kids this junk. Me: well, when its everyday and this many
kids, kind of, yeah… but when it’s just me and my bio kids, we eat as organic and
healthy as possible. Em: well, give my kifs the good food too. Me: I really can’t afford that, I’m very low
income and feeding this many kids is already a bit of a strain. Em: raising a perfect eyebrow oh really? You
dont have to feed all the kids organic, just mine. Me: oh? Are they allergic to anything or gluten
free? Em: no, I just dont want them eating junk,
just give her your organic food next time. Just them. Me: ma’am, in not going to make three plates
only organic just for your kids my kids are eating this too right now, and I just cant
afford to do that. Em: well, if you’re ok with your kids eating
this junk, just give my kids their healthy food and they can eat this instead. Me: very shocked what?! My 16yo, coming into the conversation, very
sassy, to save me: if you want your kids to eat so healthy you can always bring some of
that healthy food to our house to make sure they has it in the afternoons. I can empty
out one of my art Bind so your kids can have a spot in our fridge for their food. Em: voice goes up an octave or four why on
earth would I put my food in your fridge?! 16yo: if you won’t put food in our fridge
for your kids, then my mom should not be putting our food on our plates and in our cups for
your kids either Me: turning to daughterexpecto-corona jr,
it’s ok… Em: no, let her finish. 16yo: everyday your kids are at our house
after school for about 5 hours, you never check on them, you never see if their doing
okay and you never see who their with. I didn’t even know who’s kid are yours. My mom is a
super mom, takes care of every kid that walks through our door like it’s her own. She will
feed any kid that says they are hungry. You should check on your kids, ask them if they’re
hungry and if they are you feed them then. Em: how dare you! storms back down our drive
way, leaving her kids eating on our lawn Me: awwwww expecto-corona jr, that was really
ballsy of you. 17yo: rolls eyes and sits back down on her
phone Fast forward to this afternoon. Same kids (including em’s kids), same lawn,
same snack Em: briskly walking up drive way are they
eating here again? Me: yes, they’ve been in our yard for 4 hours,
all the kids were hungry. Em: is it organic? EM aggressively points
at the plate her daughter is holding Me: no, it’s the same thing everyone else
is eating. Em: how dare you?! I told you organic only! Me: beyond frustrated ma’am, I can’t do that,
it’s to expensive for me to do that. I can send them home if they says their hungry if
you want to monitor what they are eating. Em: no, if they are playing here, you should
feed them! Me: visibly upset maybe they should not come
over anymore after school then? Em: they has to come here, I have plans in
the afternoons and there is no one home! Me: suddenly very sad, realizing how much
em does not care about her very wonderful kids so basically I’ve been a babysitter for
you without even realizing it? In that case, they can come over here whenever they wants,
for as long as they need to be or want to be, and I will keep feeding then and taking
care of them. Because someone needs to show then what a mother is. Em: starts to say something, shakes her head
and storms off down my driveway, once again leaving her daughter with us. (((The daughter is very very sweet and my
8yos close friend. The other two boys are just awesome they plays for a few more HOURS
and then I watch from my front door as they goes home to make sure they gets into the
house ok. We’ll see what happens tomorrow after school))) _____ today update ________♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ So I got home from work today a few hours
ago, EMS kids were in my yard. My husband was watching them, and all the other ones.
He handed me the phone (we only have one with service, so it stays with which ever parent
is with the kids). He laughed at me for all the notifications that went off all day, to
the point he had to silence them. Thank you all for having such wonderful input, and being
so concerned for her kids. He then told me that em was at my mom’s house having tea with
her. I hugged all the children and headed over
there oh, and I found her and my mother in my mother’s office, on the computer filling
out forms. My mom didn’t even let her speak before word vomiting her situation at me. Mm: who is blunt, straightforward and fearless
hi expecto, this is em (who will now be know as molly). Molly is going through some stuff
right now, but she does understand how much of a bench she was to you Molly looks embarrassed. Mm: apparently, Molly got married her junior
year of high school to a man 20 years older than her, she was doing a lot of drugs so
her parents let her do it because they thought it was going to save her. She never finished
high school, she never went to college, and she has no life experience. Molly looks down at her hands. Mm: those three precious babies of her out
there, we’re all done with in vitro and donor sperm. Me: ok? visibly confused, and taken aback Mm: well 3 months ago, her husband came home
from work at [local huge industrial company] and told her that she and the kids needed
to move out, because he had got an a woman at work pregnant “God’s way”. And that those
three children were not his because genetically they were not attached to him. He got himself
a really expensive lawyer. Me speachless Molly crying very quietly Mm: Molly had a little money saved from her
wife allowance, and moved into the neighborhood at the beginning of June. She has no idea
how to do anything on her own, and what little money she had she has already blown through
on rent, security deposit, and monthly bills, that she had no idea how to do because her
husband did everything for her. Mm puts hand on molly shoulder, squeezing
it gently. Mm: so now we are online doing the forms for
tannif and SNAP benefits. So that she can have a little bit of relief right now, but
she has something to say to you. Molly: I’m sorry expecto, I never should have
acted that way towards you, especially in front of the kids. I know you’re doing really
nice things for the entire neighborhood, and I should not have been so rude. Mm: ACTUALLY SIPPINNG HER TEA LIKE A BOSS
and? Molly: I was a bench. Mm: when her food stamps come in, we’re going
to take her shopping to show her how to buy in bulk, and to show her how to meal prep
for a week. Me: ok, mom… Mm: so go start dinner, I’ve invited Molly
to eat with us. We will finish up these forms and come over to your house in a few minutes. Me: ok, mom… So I left and went over to my house, made
some bread dough for rolls, and popped a frozen lasagna in the oven. Then I hung out on the
lawn with the kids and my husband for about 20 minutes until Molly and my mom came over. My mom and husband entertain the kids with
some games, and Molly and I sat in our living room and talked. Turns out Molly is actually pretty nice when
she’s not in a crazy panic and stressed. It turns out the appointments she has in the
afternoon are her working her first job ever at Burger King a few towns over. She is so
embarrassed she didn’t want to say it was for work. She is 44. And has absolutely no
life experience just like my mom said. And her obsession with whole grain and organic
food apparently comes from the cook her husband hired who was super hippy-dippy. She’ll be able to call the Department of Health
and Welfare Monday or Tuesday about her application for food stamps and cash assistance. I guess
she was more of scared, embarrased, stressed out parent instead of entitled? I don’t think we’re going to turn into best
friends or anything, I will help her get some resources to get a GED. But I think her conversation
with my mom kind of broke her and build her back up? I really wish my mom had waited until
I got home from work, but she saw the opportunity and she took it. Also, I get it I messed up my teens age about
1 million times, I’m very sorry I’m a dumb dumb. lol