Obese EM yells and screams at me, for taking
a handicapped parking spot because I have a disabled child whom uses a wheelchair
M So this happened a few months ago. It was
my daughter and myself. My oldest daughter, whom is 10, has cerebral palsy, and it’s
severely physically and mentally disabled. Basically she is like a 6 month old baby,
in a ten year old body. She cannot walk so she has always used a wheelchair. It was a
Saturday, so the Target was pretty packed, and fortunately I found a handicap spot open.
So I park and begin unloading my daughters wheelchair out of the back of my suv, when
an extremely obese woman with a handicap mirror placard pulls up behind my car and rolls down
the window. There are kids bouncing around in the back of her car so I assuming she is
a mom. The conversation went like this. EM: Excuse me, mam. Me assembling the wheelchair, not looking
up immediately. EM louder: Mam! Me looking up: Yeah? EM: I don’t know if you noticed but this
is a handicap parking spot. I understand you have a small child, that requires a stroller,
but I’m disabled and I need this spot, so you’ll need to park in another spot not
designated for a handicap person. Me: I’m fully aware this is a handicap spot,
this isn’t a stroller it’s my daughters wheelchair. EM: I don’t see a handicap placard in your
window. I move over showing her my handicap license
plate: That’s because we have a handicap plate. EM: Well even if your child is (uses her hand
to do the in quotations signal) “handicapped”, you are not, so you really don’t need that
spot. You could easily park in the back of the lot and load her up and walk a few extra
feet to the store. What is your daughters disability? I don’t think autism counts
as being truly disabled like myself. My diabetic nerve pain and back pain make it excruciating
to walk long distances. So you see that’s why you should give me your spot. At this point I’m kind flabbergasted. Not
only did this woman just assume that my child was autistic, which she isn’t, she just
assumed that my child and myself don’t need accommodation. Now I’m pretty ticked. Me: Listen lady, I’m sorry the handicap
spots are full at the moment, but I’m not moving. It’s none of your business what
my child’s disability is, and in the time you’ve sat here harassing me over my spot,
you could’ve looked for another spot. EM turns red with anger: You are discriminating
against me because you see that I’m overweight, and assuming I’m just fat and lazy. Me: I never said anything about your appearance. EM yelling now: You are a freaking bench.
You think because you are a crapy mom, that doesn’t discipline your child, that every
one else should cater to your poor decisions. My tax dollars pay for this spot and people
like you just abuse the system to get a free ride. Again flabbergasted because this is a bizarre
butt rant. Me: I really don’t know what to tell you.
I’m not moving and I’m not going to argue with you about it. At this point we have a crowd of onlookers.
She keeps yelling and I just ignore her and start loading my daughter into her chair.
Finally after my child is all strapped in I look up at her, and she is super red and
sweaty. She then yells that my daughter is the ugliest child she has ever seen, and an
African American women who was watching this, apparently has had enough and she unloads
on the women, and murders her with words. The woman peels away down the aisle, and I
notice a Jesus sticker on the back of her car. I tear up. I’ve never been treated
that way before, especially concerning my disabled child. The African American woman
whose name I learn is Cynthia, notices me crying and comes over to hug me, she was so
incredibly sweet. I thanked her quite a few times for coming to mine and my child’s
defense. She asks if she can give my kiddo a hug, and I’m like of course! Anyhow Cynthia
cheers me up, she extremely witty and got me laughing extremely hard, and we walk into
the store together and I do my shopping. I am not good with confrontation, so I’m so
incredibly thankful for Cynthia stepping in to defend us. EM buys personal training sessions for entitled
son…. M
Just been told what happened and said. English not my first language so hurray for auto-linguistic
services. Here goe the people involved:
G: Guy I know, who is also a personal trainer. EM: Entitled mom.
ES: Entitled son. A guy I know Tells me about this EM who had
bought 15 personal training lessons right upfront when signing her son up for a gym
membership. Son aged 17. The first session, she accompanies the son,
G thinks this is alright for the first lesson, he was told the son has never been in a gym
and thought he maybe was a bit shy or nervous. Son arrives, G immediately sees how this is
going to be a challenge, as the ES is the extremely arrogant entitled type, who look
down at everyone, and don’t even finish his sentences, just expect G to know what the
last word(s) in his sentences is. Besides that, he is an extremely lazy type. 20 minutes in, EM ask how long time it will
take for her son to be fit, G tells her the getting in shape actually goes faster then
you think, if you put in the work and adjust your diet, but extreme do-overs for most people
will kill them mentally. EM points with her finger(!) directly at one
of the younger extremely pumped up bodybuilders. EM: “how long times does it take for my son
to be like that?”. G: “I don’t think that’s so relevant right
now”. EM: “HOW LONG TIME?”.
G: “With disciplined training, years maybe”. EM: “YEARS?!?, what if I buy those drugs that
make you grow, for him?”. G: “Let’s focus on getting your son knowing
the exercises….”. EM: “I need him in shape like that in January”
(4 months away). G: “I don’t really think that’s a goal who
is realistic, sorry”. EM: “Are you not a personal trainer, and I’ve
heard those growth drugs can do that?” G: “It’s not my job to talk about such stuff,
let us get on with the next exercise”. EM get extremely negative after that, coming
with remarks like it was G’s job to get her son the growth drugs and stuff like that.
Lesson 1 ends. A couple of days later its lesson 2 and EM
again joins. Same bad attitude. Essentially repeat of lesson 1.
Lesson 3, EM this time ask G if they could talk in private, the mom shows G some photos
of extremely handsome and well-trained fitness models on her phone, telling G, that she wants
her son to be like this when they go for a vacation in January. G tells me that he tries
in the most polite way, to tell her this is impossible, and that those guys also are blessed
with the perfect genes for those results.. this was maybe not the smartest comment, as
the EM grabs her son and leave the gym. He later that day got informed that the EM
had phoned in and cancelled all the lessons and her son’s gym membership, informing that
she would find a better place for her son, who are motivated to get her son like she
wanted him to be. That’s the story I was told. EM thinks she owns her daughters dorm room
and can control who comes in. S
I used to work as a desk assistant in a dorm room building for my university. Basically
my job was to help if a student locked their key inside, or wanted to put a work order
in. One day I just sat down for the 8pm-12am shift
and I see a very ticked off middle aged Karen approaching me. I knew it was family weekend,
and that’s why she was probably in there, but I didn’t know what would come next.
Also if anyone ever stayed in a dorm room, you know they are not large (usually) EM: entitled mom Me: me D: poor daughter H: husband EM: CAN YOU HELP ME, CAN YOU HELP?? Me: Maybe, what’s seems to be the issue EM: ME AND MY HUSBAND ARE TRYING TO SLEEP
SHOES ON THE FLOOR! Me: (me thinking why the heck didn’t you
get a hotel) Well, ma’am, half of the room belongs to her roommate, I can’t stop them
from being awake at 8pm, I can’t even leave this desk. EM: WELL YOU NEED TO GET SOMEONE HERE RIGHT
is under no obligation to leave, if anything she is being nice by not complaining that
you are taking up her space. [D enters crying] D: Mom stop and come outside right now, I
told you wouldn’t like this and you didn’t listen, and now you are ruining this visit [they both go outside] [H enters] H: sighs Please tell me I’m not the only
one who’s wife did this… of course I am… mutters about they should have gotten a hotel
as he goes outside. In short a mom thought she could kick her
roommate out of the dorm room so she and her husband could use it as their personal hotel. I feel sorry for everyone but the mom, actually
being in that room must have been heck, and I still wonder to this day where she wanted
that guy to put his shoes other than the floor. You weren’t waiting to park lady, you WERE
parked. M
I am giddy with excitement to finally have a story to share here. I feel like it’s some
sort of rite of passage. While this is an Entitled Parent story, the fact that she is
a parent is really just background information, as the kid never spoke and doesn’t even appear
until the very end. As this just happened about an hour ago, this is pretty much verbatim
how it all went down. So here’s what’s up. I get off work and remember
I need a couple things from the store. Not enough to warrant a full on trip to the grocery,
rather I opt to stop at a gas station/quickie mart on the way home. Now it’s almost rush
hour, so as I’m pulling up all the parking spots are full, and one car is parked in the
middle of the lot, not in an actual marked space but out of the way of traffic, as you
do. I was originally going to pull up next to them, when a car pulls out of an actual
parking spot near the door. Sweet–I just pull in, and go inside. I enter and grab a small basket from by the
door and begin shopping. As I’m placing a bag of milk into the basket, this nasally
whine that sounds almost valley girl interrupts my thoughts: “Uh, did you just like, STEAL
my parking space?” “Sure didn’t,” I reply absently, and walk
away to go find the ketchup. “Um HELLO, you totally pulled into my spot!
I was waiting and you totally stole my spot!” she prattles to my back, following me around
like a mosquito hungry for blood. “Oh was that you parked in the middle of the
lot?” I ask. “YES, you butt! You stole my spot! What the
freak man?” “Uh you were motionless and your lights were
off. You weren’t WAITING to park, lady, you WERE parked,” I attempt to explain as ketchup
and mustard join the milk in the basket. “Just because I had it in park doesn’t mean
I was parked! Why the freak did you steal my spot?” After hearing that masterpiece of logical
reasoning I turn and look her dead in the eye. “What exactly do you think is going to
happen? Do you expect me to drop what I’m doing and move my car? Forget about it. You
were parked, and instead of coming inside and shopping, you chose to sit there with
your lights off and just assuming that everyone else in the world knows your intention. If
you wanted that spot, you should have had your blinker on.” Without giving her a chance to reply I turn
on my heels and head to the register. She scoffs, growls a shrill “UGGGGGH” and leaves
the store. Crazy chicks are crazy man, what can I say? Anyway I pay for my little purchase
and head back to my car. I reverse and turn, pulling out of the spot, when the crazy chick
suddenly guns her engine and floors it, missing my front bumper by scant inches, fails to
stop in time and crunches her front bumper on the concrete pylon that was there to protect
the propane tanks from idiotes like her. I see her get out of the car, and pull a toddler
out of the back seat with her. At this point I roll down my window. “So you ditched your kid, ran inside the store
to yell at a stranger, didn’t even do your shopping while you were there, and then crashed
your dang car?” I shouted over the noise of steadily building traffic. “FREAK YOU JERK!” Truly, the words of a poet.
I’m not sure she heard my whole sentence because she shouted that pretty much as soon as I
got to the word “kid”. Whatever. That totally made my week.