welcome to srisri food today we wil make bengali sweet rasmadhuri lets start 1 l cows milk 1 tbsp vinegar and 1 tbsp water mixed 2 cup sugar add milk in a pan boil it keep mixing it use high flame milk has boiled,lower the flame add vinegar water as required by doing this milk and paneer will seperate you can see the result take it down take a utensil under a strainer place a cotton cloth and filter paneer wash with ice water so vinegar gets removed remove excess water dry paneer in a napkin take a bowl and add 6 cup water 2 cup sugar mix and boil take paneer in a plate and crumble it add 1 tsp sugar and aara flour you can add corn flour also knead well so that no cracks are ther knead for 5-6 minutes balls are not yet ready make balls and press add in boiling chasni cover and boil for 15 minutes after 8 minutes turn them after 15 minutes it is ready.take it down cool it after few hours add yellow food colour keep it in fridge for few hours press it and take out 50 g khoya 2 tbsp grated dry coconut 2 tbsp blended sugar green and red colour add sugar in khoya add coconut if required make 2 parts from it;one small and one big add red colour ine one part and green in other you can mix this in water you can use any colour you like you can use milk powder in place of coconut give shape and place stuffing over rasgulla you can give any shape almond cherry garnish with almonds you can use pista also rasmadhuri is ready do make this like,share and subscribe we will meet again with a new recipe