Hi, it’s mystery author Ellie Alexander and
I am so excited to welcome you into my deadly but delicious Torte Test Kitchen
where food meets fiction. I am NOT a professional pastry chef, but I play one
in the pages of my Bakeshop Mysteries. This week we’re baking something sweet,
so stay tuned and we’ll get baking. [theme music playing] I am thrilled to have you here in my Torte
Test Kitchen! For those of you who don’t know what Torte is, it is my fictional
bakeshop in my aptly named Bakeshop Mysteries. My bakeshop might be
fictional, but Ashland, Oregon where I am right now is real. It’s real! You should
totally come visit. So this week for our inaugural Torte Test Kitchen I’m going
to bake the recipe from the very first book, MEET YOUR BAKER. This recipe is for my mom’s Raspberry Danish. It was my absolute favorite Saturday morning
breakfast when I was a kid. I remember my brother and I waiting very impatiently
while we were watching cartoons in the basement and my mom was upstairs in the kitchen baking this delicious, gooey, sweet, Raspberry Danish. It felt like it
took hours upon hours. When I got the recipe later as an adult from her, it’s
like 30-40 minutes. It’s super easy, anyone can do it. You do not have to be a
professional pastry chef and I promise it is going to be a delicious breakfast
treat. Really what it is is breakfast dessert. It’s going to be slathered at the
end with buttercream frosting and this glaze that’s gonna melt into it. Okay, I
gotta stop talking. Let’s just get baking! [happy music playing] So there it is! Our finished Raspberry
Danish from MEET YOUR BAKER. Dunh, dunh, dunh. I can’t wait to take a bite. It’s so
warm and it smells amazing. My advice to you if you try to bake this at home is
be sure to put the frosting on right away as soon as you take the Danish out
of the oven and the raspberry jam is bubbling and warm. Spread your frosting
on so that you get this gooey, delicious, marbley Danish. This is what gives it
it’s Danish name. You want the raspberry jam and the frosting to melt together to
make this beautiful top. Okay, I gotta take a bite and let you know whether or
not…It’s to die for. It might be. (laughing) Have you made this recipe at home? Be sure to
comment below if you have and let me know if it turned out this way for you
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I upload new videos or like my page. I’m going to be sharing Torte Test Kitchen
recipes with you every week on YouTube and Facebook. I hope that you’ll come
along. I’ll be baking recipes from my books, I’ll be baking sweet recipes,
savory recipes, recipes from chefs who I admire, and maybe even some of your
suggestions. Happy baking! [theme music playing]