Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon,
today we are making a beautiful light fresh dessert with a yoghurt mousse, pistachio sponge
base and a raspberry sauce on the inside. When you cut into the dessert the sauce will
ooze out onto the plate. To make the raspberry sauce you will need
some frozen raspberries – and let them defrost a bit and some powdered sugar or icing sugar. Place them both into a blender, I’ll put all
of the ingredient quantities on the howtocookthat.net website for you in grams, ounces and cups
and I’ll link you to that below. Keep blending it until it is smooth. Then
pour it through a fine sieve into a saucepan. You wan to use a fine sieve and then press
down using the back of a spoon, this will get rid of all of the seeds so that your sauce
is smooth in your mouth. Bring the sauce to a boil then add in the
juice of one orange and agin you want to pour that through a sieve
so that you don’t get any little lumps in there and then stir to combine. Now pour the sauce into one half of a sphere
ice cube tray. If you look for these online you can find them fairly cheaply . And then
place that in the freezer overnight so they freeze solid. To make the base you will need pistachios,
egg yolks, sugar, oil, flour, baking powder, green food colouring, egg whites, cream of
tartar and a little bit of water. Add the cream of tartar to the egg whites
and then place the egg yolks, oil, pistachios, sugar and water into a blender and blend on
high speed until it is smooth. If you don’t like pistachios you can of course replace
them with a different nuts or seeds here instead. Tip that into a bowl and add the green food
colouring then sift in the flour and the baking powder and fold that into the pistachio mixture. Whip your egg whites to soft peaks and they
should look like this. Take a spoon of the egg whites and mix it
through just to lighten up the pistachio mixture. Now add in half of the egg whites that are
left and fold those through. Then add the rest of the egg whites and again
fold it through just until you can’t see any more streaks of white. Pour into a tray and spread it out right into
the corners. Bake it in the oven at 180C until it springs back when your lightly touch, or
when you insert a knife into it it comes out clean. Once it has cooled find a circle cutter that
fits the base of your tins tightly and cut circles of the pistachio sponge cake. Place
them the top browned side down into your tins. Melt some white chocolate and mix in some
crepe dentele or you don’t have that you can use some crushed up ice cream wafer cones.
This will just give a bit of crunch to the dessert. Spread it out onto the baking paper,
then add another piece of baking paper on top and just use your rolling pin to flatten
it out to get a nice thin layer. Place it in the freezer to firm up and then
cut out circles using a cutter that is smaller than the dessert. For the mousse you’ll need cream, vanilla
yoghurt and they both need to be at room temperature. Gelatin and sugar and again you can use less
sugar if you want to. Add four tablespoons of cream to the gelatin
and mix it through immediately. Leave it to soften for a few minutes. Then melt in the
microwave on high until it is liquid like this. Add the sugar to your cream… pour in the
yoghurt and then whisk it all together until it is slightly thickens a bit like a thick
sauce like this. With the mixers running add in the gelatin
and mix it through really well. Then add 1/4 cup of the yoghurt mousse onto the base of
each dessert. Add the crispy circle of white chocolate into
the middle of each one. Then add a hemisphere of frozen raspberry
sauce on top of each chocolate disk. Then finally fill each dessert with more mousse.
Place them in the freezer for 1 hour to set. While that is setting we will make out chocolate
decorations spread out some tempered white chocolate onto some acetate using an icing
comb. Then run your finger down and around and down and around the other way to make
a leaf shape. Once they are set, simply peel off the acetate
and you have a quick and easy chocolate decoration. Take your dessert out of the freezer and run
a knife around the top edge. Place the tin onto a measuring cup and push
down to release the dessert. Now if you don’t have loose based tin like I do. Then you could
totally freeze the dessert and then place the outside in warm water to loosen it and
tip it out. Place the dessert onto a plate, pipe on some
whipped cream, add a chocolate decoration two raspberries and a pistachio. Leave that
at room temperature for a couple of hours to allow the raspberry sauce to melt. If you
are not yet ready to serve it then store in the fridge until you are. Give your guests a surprise when they cut
into it and find the beautiful raspberry sauce. Subscribe to howtocookthat for more amazing
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Friday. [end music by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]