In olden days, there used to be a container kept
in the shelves at the top.. ..which contained snacks in it! We would use a table and climb up
on it when the mother is not around.. ..and steal a laddu
from the container and then one more.. ..and one more!
We would almost finish 4 to 5 laddus.. 1 laddu wouldn’t be enough! But, today’s youth must have missed this! So today, I will show you
‘Rava Laddu’ So, let’s begin with roasting the
rava (semolina). This is 1 tbsp of ghee (clarified butter). Once the ghee melts fully,
we will add rava to it. This is a bowl full of rava. We must opt for the coarse textured rava.. ..and roast it nicely. Do not roast it like we do it
for preparing sooji halwa. Don’t let it change the color
but still roast it well. As soon as we get the aroma,
we have to switch off the stove. Keep roasting the rava continuously. If you do not stir it, it tends
to burn. The enticing aroma has filled
the room, let’s switch off the stove.. ..and remove the rava on a plate. Let the rava cool down. Meanwhile, let’s proceed. Let’s switch on the stove. This is a bowl of grated fresh coconut. Let’s add equal proportion of sugar to it. And then, let’s add 3 tbsp of water. Let’s mix everything well. Let it cook until the sugar melts
and (the mixture) comes to a boil. Sugar has melted, now
let’s add some mava (khoya) to it. Mava should be either 50 grams or 3 tbsp.. ..and then, some dry fruits. These are cashews and almonds.
You can add as per your choice. You can add raisins too.
A bit of cardamom (elaichi) powder. And now, let’s mix it well. Let it cook for a while
as we have added mava to it. This is done,
let’s switch off the stove.. ..and let’s wait for 10 to 15 minutes
so that it cools down. 15 minutes later. The mixture of sugar, coconut and
mava has cooled down. Now, let’s take it off the stove
and add the roasted rava to it. And now, let’s mix it together. This has been nicely mixed. Let’s keep it this way for about 5 minutes
as the rava must be soaked in it. 5 minutes later. It has cooled down,
let’s shape (the laddus) now. Rava has nicely soaked in it. In this way, let’s
shape all the remaining laddus. In this quantity,
we can prepare 15 laddus.. ..but these are 12! I know it… I know it very well,
who has stolen the laddus from here! If you want to experience the fun of stealing
and eating the laddus like my cameraman.. ..definitely try making these laddus. And yes, Ruchkar Mejwani is now on Facebook too! Watch it there.. ..and for videos, subscribe on YouTube.