My name is slappy Slappy I’m Benson Im slappy. This is a Pizza challenge. Who do you thinks gonna win? ME! Why you? because your a Loser Oh… Thats Sad Subscribe! for Pizza Challenge 3..2..1.. Big Home toys Review! Hi Hi, Guys Awesome doing a pizza challenge, okay So the first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pick our spread so our base So these are the items that we have we have whip cream What’s this Conner show them? ahhh What is that chocolate Hershey? Yup chocolate Hershey’s syrup we got Peanut Butter Carmel Jelly and Pudding oh this a lot So each of us have to draw three so we had to put three into our toppings here on top of our beautiful pizzas Ooh, I wonder what you’re gonna get maybe I’m gonna get chocolate you want chocolate. What else would you want on yours? Whip Cream, I hope I get all that Because guess what Benson always wins? No! Slappy Yeah, make sure to vote below Benson or Slappy who wins? Who do you think will win? SLAPPY! No Benson!!! Slappy!! What is Slappy off of? uh .. all kids Know what movie is he in tell the kids? Goosebumps and Benson, it’s from Toy Story 4. Remember that all right. Here we go All right, Conner you want to go first since you’re the youngest drawl one Ok, open up and read it for me. What does it say? Dang it What you get? Chocolate Syrup, Show them! he got chocolate Syrup Dang, okay. So you go first. Here you go. I’ll open up for you and then put it on top of your pizza get it on there real good Okay, oh you want me to help you? you come on we got to get a lot out Okay, so now what we need to do be very careful hold it gently and then make sure it just spread it out So kid’s when you’re doing this at home? make sure that a parent is doing it with you if you’re using utensils like a knife just for protection or forks or spoons All right, my turn to pick ok let me make sure it looks real good you get caramel Let me get it all up there, its going to be the grosses thing, I know what your going to get, what am i going to get? what am Jelly! All right, there you go. All right, give me a good one. Give me a good one I get Jelly Caramel All right, so daddy gonna put caramel over his pizza, all right Benson daddy here we go. Oh This one’s hard caramel is very hard to get out. Oh Well, let me see I’m gonna have to probably put a knife inside here. Yeah that’s in there you just takes forever whoa that looks so good i wish i can get that one I Know it looks really good, Dont it? looks like it has eggs on it ! mine looks like it has poop on it! None of that, mommy’s mommy have a trick or a tip Probably the best tip is to warm it up in the microwave. Ah Warming up the microwave. Here we go. It doesn’t microwave. Look look at my pizza looks so good Mommy was right look it’s poring out now and it’s super hot. Mine is so hot But it smells real good. Don’t it? Oh going to eat it What? LOL Oh Man okay, daddy has to do what Conner did. Look at Mine ! Mine looks Good And Guy’s if you want some chips comment down below and subscribe to my channel You’re gonna give them chips for subscribing to your channel, okay, what kind of chips are those? Let’s see for your base. What if you get is you get something nasty come on lets see Grape Jelly ahhhh yaaaaaa yours is going to taste Funny alright, here we go. Grape Jelly. Let me get you a fork just scoop ah mines not going to taste good hope mines yummy good it looks like throw-up Bro Yours looks chunky No Wait till we cook these that is mean, eww Peanut Butter Peanut butter please no peanut butter, peanut butter No, I got something real good since you’ve got chocolate I get whipped cream I wanted whip cream I know maybe next time the fun part ready? ahhhhhh!! haha it blew up all over me what the heck! oop what’s wrong with this thing? OK that didn’t work the way i wanted it to! now it looks so messy mommy booby trapped that Buddy Good mommy booby-trap more whipped cream that wasn’t cool What are you gonna get I think your going to get pudding I think NOOO! Your getting chocolate pudding YES! All right, you got chocolate pudding eww!!! hahahaha Oh yummy, okay. That’s all you eww that looks like a poop is that a slappy poop? Okay, I think there’s always the extra Comment Or say something if you think that looks good No it does not look good guy’s comment down below if you like my pizza its chunky but daddys looks good maybe i can switch pizza’s take my PIZZA!! I heard you! That means i get peanut butter I like peanut butter peanut butter is great the best so that means i have the best pizza Alright daddy your going to get the grosses mine looks good guys look at our pizzas it looks so chunky You don’t spread that out the best that I can now for the fun part the Condiments to go on top, these are our toppers guys. it looks Delicious! All right, here we go, all right Conner you can go first, what do you think you’re gonna get? Hope im getting cherries Sour Worms Alright buddy put up where you want them all the middle All right, my turn what am I gonna get I think I’m gonna get marshmallows ooh Hershey’s Kisses So add chocolate to daddy’s the daddy’s gonna make kids look nice you just throw yours in the middle Yep, because Benson always has the best pizza Here we go, guess what I’m making I don’t know who until you see what does mommy know hmmm, smiley face? hey guys look at my pizza! mine looks so amazing My smiling at everybody, all right What you think you’re gonna get Marshmallows, let me see what you get How’d you know you are truly slappy are to you you can read people’s minds All right marshmallows it is guess what I took one of your marshmallows What are you doing making a circle mmm, that’s all right. That’s cool I don’t think so All right, all right, I hope I get Reese’s Pieces, oh that’s gonna be so good guys What Rice krispie treats. Hello. Yeah, that’s a good one. Let me pull these over I dont have rice krispie treats 🙁 No, you gotta get something different we’re running out of stuff this is for daddy pizza Put a little little make it have little Rosy cheeks Put it around Pizza like this All right, all right slappy your turn what are you going to get? you got the best one!!! Reese’s pieces !! ahhhhh im SLAPPY ahhh haaaa All right Benson’s turn. What do you think? I’m gonna get I think I’m gonna get cherries. No turns cherries cherries cherries This is not this pretty good one I think this is gonna go great with the caramel and the rice krispie treats for the kisses a little whipped cream. I Got gummy bears gummy gummy gummy bears Then this one I’m gonna sprinkle over Say if you had these Oh slappy got these these gummy bears would be eating me. So that’s good that Benson got him That’d be scary Big Giant Ones what you get Slappy, what you get? like what you get no no no no I hope you get fortune cookies NO! CHERRIES! Lifesaver gummies That was a good one Slappy’s creation is Crazy over there mmm mine looks good Alright my turn! Benson Turn Come on Cherries Sour cubes I wanted sour cubes! There on Benson’s I want to taste one! Super sour It’s Sour Super Sour . My looks great. Alright pick one Between fortune cookies or cherries? Which one you think you’re gonna get? YOU GOT CHERRIES mmmmmmmmmmm Mine looks so good All right, so you gonna make sure to take the stems out it’s very important so nobody gets hurt Mine looks so amazing So that means daddy gets Fortune cookies I get fortune cookies ahhhh I wanted fortune cookies All right first one Is their fortune cookie im just breaking them on the top and it says Something by the beach will be a fun investment for you. Oh That sounds cool. All right next fortune what if it says, “Sunshine in your heart”? Sunshine in my heart and that’s so nice I hope is that nice What do you guys think that this uh fortune cookie says it said Traveling at this time would be a good investment of time and money Yeah Alright last one last one Break it break it break it break it. Look at this. Marshmallows. All right mine says an important Email will be arriving shortly. Check your inbox Whoa, are you guys gonna send me something? We’re gonna send Conner something or are you gonna say who’s gonna win? Is it Benson or is it? Slappy? Alright time to cook her our creation Let’s put them side by side. Let’s push them up. Mom. You can get a picture of it Alright we’re about to cook us some pizza Alright so we got it we have Slappy’s pizza and Benson’s pizza going to go into this hot All right guys, look at the pizza as they’re all melted Wow This is Benson’s pizza. You can’t even recognize some of the stuff on there. Oh Here’s Slappy’s pizza. Oh, it’s all melted and gooey and gooey. Let’s cut it up Let’s do it All right, so we’re gonna cut Slappy’s pizza first Here we go eww its all sticking see what it taste like perfect Perfect little piece. Look at that Perfect. All right, get a little bit of a fortune cookie on here All right, there’s that piece here, yes What In the world these are all melted yours looks awesome. I see a little gummie warm in their See there’s a cherry. There’s rice Oh me look at those. Oh And then mine looks like I don’t know eggs, eggs Alright, okay, you take a bite first it’s so slimy Let’s put this back on you. Okay ready? Take a little bite. Uh-huh. tell me what you think is it good? tell the kids mmm its yummy yours is yummy all right, let me try daddy’s i dont know about mine DADDY! Hmm so good, I think way better let’s switch. you try mine ill try yours Let’s see, which one’s better owww it’s so slimy and hot! Good I think my mine is better so what you think of mine? you didnt take a bite let me help Okay, all right guys we love you, thank you so much to subscribe and like and subscribe subscribe, please. We want to make more videos. This is so much fun Stay tuned or do a lot more challenges and slappy and Benson. Love you guys. Bye