Hello. This is Fei from miss A. I came to Ehwa Women’s University area. The reason I came here is to have a delicious dessert. Here is the store! Hello. Please introduce yourself. He is the chef Kim Ho Yoon. He is Fei’s closest chef, right?
Yes I came here to have a sweet dessert today.
The chef told me that this store has very delicious desserts. I will make a delicious one, and if we have a chance we can learn together. Oh, that sounds great. Can I?
Of course. The dessert made by Fei. Actually, many people say that I am good at cooking,
but I am not good at making desserts. Right? She cooks well with fire.
I do well with stir-fry food. Since I have an opportunity today, shall I learn it? Let’s change the cloths.
Did you dressed up as a chef today? Did you purposely wear a white one?
A beauty chef ~ It’s cute. (Let’s make an ice cream)
Okay. What’s this? A whip cream? How much I should put it?
400 grams. It looks really tough. I can see that this is not Fei’s style. Yes, I like a tough cooking style, so I love making a stir-fry. Could you see that?
400. I am a true lady. I should tie my hair back. I look so much like a chef. Pour it?
That is stressful. Are you worried? You are doing great. Don’t worry. I am pretty good at cooking. Pour that a little bit in here.
No need to measure?
No, just a little. It’s too heavy. I cannot handle it. So I am a true lady, right? I can’t do it. I used to be a good cook, but today…
Do you need an apron? Great. You look much better with this. Finished. I think I am done.
Done? Making a dessert doesn’t match with my characteristic. You will enjoy it when you eat it. I like eating by the way, but making it is not my style. It smells good. Do I have to boil it again?
Yes. Is it going to be a failure?
What? No.
Why do you think it will be a failure? You are not going to use it, are you?
It came out perfect. Let this cool here then freeze it.
The ice cream base is complete. Thank you. I learned something educative. Then I am going to make this now.
This dessert. I made this ~ It’s really fun! But i think it’s more fun when the customers eat my food. For instance, “Wow, I just sold two of them~!”.
I look like playing a restaurant game. I agree with you.
Making two and selling two. Then what’s the next step?
You are going to fully fill in the chocolate. Should I cut it to fill?
You don’t need to cut it, but you will make a hole.
It’s empty in the middle. Where is a hole?
You will make one now. Can you see that the inside is empty? Flip it over to show. Can you feel it? That’s it. Now, it’s all filled. Did you see? Place a curved surface toward the top. Move to side slightly. It’s okay. No, No. Done
Done? Like this?
Yes, exactly. It is. This is made by myself. It’s delicious . How’s it?
It’s so delicious. This vanilla ice cream is really fantastic. This is my fault. I should have filled more chocolate.
I was supposed to put a lot more chocolate. Anyway, it’s still awesome. There it is. The choclate is here. Tada~ here it is. Fei’s eating show. There is this scene in one CF. Yes? There is a CF like this. I think that was very brilliant. Because it is difficult not to drop the food. Delicious. Look, I finished it. It was so great. I was very honest when I said that I wanted to make a food for my fans. If I have a chance, I want to learn more and make desserts for my fans. Fei’s dessert.
Tada~ It’s finished. If I have a chance, I promise to make one for you.