>>Hey guys, it’s Karina!
>>It’s Ronald, we’re from>>[Karina And Ronald] Sis vs Bro!>>And as you can see
we’re still in the hotel so that means we’re still in Canada! And happy new years, happy 2019! But we’re still in 2018 (record scratches) because we’re in time
travels from the past! (“X Files Theme” music)
>>Dun dun da!>>If you’re watching
we’re still in December 31 we’re recording then so yeah. I’m super excited about this challenge because today we are going to be doing Real vs Fake Slime Challenge.>>Oh my goodness.>>So basically we’re going to have boxes, going to be two ingredients, ones going to be fake
and ones going to be real and we’re going to be deciding who’s going to take the real one, who’s going to take the fake one. Whoever gets the real one gets a point, whoever gets the fake one is the loser. And we’re going to be using activator to be confirming our thoughts
about which one is real and which one is fake.>>Yes.>>Alright, round number one! (bell dings)>>Woodabong!>>[Dad] Round number one.>>Alright, rock, paper,
scissors, who’s picking first.>>[Karina and Ronald] Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! (gags)>>Alrighty, let’s open up
the box and see what we have. Oh, we have two silver glues.>>Well ones not silver glue.>>I don’t know. I am very confused.>>I know which ones real
and which ones fake.>>So here they are and
I dunno what is what but I’m gonna go with this one. Karina you have to pick that one.>>Oh, okay.>>How do you know which ones
real and which ones fake?>>’Cause I have eyes. Alright, open up and pour it in our bowls.>>Oh I think this is glue!>>I’m going to smell mine.>>Yay, glue. What does it smell like?>>It smells like soap.>>(gasps) Yay!>>[Karina] This looks
like soap, look at it. What, soap with glitter!>>[Ronald] I don’t think we
need activator on this one.>>It’s not mixed together,
look at all this glitter in it and all this just glue, not glue, soap. So as you can see mine is
obviously soap and glitter and Ronald’s is glue, but
just in case to confirm our thoughts we’re going
to pour in the activator.>>That glue is just broken. There we go. There we go.>>[Karina] Alright, let’s mix it.>>[Ronald] Is anything happening to yours? Oh yeah, mine is turning into slime.>>[Karina] Mine is not.>>Mine is slime, yay. So guys, as you can see my
slime is actually pretty good and Karina does not have a slime at all.>>It’s just soap at glitter. So that means Ronald got a
point and I got no points. Alright, moving on to round
number two (bell dings).>>[Dad] ‘Kay guys, round number two.>>Alrighty.>>And now it’s my turn to pick.>>Okay, open it.>>Okay.
>>Oh!>>We got blue glow in the dark. They look very similar. I can’t tell. Which one should I go for?>>I don’t even know.>>They look so similar.>>Oh my goodness! It’s like the same glue!>>Literally the same thing.>>It’s like a guess and check.>>Guys, what do you think it is? Is it this one or this one?>>Oh my goodness.>>I’m going to take my chances
and go for my right hand because right is always right. Okay, I’m going to pour this in. Oh, this looks like glue consistency.>>No, that means mine is wrong.>>[Karina] Alright, let’s see.>>[Ronald] Oh my goodness, let’s see mine. No! Wait, (record scratches)
how can be tracked?>>[Karina] Oh it’s very similar but yours has less glitters.>>[Ronald] Here let’s see because this ones not
known for having glitter. Oh, okay let’s see, let’s see.>>Okay, I’m going to add a little bit. That’s good and some for you, a lot more because you have a lot more in there.>>[Ronald] Oh my goodness, I
think you got the correct one.>>[Karina] Really?>>[Ronald] I think you
got the correct one.>>[Karina] Yes I got the correct one!>>No! This is just liquid, rip off!>>So guys, I got myself a slime so that means I got one point, one to one.>>Gah, this is just goo.>>Oh yeah, alright moving
on to round number three! (bell dings)>>[Dad] ‘Kay guys, round three.>>Aright Ronald, open box.>>Alrighty.>>Oh, my goodness. We have clear glues.>>How, what?>>Two clear glues, can you guys figure out what on earth is going on here? (“Jeopary! Theme” music) I have no clue which ones real and fake. Okay, I’m just going to do–>>You gotta take a look at it. Looksy loo. What do you know? I think I might know.>>I dunno! You’re scaring me! Okay, I’ll go with right for right hands.>>Okay, alright, I’m
gonna do the smell test.>>Oh, smell test, yeah. Mine smells like soap.
>>Mine smells like glue.>>No!
(Karina laughs) Clear glue is so hard to see!>>So guys, I think I have
the glue so let’s test that.>>[Ronald] Wait, that
kinda looks like soap.>>No, it can’t, it’s a
different consistency. So that means it might be a little lighter or something, I dunno, okay
let’s pour in the activator.>>[Ronald] Okay, I’m gonna pour in mine, wait, wait.
>>Keep pouring.>>Wait, add some activator.>>Alright.>>I think I got it!>>[Karina] No, I think I got it. It’s gotta be me, it’s gotta be me. Alright, let’s mix it!>>[Ronald] I have like
no activator in here.>>Hey look, mine is turning into slime!>>What’s this! What on earth, what is this!>>Look at it!>>Look at this! (cries) So guys turns out I got it wrong. Karina’s just living
her life in her paradise and I’m just chilling
in this dumpster area.>>Look I have clear slime.>>That’s not fair, mine is soap.>>So that means I get the point! I got how many points
now, two points, woo woo.>>I got one point, woo woo.>>Alright, round number four (bell dings).>>[Dad] ‘Kay guys, round number four.>>Alright.
>>I get to pick now. Alright.
>>Glow in the dark.>>Alright, we got some
white glow in the dark glue. Guys can you tell which ones which? (“Jeopardy! Theme” music) I can’t tell.>>Hopefully you pick the wrong
one and I get the right one.>>You gotta look closely
at all of the fine details. Oh I think I got it, I
think I found my secrets.>>Which one is it?>>I’m not telling.>>Alright, pick one!>>So guys, can you tell? I think I know which one it is. I’m going for this one
’cause this is my right hand. And right is always right. First we’re going to do the smell test.>>Okay, smell test. Wait mine is glue, mine
is glue, mine is glue! Mines actually glue! Oh my goodness, okay, let’s add. Okay guys, I really
think Karina got it wrong and I got the ultimate. Okay, we shall add in the glue. ♪ Oh, and I’ve got to
swing on the chandelier ♪ Yay! Mommy!>>So guys, look at this,
it looks exactly the same except mine is so much more watery, oh my goodness, alright I’m
going to add just a tiny bit.>>What’s the point, it’s already watery! Mix, mix, I got the correct one, Karina, get wrecked, I got the correct. So guys, Karina made the ultimate mistake and I’m over here sitting in paradise, Karina’s in the dumpster. Now it’s time to move on to
round number five. (bell dings)>>[Dad] ‘Kay guys, round number five.>>Alrighty, it’s time for me to pick.>>’Kay.
>>Open sesame. Oh no, it’s clear glue again,
so we have blue clear glue.>>And blue clear glue. (laughs)>>Yes, I was going to say like clear glue, so here they are can you
see which one is fake and which one is real? I have my guess on my right hand because right is always correct.>>That wasn’t my case last time. (laughs)>>But we’ll see today. Okay Karina, pick the other one.>>Oh, this is mine, going
to do the smell test. ‘Kay, so if you notice mine
is filled up all the way to the top, usually it’s
filled up right there, but nope it’s all the
way to the top on mine and Ronald’s is just there.>>Oh, la la, so let’s so
who has the correct one.>>Alright.>>Three, two, one.>>[Karina] I can’t tell, it’s very much the same consistency.>>[Ronald] Wait no, wait.>>[Karina] Wait, yours is less blue.>>Wait does that mean? Here let’s see.
>>Okay, we gotta find out.>>Activator, this is so scary. (heart beats) Oh wait, look you can
see the food coloring!>>[Karina] You might
can, okay let’s mix it, three, two, one.>>[Ronald] No, wait, what? I have the correct one, yay! Mine looks like rain, but who cares! Mine is turning into blue now, yay! That was so scary. So guys, that means I have three points and Karina has two,
pretty close right now, but not close enough to beat me. Moving on to round
number six. (bell dings)>>[Dad] You guys, round number six.>>Alright, who’s picking?>>I think you’re picking.>>Alright, let’s see what we have. Okay, we got gold glue now.>>I’m scared.>>Okay, I can’t tell the difference.>>Show the people.>>Alright guys, can you
tell what’s going on here? Which ones fake and which ones real?>>I have no actual clue.>>I have to look at the glitter particles.>>Karina choose the right one.>>I can’t tell.
>>Choose the right one.>>[Karina] Gotta look at
all the glitter particles.>>Oh no you’re smelling.>>I can’t really smell anything.>>[Ronald] Just pick one!>>[Karina] I’m going to pick this one.>>Alrighty, I’m scared.>>Alright, let’s do the smell test.>>The thing about this one is that there’s glitter covering the whole thing.>>Oh, this ones not filled
all the way to the top.>>This one is.>>Ha, alright.>>Oh, it smells like soap, no!>>It smells like glue! Oh yes, alright, put it in. Oh, it’s really hard to
squeeze out, perfect.>>That’s not perfect! That’s wrong, no! Wait, wait, this is picture perfect. Wait no, it’s not, I thought
I saw something but nope. I was wrong.>>[Karina] Alright, pour some of this in, not gotta mix it.>>[Ronald] ‘Kay, gonna pour some, too.>>[Karina] Alrighty.>>Why it’s not even working! Oh wait, wait, wait, it’s working.>>No, it’s not.>>I thought it was working!>>[Karina] Look mine is turning
into slime, look at that.>>[Ronald] It’s not fair!>>Guys, I have the slime
and Ronald has glue, so that means the score is three to three. So that’s also a tie.>>Finally.>>Alright, I wonder if this
is going to be me winning or Ronald or it’s gonna be a tie.>>Dun dun da! ♪ Da na na na na ♪ ♪ Da na na da na na da na na na na ♪ ♪ Da na na na da na na na da na na na na ♪>>Alright, moving on to round
number seven. (bell dings)>>[Dad] You guys, round number seven.>>Alrighty, I’m gonna pick. Oh!>>White glue.>>What!>>This is going to be hard.>>I almost fell. Guys which one do you think is real and which one do you think is fake? I think I have my decision.>>Can I take a look. I can’t tell. They’re so similar.>>I think I can tell.>>Alright, so which one are you taking?>>This one, because this
one is filled up to the top and this one is not.>>Okay.>>[Ronald] So guys, look this one is not filled up to the top.>>This one is not filled
up to the top either. (record scratches) Mine smells like glue.>>Nope, there’s no way, there’s no way. There’s actually no way.>>But yours has bubbles
in it, can you see it!>>No.
>>It’s like little bubbles! Look at that.>>Okay, it’s time to pour, I don’t think we even need activator.>>[Karina] Alright, three, two, one. That’s glue.>>Wait.
>>What is that?>>[Ronald] That looks liquidy.>>[Karina] That’s soap.>>[Ronald] I have no clue
if this is glue or not.>>[Karina] I think that’s glue Ronald.>>[Ronald] I think we need activator.>>No, that’s soap and
this is glue, Ronald.>>Okay, let’s just test.>>Alright.>>[Ronald] Okay.>>[Karina] I can see the
food coloring coming off.>>Whatever, let me just see!>>Alright, let’s mix. Mines turning solid.>>[Ronald] Look at that, no,
mine looks like potatoes. (laughs)>>Mashed potatoes, Ronald’s
serving dinner tonight.>>No.>>Look at this, it’s not exactly slime, but it’s turning into slime,
we just need more of this. You guys, I have slime that
means in four to three.>>Dun dun dun.>>Look Ronald made mashed potatoes, this is our dinner tonight. So you better throw it away,
we’re eating this for tonight.>>I will throw it away.>>So now it’s time for round
number eight. (bell dings)>>[Dad] Okay guys, round number eight.>>Alrighty it’s your turn Karina.>>Alright, see what’s in here. Oh, I got pink glue.>>Pink.>>Alright, we got some pink glue. Alright guys, can you
decide which one is real and which one is fake?>>I am scared!>>We all are Ronald, we all are.>>Karina is one point ahead of me, I have to step up my game.>>Alright, I gotta take
a good look at this. Alright, I can see this one
has more bubbles at the top than this one, so I’m
gonna go for this one.>>Why, why you have to
be like this to me, no.>>Because I’m gonna win. Alright, let’s pour this
in. (record scratches)>>Smell test.
>>Oh smell test, don’t forget about the smell test. Mine smells like glue.>>Mine smells like soap.>>[Karina] Alright, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.>>[Ronald] Alright, now time
for me to squeeze, squeeze. Wait, oh no, you got it, no!>>[Karina] Yeah, just gotta
squeeze all of this outta there.>>You got this point again! Five to three, why!>>Oh yeah, we still have to do the test. Activator.>>Activator.
>>Activator.>>[Ronald] Added. Added.>>[Karina] You added a lot more on mine. Alright, let’s mix this together.>>[Ronald] Wait, no. No.>>Yay, yes! I did it, I got five
points, ding ding ding! Ding ding ding ding! And Ronald has three points. (cries) Now moving on to round number nine.>>[Dad] Okay guys, round number nine.>>Alrighty, it’s time for mine. Okay.
>>Oh, this ones easy.>>I’ve got the clear green
glue and clear green glue.>>One has more bubbles than the other.>>I have no clue actually
which one this is.>>Really?>>Yeah, I have no clue.>>Oh, okay, good.>>Okay, I have to clue what this is. I guess I’ll pick this one. Here you go Karina.>>Oh no.>>Did I get it right?>>Yeah, you did. This one has so many
more bubbles at the top.>>Well so.>>Alright.>>Three, two, one. Drop it. ♪ Dun dun dun da dun da dun ♪ ♪ Dun dun dun da dun da dun ♪>>So guys, right off the bat it looks like I have the correct one
and Karina has messed up.>>Well you messed up for
me, I didn’t have a choice.>>[Ronald] Okay, activator.>>[Karina] Okay, let’s
mix, three, two, one.>>[Ronald] Drop it. ♪ Dun dun dun da dun da dun ♪ ♪ Dun dun dun da dun da dun ♪ Oh yeah, I’ve got glue get roasted.>>I have soap so get roasted!>>So guys, looks like I got a point, I am inside paradise, Karina
is in the exact opposite. It is almost a tie.>>Almost, almost.>>Almost, yes.>>I got five points,
Ronalds got four points. Alright, moving on to the last round, round number 10! (bell dings)>>And if there’s a tie on round number 10, we’re going to, we’re going
to move on to round number 11.>>Special round.>>[Dad] Okay guys, round number 10.>>[Man] Look at the top
of his head! (laughs)>>Alright, I’m gonna open this box. Oh, okay, oh, oh.>>Please get it wrong.>>Alright, so when I first looked at it, I thought it would be easy
because I saw one with lots of bubbles, but the second
one also has lots of bubbles. So I’m going to be relying on color and how this liquid is
moving around, okay, so. Can you tell which one is the fake?>>Wait, which one has more bubbles?>>This one, I think this is
the color it is supposed to be and this ones a little more bubbly and this one has way more bubbles, I’m going to go for this one. Alright, I think I’m
going to go with this one. Alright, okay. No, I mean here Ronald. I was going for this
one not this one, sorry. So this is mine up close,
I’m pretty sure it’s the correct color and has
the right amount of bubbles.>>This is mine up close,
it looks like soap but whatever.>>Alright.>>No!>>Oh yes, okay, mine is glue.>>[Ronald] Oh!>>[Karina] Three, two, one, drop it. ♪ Dun dun dun da ♪ Yours is so much more watery than mine.>>[Ronald] What, this is not fair!>>[Karina] Alright, yes.>>[Ronald] I am Groot.>>[Karina] Activator. Wait, why’d you close it?>>[Ronald] Wait.>>[Karina] Wait, what. (gasps)>>Dude, this is a dream come true!>>Wait, what? I need more activator,
someone get me more activator.>>[Ronald] Am I dreaming? You shoulda just gave me the other one.>>[Karina] I need more activator, ’cause I only got like two little drops.>>[Ronald] That’s too much.>>[Karina] I need to prove my point, that I have one.>>Wait, I need a little bit more. This is a dream come true. Karina, you should have
just gave me the other one.>>No, now it’s a tie.>>Yay. So guys, look at this. Awesomeness is throwing through my body. Karina has the face of unexpectedness and now it is a tie.>>So the score is five to five because it’s a tie we’re go to our unexpected round number 11. So just jump right to round
number 11. (bell dings)>>[Dad] Okay, guys, round number 11.>>Alright, this is a tie breaker round, so either I’m going to
win or Ronald’s gonna win ’cause we both have five points.>>Okay, who is opening?>>For this round we are going
to do rock, paper, scissors. ♪ Dun, dun, da ♪ Alright.>>[Karina and Ronald] Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot!>>No!
>>Yes! Alright.>>Get it wrong, get it
wrong, get it wrong.>>Alright, gonna open the box, woo, oh. Oh I think this might be easy. Alright so we got purple clear glue. Take a good look at that. Can you guess before I guess?>>Oh my goodness, they have learned. Our parents have learned our techniques and now they have made it hard.>>Alright, when I move this one around it moves around quickly, but
when I move this one around it doesn’t move around as fast, but this one has more
bubbles than this one. I think I’m gonna go for this one.>>Alrighty.>>It better not be wrong.
>>Yes!>>Are you sure?>>I think I got it right.>>No I think I got it right. Okay.>>[Ronald] No, mine smells like soap.>>[Karina] Mine smells like glue!>>No!
>>Yes! I was right!>>Wait, don’t celebrate too early.>>[Karina] Alright, perfect consistency.>>[Ronald] Look, mines perfect, too.>>[Karina] Your colors a little off, your colors too dark.>>[Ronald] Your colors too light.>>No, it’s supposed to be lighter, it’s not supposed to be that dark.>>[Ronald] Let’s see.>>This ones way too dark. It’s never been that dark.>>Let’s see.>>[Karina] Don’t add all of it. Alright, perfect, alright
I’m gonna mix first. (gasps) Yeah! Look at me!>>Don’t celebrate too early.>>What do you mean too early? I’m winning!>>[Ronald] Wait, no, please. Wait, this kinda looks like it’s–>>[Karina] No it’s not.>>[Ronald] Mommy!>>What is she gonna do?>>She’s gonna say, Ronald won!>>Nope. Look guys, I have the final slime! It’s a really bad slime, look at that, it’s so bad, but it’s slime. So that means I win! I got six points, Ronald got five points. I win, oh yeah! So guys, I’m the ultimate winner
of this awesome challenge. We make videos, if you
didn’t smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time, good bye! (upbeat music)