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Today we have got something very special for you
This is a sweet called Kali prepared during the holy month of Margazhi
as it is called in Tamil or Margasheesh ka Mahina in Hindi. This falls during the month of November to
December and Kali is made as an offering or prasad to Lord Shiva or Nataraja. This sweet tasts absolutely Divine. To
make this Kali we have taken 1 cup raw rice, 1.5 cup gud or jaggery, 2 tbsp or 1/8 cup
of split green gram or yellow moong dal and 3 tbsp ghee or clarified butter, 1/4 cup of
grated coconut or nariyal, 8 to 10 cashewnuts or kaju, 3 cups water, 3 pieces of green cardamom. We have crushed this and now heat the pan
and add in the green grams split green grams or moong dal. Roast it until it turns brown, this brown. Keep it on a low flame and roast, and now
it is the turn of the rice. Heat the pan and add in the rice and roast
it on a very low flame. This is a very important step, roast it on
a very low flame and until the rice turns golden brown, reddish brown. Just it should stop short of turning black. At that stage you have to switch off the flame. This will give out a nice aroma and flavour
to the Kali that we make. This is why this step of roasting it to reddish
brown colour is very important. So now we are done roasting it. See this is how our rice should look when
you have roasted it. Now after it cools down, we have taken it
in the mixer jar to grind to a powder along with the moong dal that we had roasted. Now our powder is ready. This is a Rava like consistency slightly coarse,
not too smooth, but not too coarse. But in case you end up grinding it very smooth
also, it is not that your Kali is not got going to turn out good, it will but it will
have a halwa like consistency. Whereas if you have a slightly coarse powder,
your Kali will have a more defined texture, will be smooth as well as it will have a slightly
coarse texture to it. So it’s up to you how you like it. Now we are heating water in a pan. We have to allow this water to boil, now the
water is come to a boil and we are adding in the jaggery or gud. Now we have to wait for the jaggery or gud
to completely dissolve. There is no need to make a syrup of any consistency. Now the jaggery has dissolved and we are adding
in coconut or nariyal. Mix it, there are few coconut pieces also
in my grated coconut but that is ok. Now we are adding in 1 tbsp of ghee, not all
the ghee now but 1 tbsp now. This ghee will help us to dissolve the lumps
after we add the flour. Now is the time to add the flour that we ground,
or the powder that we ground. But now switch off the flame and then mix
this. While mixing if you switch off the flame,
it mixes well. Now again we switch on the flame and for 2
minutes keep stirring it and then transfer it to a small pan and put this pan inside
the pressure pan. Close it with a lid and then give it 4-5 whistles. If you don’t do this step and directly put
it in a pressure pan it may burn. Now we are done, 5 whistles have sounded and
we are opening the pressure pan and our Kali is done. See this is the texture of our Kali. Now all that we have to do is heat the pan,
add ghee to it. When they are ghee or clarified butter is
hot added the cashew nuts. We have broken the cashew nuts. Roast until golden brown. Now add in this cashew nuts to the Kali. Now that is the crushed cardamom green cardamom
or green elaichi we have added now. Give it a good mix and we are transferring
our awesome Kali. Look at it, just look at the texture. Aaa we can just smell the aroma of the rice
that was so nicely roasted. This is a very healthy dish, absolutely Divine,
tasts awesome. You must give it a try and this Kali is had
with this kootu called Thalagam kootu or vegetables. Beautiful unique combination. You can check out the recipe of the Thalagam
also in our channel. I hope you enjoyed watching this wonderful
recipe. Do try it out and give us your feedback here. Bye for now, See you with another recipe very
soon..Take care.. Bye