Let me take some hogweed leaves from our kitchen Garden! This is Hogweed / Tazhutaama ila(malayalam) Wow,its too healthy..yaay My cleaned leaves. I am gonna cut it.. Add scraped 1 cup scraped coconut,Half teaspoon turmeric powder in the blender 4 cloves of garlic and half teaspoon cumin. its ready to blend! yep,here it is… Take a non stick pan,put on the flame! Add half teaspoon coconut oil or any oil.Go healthy! Add the blended mix in to the pan. Saute for 1 minute Add 3 cups of leaves in the pan. Mix altogether…. Cover the pan and cook it for 10 min,saute in between to avoid sticking on the walls of the pan. Yes its ready! Serve hot on serving plates. A healthy side dish.