– Hello everyone, my name is Heather from the channel Bookables,
and today I’m sharing with you books that have a food theme to them as well as sharing a fun recipe with you. I don’t know about you, but reading books that have a food element
to them I am a sucker for, whether it be in a cupcake
bakery of some sort or whether it be in a
very Italian restaurant, or just somebody going
to a different country to learn all about the
food, like I am here for it. Before I share with you
my step-by-step recipe because there is one in this video, in case you like cupcakes stay tuned, I want to share with you
some of my favorite books that have recipes in them or have a food element throughout them. All of these are amazing
and they all will be sure to guarantee to make you crave all of the food that is
mentioned in them, like no joke. The first book I want
to talk to you about is Lunch in Paris, A Love Story With Recipes by Elizabeth Bard. I read this one many years ago, and I even cooked one of
the recipes from this book, and this is all about this
woman names Elizabeth Bard who goes to Paris for a weekend and falls in love with
a handsome Frenchman and she never returns home. So basically this is
about her life story of going to France for a
week and never coming home but falling in love with a guy, and she learns all about
cooking and things like that. Every single end of
chapter there are different recipes in them, whether
you can cook along with them there is stuff for like cheese and pastas and things like that. So in case you’re a fan
of like cooking things that are actually from a book,
this one is great for that because it has the recipes in it. And it’s also a romantic book all about falling in love with France, a Frenchman, and the food of France. It’s amazing, it has all
of like the heart eyes and food stuff in it, it’s
a win-win in my opinion. Next up is The Coincidence
of a Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert, hopefully
I pronounced that right, I apologize if I didn’t. This is all about a chef named Lou who has a lot of things going
good for her in her life, she has a restaurant, she’s doing well, she has an amazing
fiance, and then one night literally everything goes
up in flames, literally. She accidentally sets her kitchen on fire which is horrible, and then she comes home and finds her fiance
in bed with an intern. So, not a good thing at all. Alongside following Lou
and kind of the catastrophe that has happened to
her life, we also follow British native Al, who is a food reviewer and living in Milwaukee. This book does take place
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by the way. He is a food reviewer
there and he’s writing food reviews under a pseudonym
so people won’t hate him cuz he writes really scathing reviews. The night of Lou’s really
epic night of flames Al is there reviewing her
food, and let’s just say he’s not nice about it at all. Another night Lou and Al meet at a bar and Al knows who Lou is, but
Lou does not know who Al is. So they strike up a
friendship and she decides to show him all of Milwaukee’s delicacies, all of the food and things that are in it and amazing things in it, and they also kind of fall in love. So it’s got a very much,
you’ve got male vibes alongside all of the amazing
food that’s in Milwaukee. Spoiler warning, there’s a lot of them, like I want to move there
and eat all of the food. So it is equal parts love story, equal parts all food things, it’s amazing. Next up we have Lessons
Learned by Nora Roberts. This follows Juliet as she coordinates the publicity tour for Italy’s
most famous chef, Carlo. Juliet is loving her job and she’s also loving Carlo, a little bit more than love, she thinks she’s falling in love with him. Carlo teaches her to make
some of his favorite dishes. He has also found a
way to be in her heart. This one has sizzling
romance and delicious food, like a lot of Italian type of food, pasta which is my number one weakness. So I actually made a
recipe from this book, they talked about this shrimp
linguine and I was like I need to make this right now. It was not that hard to
make, spoiler warning it was amazing and delicious. Will I be making this again? A thousand times yes. If you love pasta and romance and sizzling romance at that,
you must check out this book because it gives you all
of those things and more, like food, romance, what
more could you ask for? Next up we have The Sweetest
Temptations by Rochelle Alers. Faith used to dream
about finding her prince but she’s honestly too
busy running her bakery to even think about it. Then she meets Ethan who
is a former Air Force pilot and his seduction heats
her to her boiling point. This has a steamy romance and is set in one of my favorite settings, a bakery. So you want baked goods
and a lot of steaminess this book is great for just those things. Last up we have The Bakery
Sisters Trilogy by Susan Mallery. Each of these books follows a sister as they try to navigate
running their life at home as well as running a bakery
that their family owns together. The first book entitled
Sweet Talk follows Claire who has not been at home
or at the bakery for years, and then she learns that
one of her sisters is sick so she must return home to help out with her family’s bakery. So she gets back home,
she’s trying to get into the groove of the bakery
and the baked goods and things like that, she meets Wyatt and more than flames are
ignited in the kitchen, wink wink.
(laughs) I’m not a good winker. This book has so many baked goods in it, so much steamy romance
in it, and of course there’s three books for you to binge in case you’re like a bakery lover and want to read about all the bakeries you can binge read all three of these. Since the last book is
all about baked goods, I thought I would share with you a recipe that is really inspired by Sweet Talk and the Bakery Sisters in general. Today I am making these chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. You heard that right,
chocolate chip cookie dough and if you think they’re
delicious, spoiler warning, they totally are. For this recipe you will
need one vanilla cake mix plus the ingredients to go with it, but substitute the water instead
for one cup of buttermilk. So instead of the water use buttermilk and put everything else in
the bowl and mix it together. (cheerful music) Line your pan with cupcake liners and fill them up to two-thirds full. (cheerful music) Bake them, whatever the box says to do so I think mine said 350 for
about 15 minutes or so. Next up we are going to make
the cookie dough centers. For the cookie dough center you will need one half cup butter, softened, one-fourth cup of sugar, one half tablespoon of vanilla extract, two tablespoons of milk, one-eighth teaspoon salt, one and a half cups of flour, and lastly one half cup of
mini semisweet chocolate chips. We are going to cream the
butter and sugar together. (cheerful music) Next up we will add our vanilla extract, our milk, and our salt. (cheerful music) And then lastly add the flour. (cheerful music) After you’ve combined them all together, add in the mini chocolate
chip cookie doughs and just stir together. We’re going to insert our cookie dough middle of the cupcake,
if that makes any sense. Using the large side of a frosting tip which I have here, or you
can just find something very small and cylinder, just push it down and make a small hole in
the middle of your cupcake, bringing that mixture out. Then you want to use a spoon
or honestly just your hands to go into that cookie dough we just made and make a little ball and put it right in the middle of the cupcake. Using a toothpick, or as you
can see here I used a knife because I did not have a toothpick, you want to take the
cupcake you just took out, the top of it, and put
it right back on top. So you just want to open up the cupcake, put the cookie dough in, and
cover it right on back up. And continue to do this
for all of your cupcakes. (cheerful music) Next up we will make the frosting. For the frosting you will need
one cup of unsalted butter, one and a half cups of powdered sugar, one half cup of brown sugar, one half cup of flour, one half teaspoon of salt, two to three tablespoons of milk, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract. We’re first going to
cream together the butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and
the two tablespoons of milk. So cream them until they are all combined. (cheerful music) Next we’re going to add the powdered sugar only adding one half cup at a time because otherwise it will make a huge mess already than it is. (cheerful music) After you’ve combined your
powdered sugar into the mix, next up we’re going to add
the salt and the flour. (cheerful music) After that is all done, it is now time to officially pipe our
frosting onto our cupcakes. You can do this however you want to, I have a piping bag
that I am going to use. I’m not the best at it, but just do what you think
looks best, honestly. So you’re going to put frosting
on each one of the cupcakes and lastly for the most beautiful touch we’re going to add some more of those mini semisweet chocolate chips, and just add them right
on top of the frosting. And lastly we’re going to add a very tiny chocolate chip cookie to
complete the entire cupcake. (cheerful music) That is the completed cupcake. They are delicious, they
are beautiful to look at, and they are pretty freakin’ yummy to eat. You can make your very own chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes using
the recipe I have provided down below, I hope you enjoy them. That’s it, that’s all
the food inspired books I want to talk about,
also a fun recipe for you, hopefully you make it. It does sound a little bit complicated but once you get into the groove of it, it is fun and the end result is amazing. If you have any books
that have food in them or talk about food or have
a food element to them please leave them down
in the comments below, we are always looking for
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another video very soon. Bon appetit. (cheerful music)