♪ Upbeat Music ♪ Put 310 grams of cake flour in a bowl Add 16 grams (unsweetened) cocoa powder add baking soda add salt Mix well Put butter in another bowl add sugar mix them add 2 eggs one by one add veg oil add some white vinegar add vanilla extract add buttermilk add incorporate flour mixture add some more put some food coloring gel pour them on cake pans (half full) spread them temperature 180 degree celcius time (half an hour) it’s ready if it does not sticks on toothpick cool it in room temperature remove the pan filter some powdered sugar in a bowl put cream cheese in another bowl add vanilla extract add the filtered powdered sugar pour heavy whipping cream spread the frosting put another cake at top gently cover the whole part with frosting sprinkle some cake crumbs at the bottom sprinkle some more at top edge ENJOY!!!!!!!!!