Hey everyone it’s james from FunFoods and today I will show you how to make this ultimate reeses dessert this is fun it’s delicious and you can customize it any way you like so keep watching our show you step-by-step how to make this now the first thing I’m gonna do is start off with a pack of these nutter butter cookies they look like this just take them and put them into a food processor or blender if you don’t have a food processor or blender don’t worry you can put in a big ziploc bag and smash it into bits with anything heavy and just grind it up it shouldn’t take long and they should be nice and ground up now just take a medium-sized Bowl and take all of your crumbs place it in there also have some of these chocolate Jimmy’s i’m only going to use about a quarter of a cup worth and mix that through really good next I have one stick which is half a cup of butter I melted it in the microwave to get it all nice and runny going to pour it in here and mix it through good after that’s been mixed well we’re going to just get to our casserole dish and we’re just going to lay a nice even layer of the crust out on there now you just want to pack this in really good with either a fork or spoon you can even use your hand and just pack it in real good after you packed in just take this put this in the refrigerator for a little bit while we work on the rest of ingredients next step and another medium bowl just want to take 1 cup of heavy whipping cream and just whisk this up until it’s nice and fluffy you want to about double in size so after a few minutes it should be nice and thick just like this we can just take this set this aside we’ll come back to it shortly next in a large bowl you want to start off with 8 ounces of cream cheese this has been softened at room temperature and one cup of creamy peanut butter start by creaming that together when it’s all well combined and we’ll add our next ingredient next to that you want to add 1 cup of confectioner’s sugar also called powdered sugar you will slowly mix this in so it doesn’t go all over the place now just a teaspoon of vanilla extract and more 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk and mix it in and when it’s all nice and creamy like this then it’s done now we can bring back our heavy whipping cream that we whipped up and we’re just going to fold that into our pie mixture now take it put on there and when it has this nice even color all the way throughout now we’re done mixing will put this aside and will come back to you shortly now we can pull our trust our food there’s only been there about 10 minutes while I prepare the other parts but what we’re gonna do now is line it with some reeses now open the package of course i have song that re-opened and i’m just going to lay down this way after we lined our crust with the Reese’s peanut butter cups next we’re going to go and get our pie filling here and we’re just going to spread it out evenly all the way across and after you spread it out evenly then we can decorate the top now you can decorate this number of different ways the first thing I did was melt some chocolate and just put in a little baggy here and I’m just going to drizzle across this whole top also have a few of the chocolate morsels and i’m just going to spread them around a little bit you can also use reese’s pieces to get a little color and maybe some reeses minis and that’s it all done just take this you can put in the freezer for a little while and then transfer to the refrigerator keep it nice and cool well thanks everyone for watching I hope you enjoy watching you make this ultimate reeses desert and if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button also hit that big red subscribe button if you do not already subscribe to get new videos every Sunday and be sure to check out some of the videos i have off to the side I think you may enjoy those as well and until then i’ll see you next week