I’m not even talking about ten years ago,
but about how things were five years ago: Things were really horrible here
five years ago. The drought, the heat, the wind. The withered soil was simply blown away. They set up a programme
so that we could move to a different area. The land has become fertile again. There have been
enormous improvements. Our fruit trees were shrivelled up,
but now they’re growing again. There’s even
a larger number of species. Those are really positive results. We now have food security. Our children can go to school.
We have a better life. We no longer need to ask
the government for support… …thanks to the changes
that were implemented. Wild animals that had disappeared
have returned. Even the leopard. I’m from that area. Will he come tomorrow?
– Tomorrow, yes. The people didn’t understand the project.
They didn’t see why it was needed. They want us to plant trees everywhere. Even on the good land. Even there. Well, how about the next generation? You can’t eat trees. The objective was
to give the hills a ‘hat’ on top… …a ‘belt’ in the middle
and ‘shoes’ at the bottom. The trees planted on the hilltop
form the hat. The terraces form the belt. And a constructed dam forms the shoes. That way everything can grow again… …and the economy
and our lives will improve. You have to trim them at the top
and then put them around the saplings.