Today I will prepare Dessert with Starch ! Ingredients: 1.5 kg sugar 1.5 kg starch 3 fingers with oil 150 gr butter some spoons with yougurt also we will need 3 l water in this bowl we will put : the sugar the starch and we will whisk this measure good in this pot that I have added water , we will put the butter and the oil we will let to boil now we will whisk them in this moment we will put on the measure with sugar and starch in the pot now we will stir them constantly after we have put all the measure we continue stir it now we have created this connected measure and it is almost ready the casserole that we will put the dessert we will coat with butter now we will put our measure we will push it with hand and then we will put on it some spoons with yogurt we will bake it in a prehated oven in 200°C/392°F the dessert is ready and we have baked it for 20 – 25 min now we will serve it Enjoy !