– Hey guys, how’s it hanging? Moving forward, we’ll call it season two of Revealing Your Secrets, the episodes are going to be in categories based on singular words. And the word of the day today is (laughing) (drum roll) School. Very universal, very relatable,
we’ve all been there. I know that a lot of you guys
were just on winter break, and now you’re not, and so in celebration of me not having to deal
with that shit anymore, the word of the day is school! (clapping) Yay! Fuck you guys! (typing) Whoa, this person left four secrets. I like this girl but we have the same name so I can’t date her and I cried about it because I’m an emo little (bleep). What do you guys think about that, dating someone with the same name as you? I actually think I could probably… I could date an Alex and
it would be fine, you know? I mean, if you have a more niche name, maybe it would be a little weirder. (stuttering) Leave a comment down below, let me know. I, like, really, really, really want vampire fangs. I don’t like blood, I mean
the smell of lady blood is so good, and I’ve eaten some of mine but, like, I’m not a vampire, but every day I want fangs more and more.” What? I lie to people about knowing songs because then I don’t
want a big conversation with them telling me about it. I actually totally get that. And they say, “Okay, last one.” I hate this girl at my school, (cheering) we used to be best friends, but turns out she was using me to go a concert but she lost all her new friends and she is slowly coming back to me and it makes me so mad
I want to punch her. I’m not violent, she just pisses me off. If you knew her, you probably
wouldn’t like her either. And then she ended the whole message with just a smiley face. Well, how was the concert? When I was in 10th grade, I (bleep) in the school
bathroom every single day. Yay. You know what? Do what you need to do, alright? As long as you’re not
bothering anyone else, or spraying your juices on the walls, do what you need to do, I guess. I secretly hope one of
my family members die so I can get out of school. I love my family, but I hate school more. So, basically I had this
teacher at my school, and he would always stare at me in class, and sometimes he would fake drop a pen next to where I was
sitting, whoa, bend down, and touch my thigh. What the fu– When I went to college, I found out that he was a teacher there, and we passed each other
through the halls a few times. One day, I went to a
bar and saw him there. We got so drunk, and he
took me to his place, and we (bleep), so pretty
much I lost my virginity to my high school teacher. It was really good though,
and I don’t regret it at all. But I feel bad because my
best friend thinks I lost my virginity to the
boyfriend I had at the time. Oh my God, okay, well, (robotic beeps) So, I really hate this
one girl at my school, I don’t know why, she’s
actually kind of nice. So one day, I decided to pee– I get it. Sometimes really nice people peeve me off. I think it’s because I’m really nice, and you don’t like things
that you see in yourself in other people. Anyways. So one day, I decided to pee in a bottle, put it in the fridge, don’t worry, I have my
own fridge in my room, made it sparkly with that
weird machine my mom bought, and bring it to school. She always forgets her water
or whatever she’s drinking, and asks other people
for something to drink. That’s so (bleep) dumb. Are you trying to get sick? On the next day when I brought
the pee lemonade to school, she asked again, and I
said, “Here, take mine.” Gave her the pee lemonade. She drank half the bottle and
threw up half an hour later. I have an empathy problem, so
I didn’t feel sorry for her. I don’t know. (laughs) Okay, you didn’t have to tell
me you had an empathy problem, I knew that when you started peeing in a cup with the intention
to feed it to someone. When I was little, I was
obsessed with caterpillars and spiders, so I would kidnap them and me and my friends
made a house for them in the tree at school
and they soon started to escape so we would hide them in the desk of the classroom. (coughing) One time on my way home from school, I’m in college, a sexual song came on from my playlist, so I started to touch
my self while driving. It’s way harder than it sounds to do this and drive at the same
time, so long story short, uh, I swerved off the road
and almost hit a fence. But I didn’t and I’m good
and, oof, never again. (clapping) I accidentally touched my
crush’s crotch at school, but to be honest I kinda liked it, and it turns out he’s into me as well, so yay, win-win I guess. He also has big hands, I hope
he puts them up my (bleep). (burping) Have I read one secret that
doesn’t have to do with sex– I guess the caterpillar secret
didn’t have to do with sex. But, like, legit guys,
seriously, reel it in. I used to have dreams about
this one guy at my school, and I would pretend we were
dating and some other weird shit that you could probably
guess what it was and yeah. We’re dating now. Lol. Wow, the power of manifestation. Okay (laughs) this person submitted two very peculiar secrets. The first secret is: every time I hear my
parents having (bleep), I secretly want them
to both die in a fire. I know that my art
teacher is taking pictures of random girls at school dances, and he keeps in his front desk, He’s nice to me, a little too nice. Okay, I don’t know who you are, but I think that you should probably alert someone about that
issue with your teacher. That sounds like it could
escalate somewhere that’s not… It already has escalated,
that’s really inappropriate, that he takes pictures of
girls at school dances. Please go to your principal. I’m a freshman in high school,
and one day I was in math and a student teacher was there, he is a 23 year old and yet I’m only 15. After class he pulled me to the side and asked if I wanted
to get dinner sometime, and I said yes because he’s hella cute. We ended up having (bleep) and we still do and even sometimes at school. What the (bleep)? Collect your (bleep) pedophiles, my God. (sirens wailing)
The cops are coming for you, buddy. You hear that? I’ve taken a few grand from my dad, and proceeded to hand out
hundreds to people in my school to make friends, that was middle school. God, what happened in high school? I currently have no friends and
I’m a senior in high school, I guess that’s what happened, but it’s whatever, I still have you. Oh… You can send hundreds to my P.O. box. No, guys, you don’t
have to give people shit to make friends, okay? See, this person gave
people shit to make friends, and they don’t have any friends. Lesson learned. Some of these are like, you see it and you’re like, whoa. (laughs) It’s like being hit by a wave. It’s a lot, okay, and this is one of them. My secret is that I’m part
of a community called CG/L, caregiver/little, specifically MD/LG, mommy dom/little girl, and
I think my mom suspects it. I don’t know how the (bleep)
your mom would suspect that, ’cause what the (bleep)
does that even mean? And I feel like she’s
uncomfortable around me now. And when I bring up my
girlfriend, who is the mommy dom, (laughs) does dom mean dominatrix? She looks at me weird. I’ve put pushpins and thumbtacks on almost all of my teachers’ chairs. I guess this is just like a separate note. The oldest partner I’ve had was 25. I rip off teddy bears’
heads and wrote creepy poems and send them to my ex best friend on Valentine’s Day to make her
think she has a crazy stalker ’cause she slept with my boyfriend. Also, I’ve sorta fantasized
about killing multiple people in my school, on my bus,
and in my apartment complex. I just turned 14. (sighs) I feel moral confusion sometimes when I’m filming these videos, because it’s clear that some of you guys have had traumatic experiences that have then shaped the
decisions you’ve made. And while it’s all fun and games and we’re laughing at each
other, it’s not fun and games, and I hope if you guys are
dealing with anything serious, or just feel strongly enough that you think you would
hurt yourself or others, reach out to someone for help. Please, okay? Please. My middle school health
teacher died yesterday in her sleep from a heart attack. Everyone used to make fun of the irony that she was a health teacher
but was in such bad shape. She was only, like, 55 and
everyone made fun of her to her face in class. Now that we’re in high
school, the news went around, and as the people around me found out, they laughed out loud. I feel bad but I, too, laughed. I hope she was a (bleep). Like a real big (bleep). Because no one deserves to
be made fun of to their face, or behind their back, after they die. I had one teacher whose guts I hated, but it was only because she hated my guts. If someone hates you, you just
kinda have to hate them back, it’s protocol. It was my typing teacher,
I was in sixth grade, and my, was it words per minute, WPM? Was way higher than hers, and
obviously she was intimidated, ’cause I was such a
motherfucking fast typer. Seriously, I’m a really
fast typer, watch this. (typing) I’m just typing nonsense. Let me tell you a story
of me losing my V-card. I was a freshman in high
school and I was babysitting. I had a friend of boy nature
that lived a couple miles away from the house I was babysitting at. I thought it’d be fun to
have him come over in secret so we could hang out. We were playing
hide-and-seek with the kids and the kids hid, and then
awkward things happened on that couch. Yeah, not my proudest moment. Wow, worst baby– Or best babysitter ever,
depending on the child. You know, if you got a little
perv then it was a good night. I wouldn’t hire you though. Not really my secret, but
everyone in my advanced choir just wants to one-up each other, and they talk shit on each
others’ back constantly, and towards the lower choirs at school. Everyone thinks we are angels, but in reality we’re
just snakes from hell. I’m new to the chord, so I have
nothing to talk shit about, but everyone hates each,
even if they’re friends. I guess being in a high
choir gets to their heads. I honestly don’t want
to show up sometimes, I’m afraid they’ll talk shit on me. Imagine getting an ego
boost from being in choir. I can’t relate. I only got made fun of for being in those
activities in high school. Oh, I’m in high choir. I’m in high choir. Are you in high choir? Oh, you’re not, go away. I have a lot of secrets, but I decided to pick
the funniest one I know. Okay, so me and my
friend would always meet in the bathroom after school. Don’t worry, I wasn’t gay for her, lmao. It’d be fine if you were,
what’s so funny about that? Me and her would stay
after school in Y Care, and we would take the
game pieces from the games that the Y Care had, and would
throw them around the room. On top of that, I started my
period while she was with me, and we would always do
handstands on the walls, climb over stalls, flood toilets, just the usual, stick each other’s hands in the toilets in hopes of finding dimes. And I’d say the worst thing
that happened in there was when she told me to put
her hand over the stall. I was suspicious, but
I never expected her to wipe her own shit on my hand. It was horrible, and it was warm. It was (bleep) warm. But it would’ve been
weird had it been cold. (laughing) Yeah, I guess it would’ve
been weird if it was cold– it’s weird either way. I need caffeine. (click)
(slurping) At my high school, snitching
on someone else is a big deal. I had the brave idea to screen record a video of these privileged (bleep) vaping and sent it to administration. They all got kicked out of
the National Honor Society, and one of the girls
is top 10 in my class. Moral of the story? Don’t post that stuff
on the internet. What? When I was 10 I had a bring
your parent into school thing. I brought my dad in, and
he talked about his job. My teacher, Miss O’Connor, we’re just gonna tell you who she is, showed him my really bad grade in maths. That evening, me and
my dad talked about it, and I was saying how much I hated her. So the next evening when my
dad picked me up from school, he told me to take him to
my teacher’s classroom. When she wasn’t there, we went in and both took a shit on her desk. She got fired as my
principal thought it was her. (bleep) you Miss O’Connor. I love revenge. Best Dad ever. Get yourself a man who
will shit anywhere for you. I cannot believe that story. I love how she got fired. Like, as if someone would
poop on their own desk. I used to get high on speed
when I was in high school. Once, I was having the worst day, and I needed to get (bleep) up, but I didn’t have money so I
traded my phone for some speed. I told my parents that I had accidentally flushed it down a toilet. Yeah, I was high when I
came up with this lie. And my parents bought me a new one. We were kinda poor back then and I’m sure they had so
many extra shifts for that. Don’t do drugs! Thank God. At least one secret that
ends with some positive note. A lesson learned, if you will. Please, if anything, learn
from these disturbing secrets. And from this secret is to not do drugs, and not to sell your belongings for drugs. If you get to the point where you are selling your belongings
for drugs, you have a problem. But sometimes you gotta hit bock rottom. But sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom before you get back up. I’m not suggesting that you
sell your belongings for drugs, but there’s a learning
experience for this person. So, I’m a junior in high
school and I have a teacher who I secretly wish was my dad, but would also want (bleep) me. Don’t we all? Literally no. No. I have had a ghost
following me for five years. In eighth grade, I went on a school trip to Salem, Massachusetts,
and went ghost hunting in a haunted basement. I thought it was a prank,
but five years later, I still feel a tapping on my
head when no one is around. Last week I was home alone
and the ghost tapped my head and it didn’t stop for an hour. His name is The Crawler. What? I think the sensation you’re experiencing probably has nothing to do
with your school field trip. Or it does, and now I’m gonna
be haunted for doubting you. I once shoved a Tomagotchi down my throat to force myself to vomit. I then froze the vomit
in a tray overnight, cut them into dessert slices, and sold them at school for 2.50. I told everyone that they
were healthy vegan slices. I can’t tell if I’m
proud of you or repulsed. Maybe both. Alright guys, I
think it’s time to check out the incorrect school submissions. I hope more of you
spelled school correctly than you did incorrectly. We’re about to find out. Oh, please, please. Oh my God, only two people
spelled school wrong without the h. Is there another way that
people spell school wrong? Maybe without the c? I don’t know, I’m gonna
read these two, though. When I was a child, I used to skip school, so my parents thought
I was going to school when I was at the mall. I am now 22 and they
still haven’t found out that I’ve never been to school. (laughs) (bleep) it shows! We can tell! Alright, what’s the next one? Who else can’t spell school correctly? Oh, it was just this one person, they spelled school wrong
twice in the same message because they never went to school. What about school with no c? So when I was in high-shool, I went on a school trip to a theme park. We had to give our mobile numbers to our teacher in case we got lost. About a week after the school trip, I woke up to a text message
from a random number of a (bleep) pic, and it said, it said, “I know you want
to eat this (bleep).” I just thought it was prank/wrong
number, so I didn’t reply. I kept continuing to receive
naughty pictures and messages from this number, and one day I replied and said they had the wrong
number and to stop messaging me. The guy replied with a full
body nude, face included, and that’s when I realized
my science teacher had been trying to sext me. I blocked the number and
never told anyone about it, until now. Science class was never the same. (wheezing) This is (bleep) disgusting. From me to you, okay, if
you are under the age of 18, and someone older than you is
making you feel uncomfortable by doing anything remotely
sexual, talk to someone. Tell a principal, tell your parents, get other people involved,
because when we’re silent, these things keep happening. And it’s not your fault if
you’re afraid to speak up, but I’m proud of you if you
are able to speak up, okay? (stammering) What the (bleep)? Alright, can you spell
school wrong any other way? Maybe with one o, like skol, skull. Yeah, seventeen (bleep)
spelled school wrong. These are all just the
word scholarship, actually. I’m just the dumbass who thought maybe… Oh, here we go, here we go. One time, me and my friends
were walking on the highway, I live in Manhattan, New York, and a school principal was chasing us. Not ours, we’re all 10. Their school ended at
3:45 and ours ended 2:45, so he was yelling at us thinking
we were skipping school. He was yelling, “may Jesus be with you” and a ton of religious crap. So we all yelled at him on our scooters, you a hoe, sis, (laughs) while we had middle fingers up. Also I had a snack, sliced tomatoes, and we threw them at him. Sincerely, the unicorn. (laughing) Alright, well, my computer is
malfunctioning, so, with that, I’m done. Thank you guys
for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did make sure
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