Hi I’m Tara.
I’m Natatie.
And this is Natalie and Tara Try Stuff Yeeeeah. Today we are gonna make some rice pudding cause I’ve never had that. Which is super exciting! You know our love for Townsend.
Townseeeeend. They send a calendar and it’s the greatest calendar ever. Yeah, if you buy anything from the Townsend catalog, which I definitely recommend getting some mushroom ketchup. Yes.
No matter what youre doing with your life you should have some mushroom ketchup. But he sends this adorable calendar.
I love it. That has all these- each month has a different recipe. So we decided to sync up this month with Marchs calendar. Which is rice pudding. And it is specifically “The Cheap One” So we are going to make this rice pudding because Tara and I neither have had rice pudding before. Ever. It sounds to me, hor.ri.ble. Why are you eating rice as a… ehhhh. It’s weird.
I agree… except this morning when I told Justin we were doing this he said “I love rice pudding.” If Townsend says it’s good then I’ll try it. In Townsend we trust.
In Townsend we trust. We’re gonna try to make this recipe just based off of this little blurb in the bottom of a calendar. What could go wrong? I’m going to tell you the ingredients first.
Sure. We got 1 cup of white rice. 2 quarts of milk. 2/3 cup of sugar. 1 tsp of salt. 1/2 cup of butter and half a tsp of allspice. That’s it. Thats all thats in here.
Huh okay. Because its the cheap one.
okay. Got it.
This is the cheap one. Does the fancy one have flavor to it or something?
The fancy one has instead of allspice, actual cinnamon actual nutmeg. And then it had raisins in it.
Oh. They call for a different kind of rice. Like a more expensive rice. Okay. Raisins actually sounds worse. Super simple. We are going to mix these things together and we are going to put them in the oven. Nothing could possibly go wrong. You say simple but we have manages to mess up a lot of really easy things. So we’ve preheated the oven to 375 degrees That one we’ve done. That step.. is correct Check. Also today we have had to record things twice because we are not turning the mics on right. So, what could go wrong? Everything.
Everythigns fine. Mix all the ingredients together in a three quart baking dish place the dish in a preheated oven.
That’s it?? That’s all there is to rice pudding?? That’s all you do?
To the cheap one. The other one Townsend was making a pie mold and all sorts if fun stuff. But I was like, let’s tackle the easy one first. So like hypothetically, if we do this well, we try to do the more expensive one some other time? Possibly.
Would you guys like to see us do that? Wait a minute. Let’s see if we don’t hate this first.
Okay, first. If we hate it we’re not making the expensive one. If we like this rice pudding and you guys enjoy this episode and you want to see us do the expensive one comment below and we’ll do it. Moving on.
Maybe we’ll do it. Stop telling people they’re dictating our lives. So let’s see we preheated the oven, now we’re- NO. Mix all the ingredients together. So we need 1 cup of rice. Now already there’s controversy. Why is there controversy with a cup of rice? I’m so confused. Because it just says white rice, but then I read because I needed more information than that.
Did you rabbit hole? Did you rabbit hole on rice?
Slightly rabbit holed. So… Let me bust out my Joy Of Cooking.
Oh my god. Short and medium grain rice is what they suggest. The store doesnt sell “short” or “medium” Its all “long” or “extra long” in like, where it says what those things are. What’s wrong with our rice culture? We should have more variety. Maybe it’s that certain types are known as short and medium and I just don’t know that. Thats true.
Cause I didn’t go down the rabbit hole Tara thought I went down Oh okay. So we don’t know if like a short is actually a large for us. Theres certain- theres Jasmin rice, theres whatever.
Oh Right. Maybe one of those is considered short.
I was kinda wondering if it was like European sizing compared to American sizing of shoes and clothes. Thats also possible. But I went ahead and found one that just said White Rice And didnt say long or extra long. And again it says organic and its also “Americas favorite rice” so… Oh. Okay
We’ll see. Closing the book on rice. We’re just gonna move on. Putting the cookbook on the floor cause thats where cookbooks go right now. I read in the comment section of Townsends thing to mix it with the stuff before you add the milk. So mix the butter in with all the ingredients and then add the milk because its harder to mix it for it to melt down, but I dont know if thats a real thing. That was someone commenting in the comment section.
In the comment section?
On the Townsend page. Oh! Oh! Oh! There’s a- Theres’ a Nutmeg Tavern Facebook group!
I wanna go to Nutmeg Tavern! I know. But I went to the group and their super nice and they post really fun stuff. Hey guys! This is a half a cup.
We need to chop that up Slice it up?
Slice it up. He put huge chunks in there.
Oh he did? There is a step where you put it in for 10 minutes and then you stir it so maybe that will mix up the Okay.
But then someone in the comment section Someone in the comment section said the butter was not suppose to, like, mix thoroughly through. Its suppose to rise to the top and create this kinda crust thing. But I’m jut going to do what Townsend tells me to do, so I’m stirring it. 2. 2. 2. 2/3s cup of sugar. Uh, Uh we got the sugar. We need a teaspoon of salt. She forgot her job already. Thats a one man job. We need 2 quarts of milk. Let me double check. Yes. Two quarts of milk.
Two quarts okay.
This is insanity. Now it’s cereal. It is! This is cooking on my level. Right. Just putting it all into a container.
This is like an Easy Bake. How does that even work? Easy Bake Oven?
It’s just heating things up. Last thing, Allspice. We need 1/2 a teaspoon. All the ingredients
All of the ingredients. Just had to make sure.
One last moment. Okay, so now this is in there it doesn’t say even stir. Oh.
Just well, Mix all together. Let’s, but I mean, the butter you cant mix. It’s all mixed together now. Cool. It does look like cereal to me now.
I really think that you should take this to the oven because there is-
Oh this is such a bad idea. I guarantee if I walk with that thing to the oven I am going to trip. What could possibly go wrong?
Everything could go wrong. Okay, I will walk this to the oven.
Okay. Gently.
Oh, god! That is such a dangerous thing. Oh my god I don’t know how I’m doing this.
Honestly, I would have spilt that everywhere. So we’ve got 10 minutes at 375 and then we leave it in for another 2 1/2 hours. 2 1/2 hours total.
10 minutes and then we stir it or something? 10 minutes and then we stir it.
got it. okay. cool. Does that make sense?
I think that make sense. We got this right? What could possibly go wrong?
What could possibly go wrong? Okay 10 minutes in givin her a little stir. Very very carefully Oh my gosh how are you even..
I don’t know, I might have to pull the whole thing out. Nope, Im just gonna Im just gonna stir though here. It’s hot in here My face is melted. And now we wait for whatever 2.5 hours minus 10 minutes is. Alright. Lets go do something else. It’s uh… It might be a little burnt. What could possibly go wrong? So, during our 2.5 hour wait Alexa turned off. Don’t you do it. Dont you. I lost the internet and she stopped counting. But we still, I think, ended up and 2.5 hours. We did some mental math. However I think those two and a half hours might have been too much because if you cant see this the sides are a little burnt. A little crunchy crunchy crunchy. But I’m looking at Townsends picture here and it looks like the tops a little bit on the darkend side as well.
Yeah, it could just be a caramelization situation. I mean this is not a caramelization. This is going to be fun to clean. It could be good in the middle. We’re going to give it a go. Let’s eat this thing. Alright. This looks good!
It does look good. Oh my goodness.
It smells really good. Alright.
Can you see this? Look at that!
Ohhhh. Golly. It’s like oatmeal. I really like that.
Yeah. And the tops not burnt. No its not.
I mean the top has an interesting texture. Oh I really like this. I had no idea rice pudding was so good. Well rice is just a vehical for whatever you are putting on it. Good point. I mean its got some of my favorite things. Cinnamon flavores, butter and sugar. So, you kinda can’t go wrong. This was good I highly recommend, just follow the recipe on the calendar. It’s awesome. Love it. Alright we are gonna keep eating this. It’s hot. I made a mistake. My name is Tara.
I’m Natalie And this was Natalie and Tara Try Stff. Dont forget to subscribe if you like what we are doing. Find us on all the social media sites and we’ll see you next time. Tell us about your rice pudding.