Today we are going to prepare Rice pudding with two layers , lower rice layer and a creamy top layer Soak the raw rice for 1 hr Strain the water from the rice and spread it out in a dry cloth for it to dry. If you have broken rice ie., uppma rice then you can wash the rice , soak it and can use it directly Do not grind it into a fine powder We are going to break the rice into smaller parts Fresh cream – 150 ml Condensed milk – 150 ml Once the rice turns dry , add it to a blender jar Just leave it in the blender for a second The rice has been broken into smaller pieces. Add little water and boil the rice Use the same cup for measuring rice and water The rice has been partially boiled Add the thick consistency milk The milk should boil well and turn out thick like halwa A spoon of almond & cashew powder Adding this powder is optional , if required you can add The milk has turned thick and the rice is also boiled well Measure sugar using the same cup which you used for measuring rice The mixture has turned thick Grease a plate with ghee or butter Allow it to cool down to room temperature Leave it in the freezer for the bottom layer to be set Beat the cream well Our bottom layer has sweetness so accordingly add condensed milk to the cream First layer has been set Grease a little condensed milk for sweetness Add the beaten cream If you want the top layer to be even more creamy , you can use heavy cream Cover the plate using a foil paper Leave it in the freezer to set Leave it for about 6 hrs Garnish the pudding with pistachio nuts , tutty fruity . Any nuts of your choice Cover it and leave it in the freezer The top layer has also been set well Using a knife cut the pudding into pieces of desired shape Creamy Rice pudding is ready !!!! Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!!