Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and this is The Sweetest Thing. And today we’re going to make this gorgeous
Rilakuma Bear dessert which is the secret recipe of Bernard Chu who is the pastry chef
at LuxBite in Melbourne. Bernard is a lovely guy, he had such a different
childhood to me though. He grew up in a bakery with his grandfather baking everything and
he got to eat butter cake all day whereas I just was not allowed any sweet stuff when
I was young. My parents went through this really self-sufficient
stage, they just grew everything themselves. They grew their vegies, we had goats for milk,
chickens for eggs, they even grew their own wheat and then Mum would get the wheat and
grind it in this stone mill by hand and then she’d get that flour and bake bread. And I used to sit and watch the bread baking
in the oven and I still love that smell of freshly baked bread. We weren’t allowed junk food, we weren’t allowed
lollies, no soft drink, nothing like that except for I remember on birthdays my Mum
used to bake us a themed cake, which we used to love so it just seemed natural for me once
I had my own kids to spend time for their birthdays, just doing creative themed parties
and making cakes and doing stuff that they loved and asking them what they liked for
their birthdays. We’ve had all different cakes, being boys
there’s been lots of trucks, we’ve had a firetruck, we’ve had a dump truck with edible geodes
and chocolate dirt in the back for Jedd because he just loves trucks. We’ve had a chocolate pinyata cake that when
you smash it all these lollies come out everywhere, that was good fun. And I remember when James
was little we had a pirate party, everything was themed and we had fishing and all of that
stuff it was great fun and then he wanted a treasure chest cake, so we had the treasure
chest with all the lollies coming out of it. What about Transformers?
No That’s what you wanted yesterday.
Oh yeah I want Transformers. He changes his mind every day on what cake
he wants so I just go with what he wants on the week of his birthday. I say what cake
do you want? And that’s what we’re having. But I’m pretty sure that he would love this
Rilakuma Bear dessert because whatever Bernard makes he always tries to inject love into
it and make it fun and he’s really thought about the kids with this one. Thankyou so much Bernard for sharing your
Rilakuma bear recipe. My pleasure. Hiding inside this dessert there is a very
chocolatey cookie. What’s in those cookies? We have brown sugar here, castor sugar, unsalted
butter, vanilla paste, baking soda, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, pink salt and dark chocolate. First we going to cream the butter and sugar
until it’s very fluffy. I’ll put all of the recipe quantities on the
howtocookthat.net website in grams and ounces and cups. I’ll add a link to that below. Once that mixture is super fluffy add in the
vanilla and the eggs and then we are going to sift together all the dry ingredients except
for the salt and mix them into the mixture. Mix it until it’s well combined and looks
like this. We are just going to add this dark chocolate
in there. That is a lot of chocolate chips. When it’s so much chocolate in there, even
when it’s cooled down, some of them will just stay a little bit gooey. And once that’s all mixed in add in the salt
last and mix that for 3 seconds only so you get those little bursts of salt through the
biscuit. Then roll them into balls and place them on
a baking tray and bake them in the oven for about 8 minutes. Okay for our white chocolate milkshake mouse,
we’ve got gelatine, milk, white chocolate and cream. And then you’ve just melted that white chocolate
over a pan of boiling water and then heat up the milk on the stove. So this is boiling now, we’re going to turn
off our heat and add this gelatine, this is soaked in ice water and has been squeezed. Once the gelatine has dissolved add milk mixture
to the chocolate and mix that well and leave it to cool. Whip the cream until it’s semi-whipped
and then add one third of the chocolate mixture and fold it through. And then add the rest
of the mixture and gently mix it together. So we’re just going to fill this in a sauce
dropper here, I don’t expect people to have this at home to be honest. What would you
suggest people use if they don’t have one? I suggest if you don’t have this at home you
just have to freeze this mousse into a flat tray and then when it’s nice and frozen, put
a round cutter that match your tart shell, most important. And then place that in the freezer overnight. Correct yes. Inside the tart shell is a banana, strawberry
creameux. Can you talk us through the ingredients we’ll
need for this? We have banana puree, strawberry puree, castor
sugar, egg yolks, gelatine and unsalted butter. I’m going to get you to help me here with
the banana puree. Just pour in the pot here, give it a quick
mix and just put it on a stove. Once they are boiling add the gelatin and
let it melt. And next whisk together the egg yolks and sugar then add the puree mixture
into the egg yolks. This is a little tip very important tip that
we always leave a little bit of the mixture here. Then add the mixture back into the pan and
heat until it is shiny and slightly thickened. Add the butter a little at a time and mix
that through. And then once you’ve added all the butter strain it through a sieve and leave
to one side to cool. And we are going to start filling our tarts
now. Great. And I’ll put a recipe on the website
for the chocolate tart shells so we don’t have to make them but it looks like you’ve
actually put something inside them as well, what have you done there? This is just a simple chocolate tart pastry
and we just melt some dark chocolate. The best way is to do it with your finger
and just go over the chocolate pastry. So we need to get the cookies. Yum! We are going to show you the old school way
how to fill a tart. We are going to fill in there. Into the base and then we just take a cookie
and press it on top. And then you’re topping them up so that really seals that biscuit
in there. We top this up, seal the cookie in there.
People always like a bit of a surprise. And then we put them in a freezer to set. For the caramel glaze that’s what makes it
look beautiful and shiny on top, what do we need to make that? Castor sugar, cream, glucose, cornstarch,
water, gelatine, white chocolate and milk chocolate. And there’s no caramel there so obviously
we are going to make a caramel, so what are we doing first? Pop this cream and glucose in the microwave
just to warm it up. We are going to do our cornflour slurry here. Add all your water
into the cornflour and whisk that together. To make the caramel heat the empty pan until
it’s hot. Don’t let it go smokey we are not doing a
BBQ here. Add a third of the sugar, we’ll see that melt
straight away. We are going to do this in three stages so we want it to be a little
bit more than golden brown here. Amber I like to say. Now add in the warmed cream and glucose slowly
and stir it well. Then whisk in that cornflour mixture. We are just going to let it cook for a little
more, I’ll go for a minute and then we are going to add our gelatine in so that will
help with the setting as well and the chocolate. So while this is still nice and hot we’re
going to add our chocolate in so all at once. And the milk chocolate as well. Okay so this is ready to strain. All going
through perfect. So this is ready to set aside for cooling
down. Okay so now we’ve got to make the nose and
the cute little eyes. Just print out the Rilakuma, just put a baking
paper on top. And we are just going to fill this. Shake it to smooth it then let that set, then
pipe on the nose and the mouth and some little dots for the eyes. We are ready to assemble our tart. The mousse is frozen. Yes it’s very very cold. The caramel glaze should just be body temperature
so not too hot or cold. Just pour it over the top of the frozen mousse and let that
excess drip off. Now put it over the top of the tart and carefully
remove your spatula. Okay that’s it, perfect, perfect. And now we can add our little faces. That’s right, just here and there. Cute! It’s a little Rilakuma Bear. I’m very much looking forward to eating this,
this is what I’ve been waiting for all day. Yum it looks good. That mousse is so soft. You have cutlery, I’m just going to go the
dude way. You can really taste the banana and the strawberry
in there and that creamy milkshake. That is so good. Am I biased or is this really delicious? No this is awesome, it’s really good. Thankyou so much Bernard for sharing your
Rilakuma bear recipe, it tastes so good. My pleasure. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes,
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