My names Adam, I’m a senior in the Metalsmithing Program for the School of American Crafts here at RIT. This is the undergraduate room where juniors and sophomores are working. Here at the
facilities we can a multitude of different styles and techniques, both
assisted by machine and both by hand. This is the machine room where we do a bit more of the grinding and forming aspect of it. This is the polishing room where we can get everything up to a nice luster. We also do you have some other forming tools
such as the english wheel, drill press, grinding machine and rotary sander. This is our casting facilities where we can do three main types of casting: centrifugal, gravity or vacuum casting as well as sand casting. This is our undergraduate room for senior students. We are each given our own individual private space so we don’t have to worry about so many people coming in and out of our areas.
This is our graduate room where we also have our resident artist. We have students from all of the
country and all over the world, from Ghana South Korea China, Thailand This is also where we have our facilities for hand forming as well as welding. Welcome to the Glass department at the School of American Crafts, this is our Hotshop where blown work is made. So our hotshop has two five hundred
pound furnaces, that we keep running 365 days a
year, twenty four hours a day, so students can come in and work on
those necessary hand skills with materials they’re going to need in order to advance their creativity. This is our flame working facility, where
we work glass on torches. This is the kiln working facility, we have quite a lot of large kilns here. They’re for casting, or for fusing and slumping. This is the cold shop, as you can see there is quite a lot of equipment in here, it’s all made to grind and polish glass
using diamond, grit, and water. Hi, my name is Johanna I’m a second year graduate student here in the ceramics department. We have our sophomore spaces down here, they’ll work in the same areas each
other so they can sort of learn from each other. In this half of the hallway we have our visiting artist spaces and
also our first and second year graduate spaces. Everyone gets their own space to work in.
We have our plaster room facility that is fully equipped to make plaster
molds. We have plaster, we have silica we have rubber and dental alginate. This is our elective room, here we also host about three elective classes a quarter, one in wheel throwing, one in hand building, and one in mold making. If there’s ever an artist presentation or visiting artist we come in here. This is our glaze room, this is where we have all of our elective glazes, we also have this area over here for mixing glazes, and we have a spray booth if
that’s how you want to apply your glaze. This is our kiln room we have a number of gas kilns, we have
one soda kiln, we have four test kilns and the rest are electric. This is our Raku patio, and then we have the door right here where we move the work right out to garbage cans that are waiting outside. This is our clay mixing room, and all of our pallets of materials are delivered here. We also mix our clay down here, we have two
Soldner mixers and two puggers. This is the first year bench room, this is
very first-year students all work. They all have their own bench and lockers for
their supplies and tools. this is another one of our bench rooms, in this room we have juniors and seniors and and graduate students all working in the
same space. This is an example of one of our graduate students spaces, in their
own private spaces graduates have the opportunity to work on the body of work. This is our
machine room, we do a machine maintenance program students are given a machine
throughout their quarter or semester and they maintain and clean that machine. This is our CNC machine, students will learn
3D software and how to cut pieces and parts for their projects on here. This is our spraybooth, this allows students to
put the last finishing touches on their work. This is our wood room, we carry a supply of
domestic hardwoods that they can buy here on campus. We also offer a really competitive price for all our materials.