Day 5 : Time 11am Chitkul to Pooh 112 km Reckong peo So we go for lunch now and we collect the inner-line permit after lunch Ya Ready for lunch ! Come on let’s go Hi Guys Now we are in Reckong peo. we got a inner-line permits applied, may be in another 1hr we get the permits And we have lunch in punjabi dhaba. As should be our Good meal after a hard riding day So guys ! What are we doing now on the road side ? what happen ? – aa Suraj hit the carrier at pot hole, I dont know how ! Two of the screws of the right side popped out None of the spare thing that we have will break, The thing that we don’t will break 17 no. It’s 18 no. And?
– Thats it Bull shit !! haan We just crossed Nako and on our way to kaza, still 50 km from kaza manage to find one mechanic, Truck mechanic so didnt have half of tools – Want some beer ! Go ahead – Hey Flo stop shooting man .. – Check the Break. Bit… Bit more Key Gompa ? way to Key Gompa Will take petrol ! Do you know any hotel here ?
– yes Where is that ? and whats the name ?
-spiti sarai On this road only. Thankyou