Hello! Hello guys welcome to my virgin car,
Mrs Barry is the driver today hello keep your eye on the road mrs barry. I get some random
requests sometimes from you guys and one popular one is some snacks when you are going out
for the day and the kids get very hungry don�t you girls, yeah. And so does the dog.
So here are two very popular snacks that we often give to our girls one is savoury one
is sweet, we have some pizza wheels right here and also some chocolate strawberries
both of which can be made ahead of time and frozen and all of that this is how you do
it and these guys are going to nibble on them. What are you eating there Phoebe? Pizza wheels,
and Chloe is too and I think Boston is trying to get hold of one too. Pizza pinwheels could
not be simpler in fact if you get the kids to help you it is so so good, get a sheet
of ready made puff pastry then get some spoons of tomato puree and get it all nice and spread
over there. Then sprinkle some cheese on there, mozzarella would work well but we used some
cheddar then just sprinkle on any toppings you want, we just went for some ham right
Phoebe? Yeah. Just ham shredded up get it all on there.
Here is the really cool bit right you actually roll it up as tight as you can into a nice
long cylinder whack it into the fridge for a good ten minutes to firm up because you
need it to be firm for when you slice it into funky little discs once the discs are all
done sit them on a lined baking tray give them a brush with some egg then sprinkle with
the herbs of your choice, I went for some basil I had to use that as it is my nickname
and stuff plonk it in the oven for fifteen minutes until fully puffed up let them cool
on a tray and either eat them straight away or store in a container like this one right
here and take them on your road trip. Do you like them girls? Yeah, Do you like
them Chloe? Yes. That is amazing so next up once we finish those we will tell you about
the chocolate strawberries, all good. Alright for second course or pudding it is
chocolate covered strawberries, these travel really well and can stay at room temperature
which is awesome Mrs Barry and I we have some and they are absolutely addictive. Girls are
you enjoying them? Yeah. Boston is again trying to get in there.
So chocolate covered strawberries one tip straight away make sure you pat dry your strawberries
straight away or the chocolate will run off from the wetness. So in a bowl with the chocolate
chips already in put it over a pan of simmering water and add the butter in there, just heat
it very gently until it all melts together. Now what I did was pour that chocolate into
a smaller bowl just so that it cooled down quicker and gave a better depth when it came
to dunking. I started to dunk my strawberries in there
and let it run off and then sit on a lined baking tray. Now you only want to put it in
the fridge for like ten to fifteen minutes or you will get that pale look around the
chocolate after too long. You just want to get it set around there and you can simply
store them away in your plastic container straight away.
And that is exactly what we have done, you can freeze them again if you want to and they
are going down a storm right girls!? Yeah! Chloe? I think she is in the land of nod maybe
so that is it then guys. I think there is a car chasing us! A car chasing us oh my gosh!
Different video for you today guys so just two road trip snacks that you can do on your
day out when stuck in hours of traffic! What is going on? She is giving the dog strawberries!
We better go guys, see you next time!