Santa is that you santa? – what I just want to find the washroom. You sound funny Santa, I just want a domonis hat for christmas Please (Happy Intro) Funneh -You guys don’t actually believe that Santa is streaming this and traveling the world right now? (um yes) Funneh – Right? (Lunar, Gold, Rainbow, saying no) Gold- No ImPossible how could you streaming an internet from up there? Funneh – Lunar do yo- (get cut off) Lunar – But you guys, he doing that because he has to ship the presents early or else no one’s gonna get it Funneh – Um okay, you know this okay you know what we’re just going to change the channel (Dude just mumbling on Tv) Rainbow – This is boring Funneh! Lunar – What! No, I wanna watch it more! Funneh- Look Breaking News Murder games are still trending Funneh – Isn’t that interesting? Lunar- Nah boring! This is more interesting Funneh – I swear this is looping! Gold – Yeah he is not delivering anything Funneh – It look like a looping image Lunar – He’ll be at a house sooner later, you guys have to keep watching Funneh – Okay, roblox, Santa talking about Christmas guys did anyone set up their gingerbread house yet? Gold – Oh I’m just letting mine dry a bit. It’s beautiful. Funneh – Huh! Oh oh can we see it? Gold – Yeah sure come on let go Gold – I’ll show you I left it in the kitchen to dry because it was way too wet wait Funneh -Wait why is it wet? Gold – Because I use nail polish, paint— Gold -You know a bunch of cool stuff to make it really pop. Funneh – So it not edible gingerbread house? Draco – MM this is delicious (Funneh Gasp then Everyone Gasp) Rainbow – Draco, Draco Stop! Gold – No Draco don’t eat it! It’s fake! Draco -Waitwhat! Funneh – Draco… Draco – But it taste so real. Funneh – No, No Draco Gold painted that with nail polish Draco -Wait what! (squeaky voice) Funneh -Wait, what’s wrong with your voice, dude? Draco -( Leprechaun voice) What do you mean? Gold – I think we need to bring him to the hospital Funneh – No no Draco drink some water! Funneh – Draco come brush your teeth man! Funneh -What is wrong with his voice and what happened to your hair? Is that new? Draco – (Very low Voice) I Dyed it Rainbow -Are you going through a phase? Gold -I think it’s the nail products that he just ate you guys Funneh – ummmmmmmmm Funneh -Gold, have we learned our lesson not to paint—- I mean it’s technically a prop gingerbread house Draco Funneh -I don’t know why you ate it, look there’s a spray can right there. Draco- (with loud voice) But it looked real! Funneh – Okay you know what let go we gotta go Funneh – Come on Draco Funneh – We need drive you to the hospital Right Now! Funneh – Get in the Car Rainbow – Yeah don’t let Draco drive come on Draco! Rainbow – Get in the Car! Funneh – Draco you gotta go man Funneh – Come come on Open let’s go Funneh- Draco we got to save you! Lunar- Hurry! (all talking at once) Draco – Ahh I don’t feel so good (Barf) Mall Santa – ho ho ho Is this where the washroom is? Draco – Santa! Is that you Santa?! Mall Santa – What I just wanted to find the washroom. Draco – You sound funny Santa I just want a dominous hat for Christmas please!!! Mall Santa – Yeah Yeah whatever Mall Santa -I don’t know who this kid thinks I am but I’m a Mall Santa . Draco – I can’t believe Santa talk to me he’s gonna get me a dominus hat it’s going to be the best Draco – Best Ever dominus hat Mall Santa – Uh Watch where you’re going?! Lunar – Wow how rude Mall Santa – Wamen Wamen Lunar – Okay Draco come on we gotta go home now. Darco – Okay I can’t wait for Christmas Morning Lunar- Yess! Funneh -There now that Draco is all better Funneh -We can drive him back home and talk about how we shouldn’t eat stuff that isn’t food Funneh – Because don’t eat stuff that isn’t food Draco – And I think how we should talk about Draco – Don’t make stuff look like food Draco – If it’s not food Funneh – I Don’t think Gold ever said it was food Draco. I mean there was a spray can wait. I got to park the car back Rainbow -Oh, no, This is going to take a while you guys. Funneh – I’m really good at driving this thing Funneh- Boom! Funneh – Oh I hit someone bike … its ok Funneh -Hey guys, let’s go inside. Let’s close our garage door come on come on. It’s getting cold come on (They are still watching the looping Santa) Funneh – Yep a looping image Gold- Clearly, it’s fake you guys Draco -No guys Santa’s real I saw him in the roblox hospital, and he told me if I was a good boy Draco -I would get a Dominus hat (Magical Sound) Funneh – A Dominus hat wait wait let’s Google what wait, what’s a dominus
hat Draco- Yeah a dominus hat Draco- you don’t know what a dominus hat is? Rainbow – Funneh Google it! Excuse me you got to go to the Internet. I’m googling what It is okay. Let’s read it says here that a Dominus hat is the most rarest item in roblox history It costs like almost 8 million robux There’s no way. Are you a roblox santa – said that to you Drac? Yeah? Yeah? He told me While you’re in the hospital? Yes Are you sure you weren’t hallucinating? Yeah, no rainbow. I wasn’t hallucinating Santa told me you guys I think he’s crazy. You know what Draco, we’re gonna go have to ask you to lie down a bit, but talking about the holidays you guys look I set up all of our stockings. This is all of ours all five They’re empty right now because I’m nice we didn’t fill them up. I’ll prove you wrong Santa’s real. Just you wait What is he talking about Draco? What do you mean? Okay fine roblox Santa is 100% real okay now. Where are you going? Just thought I’d grab some potato chips for Santa I think Drago became insane If we try to capture Santa that means that we’re on the naughty list you shouldn’t do that right I I mean, I think it’s a terrible idea you guys hey catch Santa red-handed Drago Rocco I want to tell you something if you want a Dominous hat um Why do you want to capture Santa cuz you capture him aren’t you gonna go on the naughty list? Yeah, I’m gonna take the dominus hat and then I’m gonna prove that Santa’s real Sound like good boys do ya Drago? I think you’re kind of in do you want some dude do you want some coffee? Turning off the fireplace so Santa can come down the chimney, okay. He’s ignoring her. That’s the wrong chimney That’s the fake when the real ones over there Turning off the fireplaces so santa can go down the chimney Um I think you are insane Draco, Draco can I explain something to you real quick? Why it was all in your imagination? And I’m gonna prove you wrong cuz there’s no roblox Santa that is gonna come down from this chimney, okay? Nah, I agree, but he exists looters with me. Yeah Santa’s real Are you considering a bet? Yes, yeah, we’ll proof Santa isn’t going to come down this chimney And you guys have to keep the he will yep And you know what the loser if you were the loser you must buy the Dominus hat I’m joking can’t afford that. I’m lying. I’m like no no that’s that’s too intense That’s you to attend the losers have to clean up all of this Christmas mess and the other three gonna go eat Yeah, well you mean either three you mean other – other two – oh you think you’re gonna, win you know what guys we have ourselves a deal we got ourselves a deal everyone Now you can go capture Santa while we do realistic things Yeah, like buying Christmas presents for everyone not waiting for Santa to bring us a Dominus hat well I’m gonna go wait to lure Santa. This is a very nice painting Do you think you’re done yet, I’m bored of looking at this beautiful drawing. We’re done! Whoa whoa whoa did you guys just build a wall in our house. What is wrong with Santa’s not gonna be able to get past this welcome to our awesome plan of how to catch a Santa -all right lead us through the steps He’s gonna be like I’m Santa roblox, Santa and I’m bored of milk and cookies wow this house is so cool They have a buffet of potatoes popcorn chips tacos and a turkey dinner What turkey makes people sleepy and to quench his dessert for dessert? He gets a giant gingerbread man right there. Where did you buy that or did you make it? Ah? You don’t want it moving on to this table. Let’s say who knows maybe mrs. Roblox – Santa Claus went on for the trip. You know sorry not. This is robots ooh. Gosh come on the trip don’t eat that Can’t fit it out spit it out. Yeah, yeah, I’ll replace the food yet. Here’s a burger yeah Okay, so he’s gonna be like wow a nice dinner for me and mrs. Claus and they’re gonna sit here, and they’re gonna wait and they’re gonna eat And then me and Luna are gonna pop out we’re gonna be like BAM caught you Santa? And then they will live here in a house forever And I’ll get infinite Dominus hats you’re going to capture roblox Santa so we could grant you wishes forever Yeah, no presents not wishes present present. Sorry presents I think their trying to make Santa a genie and putting it in um can you even know what you guys? but you guys this isn’t a bottle this is a Beautiful room where he and mrs. Claus can go on vacation for eternity forever Christmas forever They’re crazy Okay, guys. You know what you have fun doing that we’re gonna Go outside breathe some air you might want to join us when you go to the beach? Maybe snowy beach or you gonna wait here for roblox santa to to come down this chimney And uh yeah capture him well it still looks like yes. I’m near a house or a destination yet, so You know why I think it’s time to read some fan mail you guys look like you need it, so let’s go Hopefully roblox Santa is not listening right now Because um or else he would know We want the real Santa wait look it’s Santa right there, that’s you and a hat nice try Yeah, starting what Elsa kneading roblox Santa you’re gonna go on the naughty list. Oh. No. I think good this year IVA What have I done? Yeah, you’re on the naughty list on lots of good stuff in roblox. Oh. Yeah what I’ve You know what I don’t need to explain myself to you I’ve been a good kid alright Let’s go open up some fan mail in our last episode of roblox family We asked you guys what type of Christmas party we should have and then Celestia on YouTube said bunny You should be Santa Claus while the crew are elves and reindeers I like that that’s gonna be our theme when set when we capture Santa Quotation marks huge shout out to princess unicorn head and Caitlyn for sending in their amazing fan Art you guys Thank you so much, and if you would love to send some fan mail the PO box is in the description and if you enjoyed this roblox Family make sure to smash the like button down below don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you are new and in the next Days, we capture Santa or not. I don’t think We will are you sure and he will? Do you think we’ll capture Santa? Leave a cop. Thank you so much for watching, and we will see you all in the next one bye guys I’m hungry time to eat. No that’s Santa’s food. You don’t spit it out You