welcome back today we are making a rocky
road cake this cake is inspired by all the flavors that are in rocky road ice
cream so lots of chocolate marshmallows and shop nuts
I used my go-to chocolate layer cake recipe to make this cake and I’m
frosting it with a marshmallow buttercream I added a generous layer of
buttercream on top of each cake layer and I smoothed the frosting using a
large offset spatula next I topped my buttercream with a very generous drizzle
of some chocolate ganache this is the same chocolate ganache that we’re going
to use to add drips to the sides of the cake and it also makes great drizzles
for the inside of cakes on top of the chocolate ganache I added a bunch of
chopped walnuts you can use whatever net you prefer if you want to use pecans
that’s totally fine too and then I couldn’t forget the mini marshmallows I
added a tiny bit of buttercream on top of this just help the cake layers stick
together as I assembled the cake so this cake is really loaded up with filling as
you can see it’s already starting to overflow and that’s kind of the fun of
this cake is really loading it up with everything you love but it is a little
bit messy so you can either add a little bit less frosting and filling then I’m
adding here or you can see once we start to crumb coat the cake you can kind of
get all of it back inside to create a nice smooth crumb coat so I repeated
this process with my cake layers and I’m using four seven inch cake layers
I used a serrated knife to level each cake layer to make it nice and flat this
is important because as you can see this cake is already a little bit unstable
with all those fillings and if we had domed cake layers it would be even more
of a mess so by using nice and level cake layers it makes the assembly a bit
easier once I finished filling my cake and all of my cake layers were stacked I
gently pressed on top of that top layer just to make sure that everything was
settled and that there wasn’t any air trapped in between the layers then I
went to work on my crumb coat for this as you can see I used my offset spatula
to help some of those mini marshmallows and chopped up nuts get back inside the
cake and then I added a little bit of extra
frosting around the cake to make sure that all the cake layers were fully
covered I used my bench scraper to smooth this
crumb coat and then I popped the cake into the freezer for about five minutes
to allow the frosting to firm up this is great cuz it also helps the cake keep
its structure and makes it a lot easier to add that second layer of frosting
when I’m frosting a cake I like to add a really big doll to the top kind of
spread it over the edge of the cake just like this and then work my way down the
sides of the cake I like this method because it makes sure that there’s lots
of extra frosting up at that top rim of a cake which is important when you want
to get sharp edges on your cake once my frosting was smooth
I added some chopped walnuts around the base of a cake with a large spoon I then
gently press them into the frosting using a small offset spatula next I pop
the cake into the freezer to allow it to chill before we add the drips during
that time I worked on my rocky road mock ice cream scoops so I’ve taken two cups
of my marshmallow buttercream and I’m mixing in one cup of melted chocolate so
I melted the chocolate and I’ve allowed it to cool for about ten minutes so that
it’s still liquid but it won’t melt the frosting once it’s added then I mixed in
about a half a cup of my chopped walnuts along with 1 cup of mini marshmallows I
folded the mixture together with a rubber spatula and once everything was
fully combined I began to make my mock rocky road ice cream scoops using a
medium sized cookie scoop I took some generous scoops of our buttercream and
added them to a parchment lined baking sheet I ended up making about eleven
scoops and I only actually needed seven to add to the top of the cake but it’s
good to have a few extras just in case some don’t turn out or are a little bit
misshapen so I popped our ice cream scoops into the freezer and took out our
cake the frosting was firm to the touch so I went to work adding on our ganache
strips I like to use a square bottle because I think it’s easiest but if you
don’t have one on hand you can always use a spoon instead
I added a bit of extra ganache to the top of a cake to cover it but I did save
a little bit extra for garnishing our ice cream scoops once the top was
covered I picked up my frozen ice cream scoops and carefully placed them around
the perimeter of the cake so as you can see they’re frozen so they’re easy to
handle and once they were all in place I added a little bit more chocolate
ganache to the top as well as a sprinkle of chopped walnuts
now the maraschino cherries don’t really tie into rocky road but they remind me
of ice cream sundaes and this cake definitely needed a little pop of color
and I think that’s exactly what these cherries give this cake so that’s it our
rocky road cake is complete and now it’s time to cut in so amazingly enough
despite the kind of gloopy mess we started with the layer has really looked
perfect and the ganache is almost marbled throughout the layers with the
marshmallows this cake is so delicious if you guys want to recreate it the
recipe is up on chelsweets.com thanks so much for watching this video I
hope you guys enjoyed it and hopefully I’ll see you guys again soon