you [Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to the channel Hey where we are great San Francisco build engage right here so they gave bridge and tonight actually today we’re gonna go around some of the popular spot then the place were excited about is Castro we’re gonna go tonight have dinner oh yeah it’s like the gay area right yeah so yeah we’re gonna have a lot of fun here in here we could show affection we kick is as much as we watch hold hands let’s make a butt [Music] do you want some ice cream yeah a lot of people recommended this place gear I don’t even know how to say gear it no I’m not gonna try I don’t need a chocolate so here’s the hard part dessert I can’t cuz right now I would definitely here diet you do cookies and cream again is it like very good chocolate so good really you like the best ice cream yeah no you’re just saying that really I’m serious like it’s really good they have coffee should I get a coffee yeah we should try it [Music] let’s go [Music] [Music] most looks really good your sister where’d you get the crab chowder clam chowder you got shrimp yeah you good [Music] [Music] [Music] my everything the best thing so far yeah Justin yeah I like them turistic this pool [Music] yes [Music] actors [Music] design the home one day thank God first foaming in if it’s probably messy it is messy okay we’re gonna bypass the kitchen just a little simple but we like the view we like the sunrises and sunsets and we can see you reckon we like the mirror wait this is the diet stuff we have to show you our highlight in the bathroom which is like grand Church like we’re going to quieter okay there’s our room tour yeah wait oh thing you’re gonna be naked alright this relax a little bit a lot of people were saying they liked my shirt what is this a dumb dirt what was I thinking – done dirt dunder-mifflin yeah so I got this shirt at t.j.maxx for $5.99 I got cuz I was it was cheap and I like the color I had no idea what done did muffin or done there muffin what mitten was good but then today everyone said they liked my shirt they’re like yeah yeah when I was getting our food for lunch the girl was like I love your shirt I was like who what what does this mean what does my shirt mean she was like oh it’s about the office oh my god I’ve never seen anything about the office but now it all makes sense yeah to both of us am i red urg what you laughing at you excited are you just gonna cash-strapped yeah you are yeah my never go to this places but if I wear the red and green with my Christmas I look like Christmas you sure yeah we wish you a Merry Christmas is it okay to change to brown or to great I just see us I just look like Christmas little we’ve changed a lot doesn’t like my Christmas [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] rainbows we’re in Castro okay I already like you could delight oh my gosh [Music] [Music] nope I’ll be there packing day back my favorite day sleep me too me too let’s go let’s go we gotta see the pink of the painted what is the Painted Ladies painting daughters ladies gonna be fun yeah [Music] we’re looking at the Painted Ladies right now yes pretty it’s pretty we have the San Francisco skyline over the back row yeah it’s really cool and we’re just thinking about full house it was a big show everyday a lot of busyness wafted that was one of my one of my favorite childhood TV series yeah and stayed by the Bell we had a good time in San Francisco yeah I wish we had more time to go beyond the touristic spots yeah yeah we did but for sure we can cross it off our list probably way to move yeah it’s so expensive if you’re one of visit San Francisco bring money bringing a lot of money yeah you do expensive yeah a little stressful it’s nice I wish we had more days kiss on a park-like it remembers to go out make Furies and [Music]