“If you take care of yourself physically,
you know, and you take care of your your body, you work out and things
like, that a lot of other things fall into place. Hey guys, welcome back.
Dmitry, here, with Roofing Insights, and I’m here with a Crossfitter,
roofer, and very close friend of mine, with a very confusion last name: Graham
… Desert? Dessert? Dessert, yes spelled like “dessert.” Thanks for coming, man. Yeah, thanks for having me. So, I remember when you called me the first time. We’ve been Facebook friends, of course, and then he’s like, “Dmitry, can I call you?” “Of course you can call me.” And I remember even the talk, it was about, like,
me being Russian and about capitalism and things like that. But I want to ask
you right now, first question would be about: you’re definitely a fit person. Not as strong as I am, but you’re strong — just kidding. You’re fit, and I know a lot of roofers
out there, they just claim that they don’t have time to go to the gym, to
go to work out. And I see your Facebook post and your activities, I’m like, “Where
does this guy work?” “When does he have time for all of this?” So you’re running, and stuff like that. What’s your advice for hard-working guys? How do you find time to prioritize. You have to get in shape — how? That’s a great question, I’m glad you
asked. You know, the big thing is, I really think it comes down to your philosophy
and what you believe. You only have one body you know? You’re not gonna get a second body. You’re not gonna get a second life. This
is the only body and the only life that you have. So, I think that treating it with
respect is very, very important. And then, going back a little bit, if you take care of
yourself physically, you know, and you take care of your your body you work out
and things like that a lot of other things fall into place. Like, what? Giving me an example. Mental. If you’re physically fit, you feel great, and then
mentally they’re a little bit more sharp when you go into the office. Could not agree more. Absolutely. Yeah, so the the priority I have, really,
is just I will prioritize my workouts. Now I start working, I do my workouts at
four o’clock in the afternoon, at four o’clock, five o’clock, somewhere in that
time frame. That’s a priority for you. I will cut work earlier to get my workout in. I used to wake up earlier, super early, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, and get it done
in the morning. So — What changed? Well, I — Either away, right? I mean – sleep became a priority. I feel that for you to perform at your best, sleep
is the first priority. Can I make you a little bit jealous? So, Roofing Insights,
actually, was looking for a home a couple months ago. And one of the reasons I quit
CrossFit was because I couldn’t work out around the schedule. They
don’t have a shower. So, for me to go in the morning, I have to literally go to
CrossFit and then go to Lifetime Fitness for the shower, and it’s just
too much in the morning, right? So, Roofing Insights is looking for a home,
and I found this building. It’s a one hundred and forty year old building with a CrossFit gym in the basement Oh my God! And I’m just, like, I’m done. So they have
a class at six — and they have showers in the building as well — they have class
at six, they have class at nine, and they have class at twelve and the class have
at 4:30. So now — Oh, man! Yep, so now, my
favorite time to workout, it’s in the morning. So I would wake up 5:00 in
the morning and get to the office. Actually answer emails and
stuff like that, and at 5:45 just walk down, change, walk down, workout, then take
a shower. And actually, when we do videos, I feel best after a workout. You just
sweat it out, you just like feel fresh. So you take a shower at
7:30. My employees don’t arrive until like eight or nine, when we
shoot videos and stuff. By 8:00, I’m like a shark, I’m ready. Now, I agree with you, sometimes sleep is important. So I’m like, “I can’t
wake up, screw it.” I’ll sleep until 6:00 or 7:00.
But now, I’ll go at noon or at 4:30. A lot of times at 12 o’clock.
Dude, when you have CrossFit in your gym, in your
building, it’s a game changer. You have no excuses, now, for trying to turn your back. So, I’d say two things. There’re a lot of contractors, where they
they meet with homeowners after hours. So five o’clock may
not be the best time, five o’clock at night, the afternoon may not be the best
time. So, maybe going early in the morning would be best, and it’s a good way to
start today. And then another option would be — you know, for me, the afternoon is good because it’s a good transition to go home, you know? I want
to be present for my family when I go home. I work — first off I get a good night’s sleep — I go, go to work, get my work done, then I go
to the gym, get my workout in. It’s a great transition to shut down my
mind off of work, to go home. So that’s another tip for contractors. Awesome. And I’ve seen that you posted, too, that about three years ago, a thousand days or something, that you
quit drinking. What’s behind that? What made you change to completely cut
out alcohol from your life. I think the biggest thing — there’s two things. One I felt like I didn’t … First off, I didn’t have a choice. So, my wife approached me and said, “Hey, if you don’t stop, I’m out.” That was a big life-changing event. So, there’s that. And then, two, I knew that for me to be the best version of myself, that I would have to give it up. And that includes being the best contractor, husband, father… When was that? January 24, 2015 Fast forward, how did it change your life? Total 180, you know? First off, when I wake up in the morning, I feel fantastic. I have a new outlook on life. I live one day at a time and I try to get the most out
of each and every day that I possibly can. My quote is: “One day, One lifetime.” And I would say, guys, this just journey came out… I’ve actually been sober for, like,
six years. So the same thing, I just say — My thing is, like, I have such a
strong will, so I can say, like, “I’m not gonna drink any
more coffee,” and for three years not drink coffee or beer or whatever. I would
say like advice to the contractor says I see so many guys who — I don’t want to say ruining their life, because there’s a saying that you know like winners are, if you
work hard, you deserve to, you know, play hard, work hard. I don’t believe in
that. I see a lot of hard-working guys, not successful for that reason, because they
live from Friday night to Friday night. Or when they travel, they don’t, like — this convention here is amazing. This conference is amazing. But you see
contractors coming to conferences and instead of learning, they just
waste so much time and energy on the party. And I’m not against a party, but if
you can if you cannot stop, sometimes you have to quit. I mean everything needs moderation. You have to know your limits, and there’s so many
in our industry who don’t know their limits. They’re talented sales guys, talented business owners, but they’re making bad decisions at Friday nights or Saturday
nights. and then it affects their productivity the next day. I mean,
it affects me, I know. How do you deal with stress? …hmm…you know, I, I don’t actually know. I don’t actually know, I just deal with it. Your so common. You’re still a mystery to me, okay? Like a mystery. I’m trying to figure it out. I like
reading people. I just, like it. Everywhere I walk, I’m, I want to
figure out every person walking by me right now. I’m, I’m trying to get in
people’s minds. But you’re such a mystery, because, here’s why: you are a Crossfitter, and I’ve known you for a couple months, nown as a Crossfitter,
challenging stuff, but I cannot even call you a competitive person. Are you
competitive? Yes and no. Yes and no. I feel — You’re so calm! Yeah … to me, it’s … I like competition, and I’ll engage in
competition in the right atmosphere. Like, our competition, it’s a constant
“Horse,” if you know what I’m talking about, the basketball game “Horse”? And that’s fun, you know, and I like competition because that,
that’s the warrior spirit. And at times — and this is going a little
deep — when you’re in a fight with somebody only one person walks away. And so for me, I know when I get in and when I engage in that type of a
competition, I’ll be able to walk away. The other type of stuff, it’s just f—- for me. And this is a very important, guys, I could not agree more. A couple years ago I have a
very competitive boss, it was 2008-2009. He was wrestling back in the days, I guess. He started it. like it we always hit each
other’s shoulders, you know? And I wasn’t working out, didn’t do
Crossfit, nothing like that. But I’m just organically a hard guy
to get off the line. You can’t flip me. I’m just holding my ground. So he
wanted to wrestle me. And we were doing this basement finishing. I would say
this: he was so competitive he wanted to wrestle me and at some point — I don’t even know how it started, almost, like, with a joke — but we started
wrestling. Before you know it, I flip him and he went down and I guess at some point, by biceps got his nose, and he has this bleeding nose and
things like that. It wouldn’t hurt, he got up. But he lost. It was
obviously he lost, I was stronger at the moment. But I tell
you this, our relationship has never the same. There’s something
in that moment that happened, like, you beat up your boss and anything … and I didn’t start it! I didn’t want to do it! And my audience will say, “We call BS on it, because I’m
competitive like true like I did not start it, he started it. But the thing is, I
learned at that moment, you don’t want to do it. But what I did in my company,
I’m building culture where it’s it’s fun. Like, I would arm wrestle my
guys, and, you know, I’ll lose, they’ll win, whatever. We challenge each
other. You have to find a way to do it healthily. And I don’t know, Crossfit
teaches me in that — Crossfit has amazing culture where you lose, but you never feel like a loser. Right, absolutely. No, I totally, totally agree with you, and I think the big thing
that I’ve learned within the last couple years is that there’s a big difference
in competition between your ego — like, is it coming from your ego or is it coming
from your heart? And the competition that comes from heart is a lot more
powerful than your ego. Awesome. Well, thanks for your time. I just, I don’t want to make a 20 minute
video, but obviously we can talk for hours. Thank you guys for coming. The takeaway from it right now is, we should be looking at guys like Graham as role
models and I truly mean it. Thank you. I really appreciate it. How old are you? 37 You’re 37. I mean, you’re young, you’re energetic people are looking up. I mean,
you’re talking about the clients, you’re talking about employees. I mean in this
industry, that’s where we need people like you. I appreciate that. I really mean it. Thanks, man. Congrats on the new name, the new company. We wish you best of luck!