Alright, it’s time to do some spells. Yes! This is amazing, Dad! Iggety, ziggety, zaggety, ZOOM! [Magical cauldron poof] [Happy music] Snack School [Crunch] Ring! Ring! Snack School’s starting! My name’s Scarlett. And my name is Vivi. I like you because you’re my favorite in the whole wide world. Flower bloom!
[Wind blowing] Today’s snack is based on this book. Room on the broom! Want to show our fans? Yeah!
Okay. Here frans [friends and fans]. This is what Room on the Broom looks like. Show our fans. Yeah, it’s Room on the Broom. I really like this book! I like her skirt because it’s a blue and a purple and when they mix up together it’s SOOO pretty. What do you think of the witch? Good! I like her. She shares. And she also said, yes, there’s room on the broom for others. And the pets were like, no, but she was like, hmmm, and then she was like, yes! I found a witch’s cauldron! [Excitement] Her hat! Her bow! I’m a witch, just like the story. We are nice witches, just so you know. I’m a little kid witch. Kid witch sand-witch.
[Laughing] Well, we haven’t found the broom or the wand. Do you want my help? Yes, please. Today at Snack School, I’m going to help my little witches by surprising them with a wand and a broom snack. Inspired by the book ROOM ON THE BROOM written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. The witch and her cat fly happily through the sky on a broomstick. When the wind picks up, it blows away the witch’s hat… then her bow… and then her wand! With help from her new friends, the witch finds her missing items. In return, she tries to find them room on the broom. Now I’m going to show you how to make some bewitching snacks. To make a wand, you’ll need a ripe pineapple, a metal star shaped cookie cutter, and straws. First, remove the crown. Then evenly cut the first inch off and remove it. For the star, make the slice slightly thinner than your cookie cutter’s width. For the straw (wand handle) grab a paring knife and make a cut directly through to the middle of the pineapple core. With a big knife, evenly cut the pineapple. Put your paring knife back into the pineapple to align the cookie cutter with the straw cut. Remove the knife and push down hard on the cookie cutter until it goes all the way through. To remove the star, push the cookie cutter down evenly while pulling up on the outside of the pineapple. Push the straw into the cut. And there it is without a hitch a wand for your little witch. Magically make as many as you need. I put grapes into a cup to make the wand stand up. To make a broom, you’ll need string cheese, carrots, and wheat grass. Cut the string cheese in half. From the bottom, peel 1 inch lengths of cheese. Keep peeling…. and peeling until it looks like broom bristles. Slice a carrot lengthwise to create a narrow broomstick. Cut the carrot to make a sharp point. On the unpeeled side, poke the carrot into the cheese. Tie the wheat grass around the cheese into a knot. Cutoff any excess. And whoosh! The snacks are ready for my witches to do some bewitching magic. I want to do all kind of witches spells!
Me too! Then you’re going to need these wands! [Gasp of speechlessness] Could I eat my wand? Yeah. Poof! It turned into a pineapple. [Laughter] What’s in here? Ooohh grapes. What are those? Those are frog eyeballs. Ha! They’re not eyeballs. The wand tastes like magic. Is there room in your stomach for another snack? [Gasp] Yes, please! Alright, you’re going to need another wand to help make this next snack. Thank you!
We’re going to do our new spells! And get our new brooms. Yes! I hope we can ride on the broom. Yeah. Alright, it’s time to do some spells.
Yes! [Laughter] That’ so cool, Dad! That’s really magical. Find something, everyone, throw something in! Carrots. Cheese. Grass.
Wheat grass. This is amazing, Dad! Iggety, ziggety, zaggety, ZOOM! [Magical cauldron poof] Then out rose a truly magnificent snack. Wow! It’s the brooms. But, oh. [dissapointment] I just wanted a broom to ride on. Awww. Maybe later we can borrow Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000. Yeah, but first let’s eat the snack and get our brooms! Okay. It broke!
Oh no. It’s okay Dad, let’s get a real broom and fly. Mmm…carrots…crispy carrots. Pencil, pencil, pencil. Brooms are very tasty. Look at my broom. I love those carrots. Click Follow for more bewitching treats. I’m a witch. You should click Follow. I’m a witch! Happy Halloween! Boo!!! I scared them. [Happy music]