Hi, I’m Rory Snyder and I’m from a
small town in Pennsylvania that is huge on the operation of local and small
businesses. I have a handful of close friends that have opened their own
restaurants or businesses in the last three years that all support each other.
It is so inspiring to see the pride, love and joy they take from it every
single day, fueling the fire of my passion for artisan bread crafting more
and more each day. Thanks to my mentor, whenever I am at work, I am at home. It
doesn’t feel like a job to me ’cause regardless when I leave that kitchen I
find myself in another one, whether it be over a fire in the woods or at my home, I
can’t seem to separate myself from cooking. Still up at 3 a.m. sometimes,
lost in articles about sourdough bread baking, I scramble to jot down ideas and
recipes before they escape my eager and restless culinary mind. I want to open
the Tartine bakery of the East Coast and I’m confident that ICE will provide the
skills, technique, information and networking connections to help make that
dream a reality.