Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen it is Barry here it is the start of a new themed month you guys have voted for
apple month, when I say apple month I am not going to be doing reviews of apple products
I would be terrible at that. Hi welcome to iphone reviews this is my nokia 3210 it has
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Thankyou to everyone that voted on myvirginkitchen.com for apple month some of your names are appearing
on the screen right now we are kicking it off with these rose apple pies, called that
because they are apple pie shaped like a rose to make I hope you give it a go, if you do
you will need these ingredients, hit pause now write them all down they are also in the
description box down below and of course if you have a go send me a picture tag me on
Instagram and twitter and all that stuff wicked. The first thing to do is get a bowl of water
straight from your tap nice cold water then slice up a lemon and squeeze the whole juice
does not matter if you get any pips in there because that will make nice acidic water,
we are going to slice up our apple so give it a nice little core so you have a cheeky
apple spy hole slice up nice and thin and as you slice dunk them into the water to stop
them discolouring work through all your apples until you have a nice bobbing apple thing,
of apple slice bowlness. Put that to one side and roll out your own
sheet of puff pastry you could make your own pastry but why you have these sheets of puff
pastry in the supermarket right now, get it embrace it and cut it into nice little strips
kind of like a seat belt shape, maybe not, get one of those strips and spread jam all
over now I went for strawberry jam but you could do anything use some biscoff spread
or Nutella go crazy, strawberry jam works really well on this when warmed through.
Get that all on there we will get our apple slices make sure you pat dry them because
you do not want them wet and heavy lay them on the strip so they slightly overlap eachother,
then get your puff pastry bottom bit and fold it over the apple and just press it into place
so it is sort of half covering them. This is the tricky bit carefully roll up one
end into a ball and keep going until you hit the other end. When you stand it upright it
should look like a rose. Simply repeat those steps until you have as many roses as your
heart desires I just made two for me today so I made the two sat them gently into a cupcake
tray if you want you can give it an egg wash for a more golden finish but I went for natural
today. Baking it in the oven for 25 minutes scooping
it out when it was nice and cool in that tray then it looks all cool and kind of like a
pie. One thing to finish it off is some nice bits of bashed meringue pieces and a good
dusting of icing sugar. Looking R Kelly moment tastic my mind is telling
me no, so good. You just get this amazing crunch when you
bite into it the warmth of the jam and the icing sugar sweetness all around it so good
I really hope you give this one a try if you follow me on snap chat you already know the
steps to this recipe sort of did it as I went along good times if you do have a go send
me a picture @myvirginkitchen let me know any apple recipes you have got for this month
and I will see you again next time.