Hey Guys we are here with another Unboxing! and here we have the Royal Enfield Fuel Pump Module for 500cc EFI Engine So.. Lets have a look inside Packing is quite strong.. This is the Genuine Spare from Royal Enfield The packing seems quite strong durable we have another extra packing here So here we have our Fuel Pump Module of 500cc and as we see here we have the filter for the fuel This is the Connector a very important connector this connector that receives the signal from the ECU when we Self-Start or Kick-Start this motor as we see this motor inside the motor starts and goes off in 30 seconds Then the Engine Indicator with Red Light comes on and goes off This Activates the Engine and the Motor inside the Fuel Pump starts Rotating and the Fuel starts flowing to the Engine from this nozzel you see from this Pipe the Fuel starts flowing and the Engine starts the Bike The Motor needs to rotate continuously to supply Fuel to the Engine In our next Video we will be showing you how to Install this Fuel Pump to the Bike and also we will perform a complete Teardown of the Fuel Pump Module and Don’t forget to Like, Share and for more Videos like this Subscribe to All Sorts