Kitchen tabletop shows a pot on a stove along with measured out ingredients in bowls and cups atop the table. A red Delizza Patisserie logo appears and fades into the background Rum Puff Pudding A hand appears and grabs a bottle of milk and pours it into a bowl. A hand grabs a bowl with pre-cracked eggs and adds it to the bowl. Followed by a cup of heavy cream and melted butter. The hand grabs a bowl of packed brown sugar and adds it into the bowl. Then grabs a container with ground cinnamon and measures out 1 tsp to add to the bowl. She grabs a bottle of rum and pours about 3 tbsp into the bowl. Finally, she grabs a bottle of vanilla extract and measures out 1 tsp and adds it to the bowl. Using a whisk, she combines all the ingredients. She pours the bowl of combined ingredients and pours it over a baking pan filled with Delizza mini cream puffs. Wait 10 minutes then bake. She grabs a bottle of heavy cream and pours it into a pot on the stove. She then adds 4 egg yolks into a bowl and 1/3 c of sugar. She whisks the egg yolks and sugar until it is smooth. She then measures out 2 tbps of vanilla extract and adds it to the mixture. and then adds a cup of heavy cream while whisking it into the egg mixture. She grabs the egg mixture and uses the whisk to add it to the pot. Using the whisk, she mixes all the ingredients until she achieves a thick consistency. She places the baked cream puffs on top of the counter. She grabs a silver ladle and drizzles the Crème Anglaise on top of the pudding. A final presentation of the Rum Puff Pudding is shown up close. A white Delizza Patisserie logo appears against a red background. VISIT US AT WWW.DELIZZA.US