Alright, so it is time for dessert and next
up we’ve ordered some Rurki. Which apparently is a torpedo dessert. And now when I was reading
about these online it said that it is supposed to be a buttery flaky pastry that is filled
with cream but as you can see this is more like a wafer. It looks a bit harder to me.
So yeah, we’re going to try it. I’m going to try it. It is crumbly. Oh yeah. It is almost like an ice cream cone
that has been filled with cream. And also the cream isn’t sweet. They either forgot to add sugar or they just
like there cream very natural. So it is a whipped cream but not sweet at all. It must
be healthy for you. Healthy dessert. Woah! So apparently the Rurki originated from Turkey
and Bulgaria but this is obviously the Polish kind. And I think what makes it different
is that the outer layer is more like a crispy wafer. It is kind of like a wafer cookie.
So my turn to try it. Yeah, it is pretty good. You’re right, the
cream isn’t overly sweet but it is very thick. And you can tell that it is a good quality. So not our most super informative video but
that is all I know about the Rurki. It is a really nice treat, fun street food snack
that you can just pickup in the center of town and in terms of price point we paid the
equivalent of a Euro for these two little rolls. So pretty affordable and pretty tasty.