Hello, friends! Hi! What shall we cook today, Tanya? Today we will cook a cake with honey, very tasty! Or how is it also called? Medovik (honey cake). OK, so what do we need? What ingredients do we use? For the pastry we need two eggs, one glass of sugar, two table spoons of honey, one hundred gram of butter, one teaspoon of baking soda, and three to four glasses of flour. And what do we need for the cream? OK, so the cream will be based on sour cream, therefore we need sour cream. How much? 0,5 litre. (half a litre) And what else? One glass of sugar. That’s basically it, we have listed the ingredients, and now let’s start cooking. Yes, the recipe is quite simple, but it takes considerable time to make. Let’s start! First – whisk two eggs with one glass of sugar. Have you spilt it over yourself? – Yes! Second – melt the butter over a water bath, add honey, also the eggs and mix it up. So we add the honey to the butter, so that it melted too, and only then we add the eggs and then mix everything. In order to make a water bath, you need to take a bigger pan and pour water in it. And take a smaller pan and put it into the bigger one. And here we go! The water bath is ready. Third – when the mixture gets warm, add baking soda. Now we add a teaspoon of baking soda. Forth – when the mixture enlarges by two times, take it off the water bath. Fifth – gradually add flour and knead the pastry. Sixth – the pastry should not stick to your fingers. And what do we do with it? And we need to cover it with cling film and put it in the fridge for one hour minimum. Seventh – after the pastry has stayed on the fridge for one hour, we take it out and what do we do? We… I’ve forgotten… We cut it into seven pieces. Minimum seven pieces. You can choose the number of pieces yourself. The number of layers on the cake depend on it. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. That’s it, seven layers, and we use this for the crumbs and also the off-cuts for the crumbs. Eighth – roll one piece into a circle by a rolling pin, and for the edges to be even, you can cut them off by a lid. Ninth – put the circle on butter paper, prick it with a fork in several places, and put it in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about well three minutes. So the the circle turned brown. And do the same with every piece. So open, yes, take it out. Don’t burn your hair. Here it turned brown, what a beauty! Tenth – we cook the cream. To make it we need to whisk sour cream with sugar. Very simple cream. Eleventh – put every layer of the cake and cover it with the sour cream mixture. Twelfth – the side and the top of the cake should be covered with the same cream. And our last step, thirteenth, is to decorate our cake. Traditionally the case is decorated with the crumbs, made from the same pastry. So you take one layer, grind it into crumbs and strew the top and the sides with them. Crumbs made by myself. So here it our little cake, a beauty, the honey cake. After three to four hours. Yes, but it was worth it! Now we will gorge, and will be very pleased! And it smells incredible! Like honey, it’s called a honey cake for a reason. Also by the way you’d better let the cake stay a couple of hours, after you have assembled it already again in the fridge, so that the pastry soaked with the cream. And ideally it should stay there the whole night. But we won’t last that long. – Yes, a pity. So we taught you a new recipe, Russian, probably, we are not sure. But at least it is very popular among Russians. Very tasty. – Yes. We’ll continue cook different dishes, desserts, soups, and everything, right? Yes, what comes to our minds. Yes, traditional, what Russians like eating and cooking. But that’s it for today, see you in the next video. And watch us! Bye-bye! Like the video!