Hello. Nice to meet you. Did you get your husband’s permission? I didn’t get his permission yet. I’ll tell him once I come back. You can’t do that. – I’ll tell him later. / – I’ll be in an awkward position. It’s okay. Business is just business. Really? How is your traveling style? I’d describe my traveling style as… Day fire, night fire, dawn fire. What is that? I’m on fire during the day, night and dawn. When do you rest then? – You could get tired… / – When do you rest? I don’t get enjoyment by abusing my body. Then what about something dynamic? – Do you like leisure sports? / – No, no, no. I like to eat, rest, then eat some more. Then have a little drink. She’s like my mom. – Excuse me. / – That’s travel for the elderly. That’s how my mom travels. You should take rests while doing anything. That’s like a senior’s travel package. No, no. But I like that. But I have a lot of energy so I can keep up. I always take a Bluetooth operated mic with me. I always sing when I’m excited. I attach a mic here like a musical actor. Right here. – Really? / – Yes. – It’s Bluetooth operated. / – You mean it. – Make sure you do it for me. / – Okay, okay. A local who lives in that country… A local? Will plan your trip. That’s the special you will take part in. The Philippines in Southeast Asia. – The Philippines? / – Yes. Who lives in the Philippines? If it’s the Philippines, isn’t it Sandara Park? You don’t pronounce her name like that. It’s Sandara. That doesn’t sound right. No, I mean it. – Are you sure? / – Sandara. – It’s Sandara. / – I think how I said it was correct. He’s the Yu Jaeseok of the Philippines. Yu Jaeseok of the Philippines. He hosts shows. – Really? / – He’s so good at Tagalog. – He’s like the local Yu Jaeseok. / – He’s Korean? Yes, he’s Korean. He’s funny. He’s my junior. No, you’re a singer. No, I’m a TV personality. – Ida Daussy is my senior. / – Right. We are TV personalities. – Robert Holley is also my senior. / – Robert Holley. – That’s funny. / – So… – He’s my junior. / – You’re so funny. Hello. I’ve been working in the Philippines since 2010 to the present. My name is Ryan Bang. I came to the Philippines when I was in 7th grade due to my parents. I came here as an overseas student. Then in 2010, I starred in “Pinoy Big Brother,” the audition program, and came 2nd. I started working in television since then. That’s right. He came 2nd in an audition program. – Here we go. / – He’s extremely popular. – He’s unbelievably popular. / – Which one is he? – On the far left. / – Really? He’s loved by the middle aged women in the Philippines like a son. – The national son of the Philippines is here. / – Hey! That’s right. He was on the Dara Tour. – He’s a celebrity. / – Hello. – He really is a national celebrity. / – Hello. Yeah, Ryan Bang. Are you at a restaurant? – I’m on a drama set. / – Our first meeting. – A drama? / – Drama? Do you also act? I’m on a daily drama. He’s so busy. I’ve been to Boracay many times so I know it well. Boracay has the most beautiful sunset in the Philippines. The sunset. – It was amazing. / – I ask with caution. Is there a party we can enjoy during the sunset? Boracay is the most popular in the Philippines among Boracay, Cebu and Palawan. That’s because there are clubs three steps away from the beach in Boracay. Here we go. When you walk on the beach, it’s all clubs. – Really? / – Like outdoor clubs. By the way… Do you have a car? – Car? / – Car? Will you drive us around? Motorcycles in Boracay are convenient like taxis. Motorcycles are dangerous. Have you ever thought about buying a car? Boom wanted to travel conveniently. – Something like that. / – Like in a van. I still have a year left on the car I bought in Manila. I took out a loan for that. I can’t buy another car in Boracay. Please visit. I’ll relieve all of your stress in Boracay. He’s so kind when he must be so busy, isn’t he? I think it’s going to be so fun. Let’s meet soon. Yes, come here quickly. I’ll wait for you in Boracay. – Bye. / – He’s so trustworthy. He’s trustworthy. He’s very meticulous. It would be great if you had a friend like him there. – Of course. / – Boracay is good. Someone as enthusiastic as him. Look at the sea. It’s so pretty. Look at the color. Look at the sky. (One of the top 3 beaches in the world) I’ll use the knowledge and skills I have gathered from my trips to Boracay. Boracay is fairly well-known to Korean tourists. I’ve prepared a lot of unique activities that not many tourists know of. I can trust Ryan. Gyeonghwan’s only lived in Vietnam for 2 years. – Ryan’s been there for 13. / – No need for words. – The thing is… / – That’s true. We know that it’s at least 5 times better in person. – That’s right. / – I’ve prepared… Places Koreans don’t know of. I love that. I’ll give you a tip. Tip? – How much? / – How much? Hey… Why do you keep saying my lines. We kept saying the same thing. Koreans come here and only spend time on the island. But we’ll take a boat out. Outside of the island. We head out. Check it out! Isn’t this amazing? This place is the best. It’s the cleanest area. I’m certain I will never forget this trip. I’ll remember the nature when I’m about to die. And the traditions we experienced. – What is that? / – Tradition. – Traditional meal. / – You eat with your hands. We could experience everything there was. That’s what I loved about the trip. The trip begins the day before you depart. (Their destination is Kalibo International Airport) It’s such a big city, you know. What do you want to do the most when you get to Boracay? I want to go clubbing. Clubbing? I quit going to clubs a long time ago. Is this Jihye’s husband? Well, your wife just said that she wants to go… Geez. Don’t do that. – You need his permission. / – No, no. He needs rest. My husband needs his rest. I’m sure he’ll go clubbing too. – How could you say that? / – He must rest too. What’s with that? Here are your meals. Please enjoy. I love the in-flight meals. – It was delicious. / – Aren’t the meals delicious? I’m sure that next to the pilot is a row of crocks for the kimchi. Like a kimchi fridge. This kimchi is so good. (Korea) (Kalibo International Airport) (Kalibo International Airport) (Boracay island dock) The ocean there was breathtaking. If you spend 3 days just watching the ocean… What is that? – Just sand. / – I see. I love things like this. My gosh, look at that. This is great. Which song does it remind you of? What’s the first song you thought of? ♪ How can it be so good? ♪ It’s Jihye’s song. Jihye really loves herself. I have a bit of narcissism so I sing my songs often. ♪ Under the burning sun ♪ POSITION. That’s right! Right. ♪ Summer time ♪ This is incredible. It’s like a music video. Come to think of it, the old school songs all shot music videos in a place like that. – Starting with COOL… / – Right. – Doing this on the yacht. / – On the ocean… Bang, Bang. – RaBang? / – Yeah. Our Ryan Bang. We’re supposed to meet him at the beach. – How can we find him? It’s big. / – We can’t find him. – Ryan! / – Where are you, Ryan? Isn’t that Ryan Bang? Where is he? We can… Hey, he’s right there! Where? Where? Ryan. Is that you, Ryan? – Ryan Bang? / – Don’t act like you didn’t see me. – Ryan. / – Hello. Welcome to the Philippines. When did you get here? When I don’t have work, I come to Boracay very often. From Manila, Boracay is the closest island that has beautiful beaches. It only takes me about 30 or 40 minutes. We are at Angol Beach now. – Angol Beach? / – Angol Beach. Angol Beach. I wanted to meet you here because Korean tourists don’t know about it. Only the locals know about it. Yes, locals and Westerners come here. Because in the past, Boracay didn’t have Stations 1 and 2. 20 to 30 years ago, there was only Station 3 at Angol Beach. 30 years ago. It was a long strip of beach. 3, 2, 1. We like the sound of that. 3, 2. (Surprised) He’s cute. He doesn’t know this song. – Let’s check out 3 and 2 first. / – He doesn’t know. Only his hair is old-fashioned. He doesn’t know. He has the SOLID hairstyle. – SOLID hairstyle. / – Lee Jun. – Lee Jun’s hair. / – He uses a tub of gel. Boracay is the best from December to May. – Why? The weather? / – The peak season. – I see. / – The weather’s great and so is the air. Prices go up a little but… Prices go up? – Just a bit. / – But that’s normal during peak season. Aren’t you hungry? We’ll walk toward Station 2 as we feel the ocean. Boracay is very famous for it’s steaks. We should cut up some steak since we’re here. – So this is connected to Station 1? / – Yes. You’ll lose weight if you walk to there. Too far. It’s like 6, 7km. Amazing. We’re here. You can walk along the beach. I was grateful to Gyeonghwan… – But I’m grateful to Ryan too. / – Yes. For people who live there… – Taking care of guests is work. / – That’s true. – Is that it? / – Yes. Jihye, look at that. The ambience here is great. Koreans don’t know Station 3. Check it out. I love places like this. Here’s the menu. – The menu? / – It’s here? If you look, the burgers are good here and so is the salad. Steak with beer… – At the beach? / – Yes. The menu is as thick as an encyclopedia. It’s so big. (There are more English descriptions than photos) (If this is the case) Let’s stand up. This is how they hand over documents at the summit. We’ll hand the menu over to you. Thank you. Me too. Thank you. What’s happening? – You want me to order for you? / – That’s right. – You want me to order for you? / – That’s right. – That’s right. / – He’s so nice. He always plays along. Filipino language. It’s Tagalog. He’s extremely fluent. Big size, big size. White wine. One glass of white wine. He brought a new sheet of paper and he’s filled it to the bottom. Is this a group order? We ordered so much that they’ve come out of the kitchen. They’re wondering who put in such an order. I’m guessing this the most that three people have ever ordered at this place. Buffalo wings. Spicy chicken. – Look so good. / – Looks delicious. – It’s for beer. / – Buffalo wings. It’s beer. It tastes exactly like you expect it to taste. – It’s that exact flavor? / – Yes. Let me debone a wing for you. There’s a way to do that. Grab the bone, and turn it twice like you’re turning a screwdriver. Then you can separate the bone like this. Look. Right? Turn this one twice too. You just need to turn it twice. And you can give the love of your life… – It’s all meat. / – A boneless chicken wing. You can do that for her. There’s no bone, right? It’s completely boneless. What is it? There’s a bone. Did you bite on something? – Did you? / – Don’t do this to me. I’ll spit it out here. Boneless chicken. Isn’t it great? What do the locals usually eat? The locals eat bread. It’s called pandesal. That’s why when you go to a club that opened for the first time 30 years ago, they drink beer from jam jars because they have so many jars left over. Really? That’s the history. That’s interesting. Isn’t this the great thing about having a guide? Of course. You need to hear these stories. Here’s the steak which is the main dish. Is that the steak? It’s so thick. Look how thick it is. Jihye, you have a taste first. Hold on. Let me do this. – Check out the thickness. / – Like so… – Hurry, hurry. / – The juices are dripping. Hurry up and eat it! Drip, drip. I’m drooling. You first, Jihye. Thanks. Is it hot? What the? – It was too hot. / – Why? – It was too hot. / – What are you doing? – You should’ve held it in. / – It was hot. – So what? / -She’s very honest. You should’ve kept it in for the show. You should’ve burned the roof of your mouth. That’s a given. I thought a frog jumped out of her mouth. (So far, they’re enjoying their fancy meal) The texture is different to the steak we normally have. Thin steak melts in your mouth. It’s really good. I don’t like steak that just melts. You want something you can chew on. – Nice and chewy. / – Kind of rough. But you can find buffalo wings and steaks… We eat them in Korea too. – Eat it at Itaewon. / – Yes, but it’s just the start. – I’m sorry. / – But you can get that local flavor. – You’re sorry? / – You’re sorry?