What’s up guys? Today we’re going to show
you how to make sago at gulaman! Sago at gulaman is a Filipino drink that
consists of clear tapioca-like balls and cubed gelatin, all swimming in an ice cold
syrup drink. To make the syrup for sago at gulaman, first set a small pot over
medium heat. Then you’ll want to put in 1 cup of brown sugar. Followed by 1 cup of
water. And 1/4 tsp of banana essence. Continuously stir everything together
until the brown sugar is fully dissolved. Once it’s fully dissolved, just gather
the following ingredients: water, gulaman cut into cubes, ice cubes and sago pearls.
If you want to learn how to make gulaman or sago, we’ll link the videos for them
in the description. Now all you have to do is assemble your sago at gulaman. Just
put in as much sago and gulaman as you like. Depending on how sweet you like
yours, you can adjust the ratio of the syrup to water that you add in. Then just
drop in a couple ice cubes and you’re good to go!
It’s talagang thirst quenching!