Hello Hello Today I’ve been enjoying the pleasures of nettles. Oh? What’s this rather queer looking contraption? You can be called a nettle carrier. There you go. *growling* *screaming and growling* *a questioning growl* Oh! Oh! It seems nettles have made the milk drop out from inside my teat. Ah. *angry growling* *screaming and growling* The nettles make me think happy times. *humming machine sound* Oh bubble trumps! *moaning in pain* Oh, hello! You’ve picked a rather late hour to be visiting me. Have you got a name? I think you’re called Milford Cubicle. Why don’t you come in? You can have a sit down and rest those weary legs. I’ll give you a little hand if you’re feeling rather fatigued, Milford Cubicle. Is that comfortable? *music played with a flute* I say, would you like a warm glass of milk? Milford Cubicle.