Today we’re on the hunt for gluten-free food in Sapporo. We’re going to go have some curry and then look for some gluten-free desserts. Odori Park. Everybody’s out today ’cause it’s beautiful. Yes, Boom-chan. you got soaked that fun yeah was kind of fun huh
alright let’s go find some yummy food yeah which one you gonna track I saw
many so much on watch it chocolate today gluten-free this is fusca I don’t know
it must encompass I have no idea what this committee hi Scott
you can’t have a fruit yeah doesn’t look like they have a lunch menu
today so we’re gonna try some cheesecakes where is it oh they’re delicious but
I’ll take the strawberry pie she loves this matcha and it’s chocolate his two
favorite things wouldn’t you say those are your two favorite things special strawberry tunas well we struck out and
getting curry they didn’t have any of that so we had dessert I don’t think
we’re gonna try to find anymore babe might find sea little did we know it’s gonna be hot
today walking about a half an hour company in search of some regions I
think about five minutes there that’s how you doing doing all right that she
said he’s ready to go home maybe we’ll take it to go
hopefully if you’re helping we’re supposed to be open till 6:00 I want one
of those creamy good-looking one okay show entertaining and those bunny
cookies the forehead and chin and macaroons are more cookies er okay Eddie
one of everything yeah so we found a completely
gluten-free shop they do use eggs the flower is Rights Tower and they also
use milk is good for us we like all those things
so Heidi’s just gonna get an assault and I’m goodies here because they all look
so good let’s get the Ruby nothing hey I’m not the little ski no one I know
true there’s no hey blue which ones yes you know submit okay these are her favorite so I think
I’m going to get an extra one of these like what did we get one of those so
we’re gonna get one more these singer small ones okay one of this one – okay
listen was it more okay you got that Heidi they’re all mine Kai Sheldon it’s a half
an hour back today we’re taking a break it’s crazy hot
today isn’t it there’s a lady yet the story kept unseen thought demo on suing
very hot today yeah we’ve walked for over an hour
already total and been trying to get a taxi with no luck there just not a whole
lot of taxis we’re kind of out in the boondocks the boondocks boy she can I
try it oh it’s a new soggy your auntie Michelle would appreciate that you guys
don’t alright we have a half an hour walk from here hey when you’re done with that cookie
we’re gonna get going cash okay the good thing is the kids will probably sleep
well tonight which means we keep some boarded up there bakeries everywhere in
Japan and it’s only we don’t so chosen for him I really want women turn you can bit sour I’m gonna try it melted
seconds first I wanted to take a cold taxi ride home to save my tart but it
came gonna hot walk home creams really big actually
oh yeah they remind me the Christmas cookies my brother
Ichigo ethical thing this is really hard decision Coffee smells delicious good Oh last
time we were in Japan we found that gluten-free chiffon cake shop that made
my face and all the front flavors did you go cookies how do you take a glass
of milk to go with it Peschel can I try your own small now this one right here that’s the winner goofy creamy clapping so if you’re ever
in Sapporo and you want some gluten-free desserts these are two great options
I’ll take the second place just because it is that you got more for your money
get the first place presentation was really nice your first one it was like
party girl cheesecake but it was expensive these
were more reasonable all our families had mentioned around the world please
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