Fr. Leo: Let’s admit it. Life is not easy, and being a Christian means that it’s going to be a part of our lives to take up our cross. But before we take up our cross, sometimes we even enter into the Desert Days. You know what I’m talking about–when things just don’t work out well, your prayer is dry, and you’re thinking, “Why am I doing all of this?” But at the end of the 40 days that Jesus went through, there was some sweet consolation. And so with grace, and making sure you savor your faith, we will turn Desert Days into “Dessert Days”. And I’m going to have a special guest, so stick around on “Savoring Our Faith” on EWTN. [music] Fr. Leo: To end a meal, we always end with something sweet. And so for this episode we’re going to be doing all desserts. And our special guest is definitely a sweet, loving kind of guy. Br. Leo, how are you doing? Bro. Leo: Very good. Fr. Leo: The Host of “Hey, Brother Leo”. I love it. We’ve got two Leos. I don’t know if this is going to work out so well. But you’re the kinder, sweeter side. And I’m the spicy– I don’t know… Bro. Leo: Great. Fr. Leo: Wow! And so what we’re going to be doing are three delicious recipes that I think you’ll enjoy, because one is chocolate, and then the other is going to have brown sugar in it. So we’re going to be making a Chocolate Mousse and it’s going to be spiced up with a little bit of Grand Marnier. And then we’re also going to be making a nice, warm apple dish that’s going to have some granola, some brown sugar, some unique flavors like Balsamic sugar and even Blue Cheese. Trust me, you will like it. He’s praying–I can see it already. (chuckle) And then the other is going to be a little bit more tropical, where we’re going to make an Orange and Mango Parfait with some whipped cream and some store-bought, but yet delicious pound cake. And so what I’ve going right now is some chocolate. Now, I know you like the sweet stuff, right? Bro. Leo: Yes. Fr. Leo: Dessert is your favorite meal. Is that what I’ve heard? Bro. Leo: Ah, yes. Cajuns usually eat dessert first. Fr. Leo: (chuckle) Really!? Exactly–it just makes the crawfish taste so much better, doesn’t it? Bro. Leo: Oh yeah. Yeah. Fr. Leo: All right, what I am doing is I’ve got some semi-sweet chocolate that I am already just kind of grinding up here using the heavier end of my knife, so that I can just chop this up a little bit more finely because it makes it a lot easier to incorporate when I’ve got a double boiler going on, which basically means I’ve got a pot of water. And I’ve got a container. And basically, you could use metal. We’re using glass right now. And we’ve got it right on top and it’s the steam that’s going to melt all of this chocolate down. And this chocolate, and I’ve got some already melted in, but I’m going to just add the rest in here so you can see how quick this is. This is going to actually be the base for our chocolate mousse. So clean the board up just a little bit into the garbage there. Now, what I’m going to ask you to do is hand me a couple of apples. Actually we’ll just do one apple, because we’re going to cut this one in half. And then you’re going to assemble this. Now, what kind of cooking did you all do back at home? Bro. Leo: None. Fr. Leo: None!? Are you kidding me? Bro. Leo: Yeah, I usually didn’t cook. Fr. Leo: You didn’t cook? Bro. Leo: Microwave dinners, you know. Fr. Leo: Micro… This is like a culinary confession right now. (chuckle) Okay, with this I’m going to just simply trim off a little bit here. And then we are going to just get rid this core. And the way I’m going to get rid of the core is there’s that yellow thing right there. That’s a–that’s an apple core remover. It just makes life a lot easier if you’ve got this little device here. So we’re going to prep this out. Just use this. Have you every used this before? Probably not. It’s a melon ball, really– melon-baller. And I’m just going to simply take away the seeds and create a nice little pocket, which we are going to stuff with a lot of really good things. And you’re actually going to do it, because you are the dessert lover and they do say that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. And I think that’s one of the things that people need to remember when it comes to food. Involve your family so that they’re part of the process. What I am doing is just simply slicing off a small little piece to create some flatness to this, because this is going to go into this little pan here. What I’m going to ask you to do, Brother, is to stuff it with a little bit of brown sugar so it covers the whole top. Then I’m going to ask you to put a little bit of the blue cheese, a little pat of butter and this homemade granola just on top and sprinkle it all around. But makes sure it stays right on top, all right? Bro. Leo: All right. Fr. Leo: Don’t mess this up. We’re all watching with this one, because this is going to be an easy one. You’re just going to throw it in the oven. This chocolate is well melted. Now I’m going to add a little bit of Grand Marnier to it as well. It will be good, because it’s going to be masked. It will only highlight some of the flavors. It will be masking a couple of other things as well. Now, to keep this going and to keep this chocolate from breaking apart, I’ve got to add a couple of things to it. And we’re actually going to be using egg yolks in this. But I’m going to save the egg whites, because that’s going to actually be blended all together to create a nice cream. So here we go. Now, Brother, I’m almost afraid to ask you, but what is your favorite dessert? Bro. Leo: Well, I like popsicles. Fr. Leo: Popsicles? Microwavable popsicles? Bro. Leo: No, not microwave. Fr. Leo: (chuckle) All right, so guess what we’ve got is one egg in here. Now, I’ve got to do this. Generally you would temper this out, but here is what I’m going to do. I’m just going to cheat. I’m just going to warm the yolk up a little bit with this and then put it in there so that it doesn’t turn into scrambled eggs. This protein will help bind everything all together. You like popsicles. Now, do you like warm desserts? Bro. Leo: Not really. I like cold desserts. Fr. Leo: Cold desserts, well good, because we’ve got a colder one for you. All right, so that’s just tempering it and making sure that it’s up to warmth. What’s that? Bro. Leo: And this is okay? Fr. Leo: I think you’re doing all right. Yep. Bro. Leo: Do I put a little more? Fr. Leo: No I think you’re okay now. Top it off with a little bit more brown sugar, please. Bro. Leo: Oh, good. Fr. Leo: Now, let me ask you this. When you have a rough day– and let’s just admit it, sometimes we can have a rough day–what do you normally do to make that day a little bit better? Bro. Leo: Eat a Popsicle. Fr. Leo: Eat a Popsicle. Fr. Leo: See what I mean? Everyone needs a little bit of consolation. And I think this is what we are trying to do is remind families that, you know what, your kids are going to have a tough day sometimes and this little dessert, maybe involving them in the process, can give you the opportunity to talk about it. Great. Now, if you can do me a favor and just add a little bit of water to the bottom of that pan, please. Okay, this is good and nice and silky. Great! That’s perfect. Yeah, and that’s perfect. Now if you can just… What we’re going to do is we’re now going to pop this into the oven. So in you go. Actually, do you know what I’m going to do? A little bit more brown sugar. (chuckle) Because it’s going to melt off. The blue cheese adds a nice, what I would call, just a pungency and a depth of flavor that helps to level off some of the sweetness. So it’s not just sweet. Its actually savory and that’s a kind of dessert that I like. You like to have desserts that are…? Bro. Leo: Cold. Fr. Leo: Cold. Exactly, and I like mine… Bro. Leo: …and sugary. Fr. Leo: …and sugary. And I like mine nice and warm. [music] Fr. Leo: I’ve met many people, holy people, who have suffered greatly. Not unlike Jesus suffered in the 40 days in the desert. But His perseverance reflected in the lives of holy people show that God does offer a sweetness and a consolation. Their suffering actually turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in their life. It really shows that God wants to console us, if we’re willing to persevere through the desert days. [music] Fr. Leo: Now to make this mousse, you need a couple of things. This is one reason why baking and desserts it is not my forte. So these recipes are some that I know are easy enough for me to do. So if they’re easy enough for me, then they’re definitely easy enough for you. Yes, I did just pull these cooking bowls out of the refrigerator, because I wanted to keep them chilled. I’m going to chill this because it’s going to be easier to whisk this all together and to get the foaming that I want. So in one, I’ve got the egg whites. And the other, I’m going to add some heavy whipping cream, because this is the base for it all. Now, at home you said you did a lot of microwaving. Bro. Leo: Yeah. Fr. Leo: What microwave desserts did you all put together? Bro. Leo: Not desserts. Fr. Leo: Not desserts, again just those popsicles. My goodness gracious! We’re just going to add some heavy whipping cream. We’re just probably going to put in this whole quart, because I’m going to be using this whipping cream for other things as well. And to help out, I’m going to just use this hand blender and just blend this all up. The chill, start off slow, and then you can increase the timing, the speed, and then you’ll see it eventually get nice and thick. So after a few minutes of just blending this takes some patience–and you’ve got to watch out, because it will splatter. We’re at the cream stage, to the point where we now have what we would call just, you know, soft peaks, where if you were to pick this up like its in a lump, you’ll see how it kind of falls over, which is kind of what we want. It’s stiff enough, and yet at the same time it’s moist enough that I did not turn this into butter. All right, now what we’ve got to do–and if you can just do me favor Brother, and just continue to stir the chocolate so that it doesn’t break apart. I’ve got to do the exact same thing to these egg whites, because these are going to get folded all together with the chocolate. And then we’re going to move to dessert number 3. [music] Fr. Leo: This show, “Savoring the Faith”, isn’t all about sweet things in life. Cooking is not easy. It’s an analogy of life. Trying to put all these different ingredients together in a way that creates harmony, it takes great sacrifice. But we do know that that great sacrifice always has a sweet ending. Do you know what that is? Heaven! [music] Fr. Leo: So we’ve got these egg whites blended up so that it’s just nice and foamy. I’m going to reserve some of my whipped cream for some of the parfait. And also for the apples as well. So do me a favor, Brother, and if you can, please put that into the refrigerator. Now I’m going to incorporate my chocolate in my egg whites, before I fold it gently into the whipped cream. So here we go. () Now, Brother, when you were a kid, I know that I think in a previous conversation you mentioned to me that your mother passed away when you were very young, right? Bro. Leo: I was 3 years old. Fr. Leo: When you was 3 years old, and your dad obviously had the great task of raising–how many children in your family? Bro. Leo: There are 5 kids. Fr. Leo: Five kids. And where are you? Bro. Leo: I’m the middleman– peacemaker. Fr. Leo: The Peacemaker. Were you really? Bro. Leo: Well, sort of. Fr. Leo: Sort of. (chuckle) Are you lying to a Brother? Bro. Leo: No. Fr. Leo: Yeah so you were the Peacemaker. I was a holy terror to be perfectly honest with you. I was the youngest. Bro. Leo: Oh yeah, that’s true. Fr. Leo: Exactly. So all right, what we’re doing is we’re just kind of folding this all in. The egg whites, which I didn’t blend all the way to the point where they were just kind of firm. Just help soften this all up. And I’m going to keep this a little cool. And you can see just makes a beautiful rich deep chocolately–I don’t know– heavenly goodness. Doesn’t that look good? If we could only turn this into a Popsicle, which you probably could, huh? Bro. Leo: Yeah. Fr. Leo: We could stick it in the freezer. Yeah, all right. But what we are going to do is we are going to gently fold some of this into this whipped cream. Now, with your dad raising 5 kids, I’m sure that was not easy for him to do. He obviously had some help from family, other family? Bro. Leo: My grandma came over and helped. Fr. Leo: Yeah, you know, your grandma, because a family needs like a woman’s touch, no doubt. And that’s why even if your mother had passed away, God definitely supplied in your grandmother, but more importantly in the order of grace he provided Mother Church. And Mother Church definitely wants to bring sweet consolation. And you know what’s honestly –I just think that when we consider what church is all about, it’s kind of at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week. Why? Because that food is substantial, and that food helps us get through the entire week. And at the end of the week you go back to the Church and you also get the consolation, the sweetness of the fruit of Mary’s womb. Wasn’t that nice? (chuckle) Yeah, and you know, I just think that at the end of our life, God promises us a banquet. I’m going to add the rest of this chocolate, because let me tell you, this is going to be fantastic. At the end of our life we’re promised a banquet. And that banquet is basically the consolation for those who have suffered well in this life, because you know, when you talk to young people, because your show is all about dealing with young people…. And about how long are your shows? Bro. Leo: 3 to 4 minutes. Fr. Leo: 3 to 4 minutes. Because you’re dealing with what age group, basically? Bro. Leo: I would say from kindergarten up. Fr. Leo: Kindergarten up. (chuckle) Exactly–we’re all big kids. Absolutely. All right, you know what? I’m going to do this and I’m going to give you the bowl to lick. I’m kidding with you. If you want, give it a little taste. See what that Ganache tastes like, because here is what we’re going to do now. Bro. Leo: Mmm, very good. Fr. Leo: Popsically. Bro. Leo: Yeah. It’s not cold. Fr. Leo: No we’re not cold, definitely not cold. All right, so what we’re going to do is we are going to now put this into a pan. Look at that. Deliciousness! Oh yeah! Oh my gosh! This is my style of dessert right here. Let nothing go to waste. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to let this set in a refrigerator or a freezer. If you put it in the freezer, don’t leave it in there too long, because then it will just kind crystallize. But that’s even salvageable. Just scrap it, and you call that a chocolate mousse sorbet. And then Brother will like that. (Bro. Leo chuckles) Fr. Leo: (chuckle) Allright, oh, that’s beautiful. Look at that…settled. And what we’re going to do, I’m going to ask you could you please now put that in the refrigerator. We’re going to get rid of some of these bowls, because next up is our parfait. And this parfait is fancy, fancier or fanciest. And get rid of that. This is going to be my style of dessert as well, because it’s going to be kind of fruity, adding a little bit of a tropical quality to it all. And what we’re going to be using are some mangos and some oranges. So let me section these off. Put them in individual, individual bowls, and I’m going to sweeten it up with some sugar as well as some evaporated milk. So watch what we do just to keep a quick sectioning of these fruits. (? ) Guess what? That’s done. Now, I know that this is going to be strange, because a lot of times, Brother, when we eat desserts we don’t think of something sour, right? Bro. Leo: Yeah. Fr. Leo: Exactly. But what about lemon sorbet or a lemon tart of sort? Bro. Leo: I don’t know. Fr. Leo: Exactly. What we’re going to do actually is elevate the sweetness by adding a little bit of sour to it. So I just squeezed a half of a lemon in here. I’m going to add just a little bit of sugar to each one of these. And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to just make it nice and creamy by adding some evaporated milk. Again, this is going to be part of the parfait. So what we’re going to do next is we’re going to mix these all up. And basically make our parfait…. So that’s absolutely just fantastic. All right, since it’s kind of chilled, do you want to give this a little taste to let me know what you think of it? Bro. Leo: Sure. Fr. Leo: Absolutely, this is the best part. Bro. Leo: Thank you. Fr. Leo: You’re welcome. Bro. Leo: How much can I take? (chuckle) Fr. Leo: I’m with you. (laughs) Bro. Leo: Mmm! Nice. Fr. Leo: Do you like that? Mangos. I’m not going to say anything, but I think Philippine mangos are the best–I’m just saying. All right, and we’re doing the same thing with these oranges as well. [music] Fr. Leo: If there’s one part of the meal that every kid loves, it’s the dessert. And it’s that innocence that a child has for wanting the good things that Mom and Dad want to give to them is the same kind of innocence and that childlike faith that we should have. Heaven is for us. Do we hunger as much for heaven as a child hungers for a dessert? [music] Fr. Leo: So what we’ve got right now is this pound cake. Just regular store-bought pound cake. And we’re going to cut it in a way that will fit into our plating dish. And so real simple, just cutting these out, even sizes. And what I want to do is make sure that these fit because we’re going to get kind of fancy here. And we’re going to layer it all in here. So here’s what we’re going to do is we’re going to just simply take this. Perfect, set that off to the side, same thing. We’re going to do two layers. Don’t worry, nothing is going to go to waste, all right? I’m just trying to make some cool little shapes here for–cut one more–so that it fits well in the presentation. So one more. Great. Now Brother, if you can do me a favor and rinse that glass out, because here is what we’re going to do. We are going to put a little layer of this pound cake on the bottom. Thank you. Just layering a little bit of the crumble in the bottom of each one of these glasses. This is going to soak up some of that deliciousness. You know, layer the oranges on here first. So just getting the oranges in here. And this is something that I think if you were a kid, would you enjoy this? Bro. Leo: Oh, yeah. Fr. Leo: Absolutely. Hey, do you cook on your show, by the way? Bro. Leo: No, it takes too much time. Fr. Leo: Takes too much time, I agree, especially desserts, but it’s so worth it. Bro. Leo: I use candy. Fr. Leo: (laughs) Exactly– premade desserts; candy. Perfect. What we’re going to do now is we’re going to take some of this whipped cream that we have reserved off to the side, because this is a parfait. My goodness gracious! It’s got to be decadent, especially if you’re trying to let somebody know that all of the struggles that you’re going through is worth it if you’re faithful to the end. That means kids, if you’re faithful at dinner and eat all your spinach, you’ll get some dessert at the end of it all. All right, so just layering this out. Great! Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to top it off with a little bit more of this pound cake. Again, you can see what we’re doing is we’re just building some layers, making it a little bit nicer for the presentation. Now comes time for the mangos. (? ) Another layer of the pound cake right on top. It fits perfectly. Great! And now a little bit more mangos on top. My gosh, this is going to be stacked just the way we like it. And then a little bit more of the orange supremes as well. Now in the refrigerator, can you grab me–there’s a glass with some mint leaves in it as well–because we are basically going to be ready to roll. Don’t let this juice pass you by, because this is the stuff that’s going to just make the pound cake super moist and super, super delicious. It’s kind of a tropical kind of dessert, I would say. All right. A little drips off the side there is perfectly fine. Another top-off with a little bit of whipped cream. And guess what we have? We have ourselves a pretty decadent dessert. Prefect, since we’re going to decorate it a little bit with a little bit of mint. So here’s what I’m going to ask you to do, though. Patience is a virtue. Bro. Leo: It’s true. Fr. Leo: It is true, and so all good things come to those who wait. So guess what we’ve got to do? Put this back in the refrigerator and just wait, because we’re going to now assemble–I think those apples should be done by now. And I think the mousse has already settled. So we are now just going to plate everything all together. [music] Fr. Leo: There’s a saying that you can turn lemons into lemonade. It’s the same idea of turning a desert day into a dessert day. How can we take difficult things in our lives, and with grace it be turned around? Well, it’s no different than people saying that a cross in their life, which is suffering, could actually be their greatest blessing if they are willing to think about it faithfully. [music] Fr. Leo: All right, Brother, I think that we are just about ready to plate all this all together. So if you could do me a favor, go and grab the parfaits. And I’m going to grab basically your apples that you made. Good job, by the way. Ah, it’s perfect! It is perfect. The water helps to kind of steam these apples a little bit. And then that homemade granola with the brown sugar, just melting perfectly. Fantastic! So what we’re going to do is we’re going to design this plate here. I’m just going to just… let me take…. Look at that–it’s bubbling. Oh, my gosh! It’s perfect. Hey man, you did a pretty good job. I think your community will just simply love you if you could do something like this for them. Bro. Leo: Not a good idea, though. Fr. Leo: Not a good idea? (chuckles) Bro. Leo: Or they’d ask you to cook all the time. Fr. Leo: Oh, well, you know what? If you cook… Oh, do you know what I got to do? I didn’t put any sugar in this, by the way. So I’m going to add just a little bit of sugar to this whipped cream, homemade whipped cream, just to sweeten it up. There’s going to be enough in here. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to put a little bit right here on the top. Look at that bubbly goodness. It’s okay if it falls over. As a matter of fact I kind of want it to. And I’m going to add just a little mint leaf as well to kind of capture the essence of this. Look at that. That is absolutely fantastic. Now for the chocolate mousse, and this is one where you can put it in a cup or a bowl, or even a martini glass. That would actually be kind of cool. Oh yeah! This is settled well, to the point where you can see it’s not in any way running over. It’s keeping its density. And what we’re going to do is just scoop some of this out. And I’m going to actually put a little bit of whipped cream on top of it as well, and adding another mint leaf to it. And guess what we’ve got? We have just with grace turned a tough day…. Because you know what? Life is definitely not easy, but if you’ve got something sweet waiting for you at the end of it all, it makes it so… Look at it. This is chilled. This is set. Worth it! All right, Brother, come around here. And let me ask you, which one do you want to taste? Bro. Leo: Umm, I’ll take some of that. Fr. Leo: (laughs) Hey, you know what? It’s been awesome to have you on. He’s a big help, let me tell you. This “Hey Brother Leo” thing, I know kids enjoy it. I know my nieces and nephews are watching. So they love it. And so I know they’re going to be happy that I’m cooking with you. Here’s your spoon. Here’s mine. (laughs) Bro. Leo: Ahh, I think I’ll switch. Fr. Leo: (chuckle) And we’ll see you–and we’ll see you next time on EWTN. But join us another time for “Savoring Our Faith”, especially the sweet goodness that God gives to us. [music]