(chuckles) – John Mayer, you’re no Jerry Garcia. (phone rings) – [Scarlett] Hey. – Hey Scarlett, sorry that
latest project didn’t work out. But, you know what? Let’s just put those days of picking controversial
roles behind us, huh? – [Scarlett] What do you mean? (inhales) – We talked about this Scar-Jo, okay? Like when you tried to play
a trans man in a movie. Or when you actually
did play an Asian woman in “Ghost in the Shell” And I know you said that an
actor can play any person, tree, or animal, but
let’s stick with person. And let’s stick with roles that are suitable for Scarlett, huh? Like I got a lot of great
scripts over here like, Oprah is starring and
producing a historical drama about a black mother who befriends a white teacher in the Segregation Era. – [Scarlett] Oh, wow, I’d love to do that. – Yeah. – [Scarlett] Yeah, except I’m Oprah’s part and Oprah’s my part. As actors we cannot do what is expected. We must be the dark mirrors of society. Acting is reacting. – Hey Scarlett, got some
pre-mo Oscar fodder here. You’d play a German
spy who aids the allies during World War II. – [Scarlett] Okay, quick pitch. Can they make my character
a disabled Latina German? – What, why? I’m not even sure that that
makes historical sense. – [Scarlett] It’s
important we tell stories about under represented groups. And that those groups be played by me. (chokes) – I’m gonna call you back. (phone rings) – [Scarlett] Oh hey. – Scarlett, I got this incredible young Marilyn Monroe biopic on my desk. – [Scarlett] I’m interested. – You’d play Marilyn as she was, no other characters. – [Scarlett] I know, I’ve got
the perfect director for this. My dear friend, Woody Allen. – I don’t think that’s a great idea. – [Scarlett] I’ll make it with Woody, and nobody else. He understands young women. I wanna do the new Benjamin Button movie. – Okay, nothing problematic with that. You age backwards into a baby, you show your range as an actor. – [Scarlett] Right, but
I want to age backwards into a black baby. – So, you age backwards. – Uh-huh.
– And your race slowly turns black. I don’t know if– – [Scarlett] Yeah no, that’s stupid. (both laughing) – Right? That’s stupid, good call Scar-Jo. – [Scarlett] I’m black the whole time and I age backwards. – No. – [Scarlett] I am an ac-tor
and acting is reacting. – Yeah you’re an actor. (phone ringing) – [Scarlett] Scarlett speaking. – All right, I got a lot of options here in case one of these doesn’t work out. Musical where you play a wash-up pop-star trying to revive her career. – [Scarlett] As long as
she’s in a K-pop band. – Moving on. A, they want you to narrate a documentary about endangered wolves. – [Scarlett] Only if I can speak in a Native American accent. I’m really good at it. Do you wanna hear it? – Absolutely not. Okay, Marvel called. They saw your interview, they want you to be the voice of the new Groot. – [Scarlett] Like the tree? – Yes! – [Scarlett] Okay, but I
have to be a black elm. – What does that even mean? – [Scarlett] Also, I want to play Malala. – I’m in a tunnel. ____. Okay, I’m out of the tunnel. (phone rings) – [Scarlett] Hey. – Scarlett, I’ve got nothing left for you. We’ve been through every script. – [Scarlett] I’m actually thinking of writing my own screenplay. – About what? – [Scarlett] About my
own life, my life story. – And you’d be you? Playing yourself? – [Scarlett] Yeah. – Well this is amazing. I can’t wait to read it. – [Scarlett] I’d mostly
be revisiting my time playing Motoko Kusanagi
in “Ghost in the Shell.” – Well Scarlett Ingrid Johansson, this is a whole Pandora’s
Box full of ____.