I’ve spoken to many of the top names in plant-based medicine but I’ve never shared an interview quite like this one if she got her life back you can’t put that into words this video seized of the Milton Mills of what the health Fame as a form of us who finds racism oh you can talk about life dad and how his daily struggles influenced him as a doctor sometimes people ask well if like you know why are you carrying around extra weight I’ve met him briefly before and it was very clear that he doesn’t hold back when it comes to responding to critics what I would say to Joe Rogan is Joe Rogan you need more fiber in your diet because you’re full of it I had so many questions I wanted to ask him starting with why he thinks we are herbivores by design look at the way human beings are actually constructed anatomically and if you look at our physiology we are truly strict herbivores and that’s why when we depart from a strictly plant-based diet we become ill that’s why Anna dies they contain large amounts of animal food are associated with a number of chronic diseases like heart disease cancer diabetes autoimmune diseases high blood pressure stroke the more we eliminate animal foods from our diet the healthier we are and again it has to do with the fact that we are really designed to eat a strictly plant-based diet yeah yeah and I guess for the people that want to know how specifically we’re designed anatomically to eat plants you just have to look our physiology like the jaw structure the stomach acidity the length of our intestines stuff like that what do you say though to the people with a say that might be true but the only reason we’re here today is because we ate meat back in the day unless we survived because of me what’d he say to that yeah there there are a number of people who have advanced these theories and number one none of the people putting forth those theories are physicians and the reason I make that point is because if they understood what meat does to our health and to our physiology they would never make that argument first of all there is no way that Stone Age humans could possibly hunt efficiently enough to gather enough animal food to make that their primary means of gaining nutrition number one number two people have come up with theories saying oh well okay yeah it’s clear that humans couldn’t hunt well enough to collect enough meat to to live off of so human being scavenge well that’s a ridiculous statement because it’s clear that we do not have the physiology of a scavenger I mean every at least in America every Thanksgiving people get sick from eating poorly cooked turkey and that’s a turkey cooked in a you know thousand-dollar stainless steel range that has temperature control there’s no way people eating rotting flesh you know burned in some fire could possibly hope to sterilize that flesh well enough to prevent themselves from becoming ill so we clearly are not scavengers furthermore most large Savannah predators don’t leave enough tissue on their kills to scavenge and if there is food left they guard those kills jealous jealously and don’t allow other animals including humans to actually come and try to scavenge from them and then lastly there really is no advantage in human beings eating large amounts of protein there is no point to consuming huge amounts protein because it’s not healthy for its number one the human brain is mostly fatty tissue it burns pure glucose which comes from carbohydrate protein is not the preferred energy source for our brain so eating huge amounts of protein is not helpful for us because our bodies can’t store protein and so any protein that we take in over and above what we use on a daily basis which is approximately say 50 to 60 grams of protein on a given day is converted into carbohydrate anyway and that process of converting that protein into carbohydrate is very energetically costly it dehydrates us and therefore it doesn’t pay for us to try to eat huge amounts of protein because it saps too much energy uses up too much water and doesn’t get us any physiologic benefit so again it doesn’t make sense that humans would have wasted a lot of energy looking for protein that doesn’t help us and there’s a researcher out of UC Berkeley by the name of Kathryn Milton who has this absurd theory that meat caused humans to develop large brains number one it’s an illogical argument it makes no sense whatsoever before the reasons that I just outlined there’s nothing about meat that in any way stimulates brain development and if in fact eating meat or hunting stimulated brain development then the carnivores would have the biggest brains of all animals or and they don’t and which is why if you have a dog he still drinks from the toilet you know they’re not very bright so yeah there’s there’s there’s nothing about me that in any way is important for brain development or brain function in fact in terms of the intelligence it requires much more intelligence to learn how to exploit plant-based resources in an environment because number one you have to be able to recognize wait a minute these plants over here are flowering that means that in approximately 90 days there these plants are going to be fruiting so I have to one remember where these plants are in the environment I have to be able to tell time so I can come back and then collect these fruits when they’re available and then take these fruits and cache them so that I will have a source of food that’s gonna last me for time and not only that once you recognize that dynamic that a flower ultimately leads to fruit you can then apply that to not just say an apple tree or a peach tree you can recognize the flower on a squash plant say oh goodness I can come back and look for something to eat and if in a month or two from this plant and that will then allow you to exploit a much wider range of food throughout your environment than just being you know held to just this tree or that tree or this food source of that food source and again that requires a much greater intellectual ability to make those kinds of connections and to be able to exploit those sort of food resources throughout our environment than just trying to chase something and kill them hmm yes interesting isn’t it cuz from what you just said it’s made me realize like the reason plots are so colorful for example fruit and veggies so you write to the human eyes because humans are natural herb cause we’re designed to eat these foods I’m just wondering whether there’s any other evidence like this that clearly shows where we’re natural habit was if you think about plants they’re edible plant parts our hand size objects that are smooth edged brightly colored and they’re small enough to be held in the hand and of course they smell and taste like plants so what do we do to animal tissue to make it acceptable to us we take it we skin it we cut it into the smooth edge hand size objects we then take the blood out of it we cook it so that instead of being wet and slimy it’s now firm like plant tissues but most importantly we cover it with all of these plant products to try and make it taste like plants which is what our brain really wants so we really don’t want the animal tissue because if we did we eat it the way the carnivores do wet slimy bloody and rotting no we take it and try to make it look and taste and smell like plants in order to make it acceptable furthermore the fact that we actually cover ourselves with the sense of plants to make ourselves more attractive tells us that plants have always been important throughout the our existence as a species and the reason we like to smell like plants is because that is a subtle signal to our brain that we have been ingesting the compounds that actually make us healthier make us live longer and make us more resistant to disease yeah yeah that makes that I guess it makes a lot of sense and I’m sure like most people would agree some people they the naysayers and the critics would say what about b12 day how do you respond sighs yeah yeah it’s like okay we’re gonna ignore all the heart disease all the cancer all the diabetes and all of that we’re just gonna talk about b12 well okay let’s talk about b12 all b12 is made by bacteria that no animal makes big b12 no plant may expect b12 and when human beings were living in more natural settings we got b12 all the time from the dirt from water sources from you know many things in our environment but where do we live now we live in these concrete and steel jungles that are that we’ve we’ve invented for ourselves so we’ve eliminated the natural sources of b12 [Music] [Music] you