[Music] My name is Sam Glass. I’m a chef/professor here at Centennial College’s
School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts, and I’ve been proudly teaching here
for well over 12 years. My research question was basically trying
to find out if students enjoyed online learning, or face-to-face learning, or hybrid learning. So for my research project, I had students
do one of their modules online. What I found out was that 50% of the students
preferred to have face-to-face instruction, 25% of the students preferred completely online, and
the other 25% preferred a blended, or a hybrid model of teaching. A good researcher should never go in with
assumptions. That being said, my belief is that this current
generation of students are the “screen generation” and they much prefer screen. So when I found out that 50% of the students
would rather have me talk to them in front of them, I was quite surprised. The research has caused me to reflect on how
I teach and what is being taught and whether we should go hybrid in our approach to culinary
education, or whether we should just stay with face-to-face, or again, possibly go completely
online. Personally, I still believe in the face-to-face. One of the things I really enjoy about Centennial
is that they encourage research so when I wanted to do this Scholarship of Teaching
and Learning research project, I approached the chair of my department and he was able
to give me time away from my regular teaching load so that I could conduct this research. I’ve had the opportunity to share my research
with two or three of my colleagues here at the college, and once it’s refined, my intent
is to share it with the educational community and hopefully have that research published. [Music]