Certification applies and two only such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the close meeting. We’re heard discussed or considered second Thank you very much. Mr. Sharpe Mr. Castillo Aye Mr. Cheney Yes Miss Hyland Yes Ms Carney. Yes mr. Lawrence. Yes Mr. Rasnake Yes Mr. Sharp Yes. Thank you. All right, very good. Let’s all join and do the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all All right, the next item is evening is the adoption of the agendas or a motion to adopt the agenda Don’t move. second. All right, all in favor, please say aye aye Are there any opposed? All right, we’ve adopted our agenda Tonight, The next thing we’re going to do is have the second public hearing on the budget of our current budget season. I think that these Yes, both of these slips that I have in front of me are for people who want to speak on their budget I’m the first slip is Amanda Blanchard Good evening And it’d be worse before it’s better a Couple of things first couple of thank yous. Thank you very much School Board and mr Brett for the continued updates, especially with graphics a little visual on The budget information and getting in the community as well as staff I’ve heard a lot of things from staff even today about how they really like the visual pictures that help represent What’s happening related to this budget Dr. Jones, thank you so much for your email asking for input about the class. I did the impact It’s best to hear that from staff because they’re the ones who are there every day Just a couple of things to remind the board of number one a competitive salary with other school districts surrounding us is going to keep retain and attract highly qualified staff if we don’t continue to Provide input or denied input increases in our salary. We’re going to lose people plain and simple The second thing we need to do the best that we can to make sure that we maintain a small class size That’s what we’ve built ourselves on We are a loving small community if we Sacrifice one for the other or others in general those two are very vital together and I think together those will make us stronger And continue to give you the staff that we’ve come to enjoy Again, I wish you luck in the process, and I’m always here if you need me. Thanks so much. Thank you Just as a quick aside to miss Blanchard being here I wanted to let the community know that we have Arranged with the principal’s dates for the school board to be in each of the school buildings two buildings this Friday to the following Friday For any staff you’d like to to come and talk to us about the budget. Ask questions share their concerns thoughts and ideas So we will be out in the next Ten days or so in all of the schools to hear directly from it. I brought our a variety of staff All right. Next we have Amy Ballardwood wants to talk about budget Hello, I’m Amy Ballardwood and at 514 South Spring Street and Actually, I’m gonna adjust what I was gonna say a little bit. He’s gonna be in those comments But I do want to just say a few words in support of our teachers because I think that they’re the most valuable resource that our school system has Although I’d love to see dr. Jones’s proposal propose budget adopted in full. I’ve been here long enough to know that you got some tough choices ahead or I should say you guys hame some tough choices ahead And as you set priorities, I hope that you’ll consider the step increase untouchable I’m sure that’s the single most important thing that we do to keep and attract the high quality teachers that make our schools. So great I also hope that you’ll make any other decisions on the basis of their effect on teachers morale and their ability to teach and if Keeping class sizes below a certain level is the best way to support the teachers and please do everything. You can to keep them what I was gonna go on to say was If they have other priorities that they would put above class sizes, then please take those into consideration but clearly Clearly they’ve Class sizes from their top of their list as well. So All right. Thanks for coming Very good. Is there anybody else who wants to speak during this hearing on the budget? Seeing none Are there any other communications that you have about the budget Mr Kimbal? not about the budget ma’am. Okay, so let’s move on to public comments the routine public comments to do each meeting I don’t see any of those either but I see here in a notation about a letter. Mr. Kimball. Yes miss Stephanie Oppenheimer Is writing to thank the City Council the School Board and number of others for of seen through the ordinance to place cameras on our school buses and She writes to say that she is grateful for all of your efforts in making the streets safe for our youngest citizens All right. Thank you very much. And I’m gonna take a Moment to recognize mr. Sharpe’s leadership on that topic He picked it up and ran with it and without him we wouldn’t have been successful. So I want everyone in the community to recognize His outstanding leadership on that particular topic. Thank You Mr. Sharpe The next thing is recognitions and reports this evening, we have one recognition The month of February is a time that we Recognize the clerk of the school board For all the hard work that the clerk does to keep us organized keep us moving along and moving ahead and make us a successful school board and so Mr. Kimball, I’d I’d like to present you And thanks from the board I’m not sure that everyone in the community understands the many many many many hours that the clerk puts in to support the school board this clerk in particular nights weekends and so on and I’m gonna pause for a moment if there are members of the scored who’d want to say a couple words about our Clerk We can kind of diverge from our usual here. And here’s some of those comments anybody Mr. Cheney Back for my first meeting, but I remember back in 2004 The only way you survived on the school board was to get to know Hunter because he was always the holder of all the key information and he’s obviously still is and I remember a point where he was thinking of leaving and he stayed and I think the board in the city have been incredibly grateful ever since for That decision and your continued service and the fact that you’ve taken on a lot more duties over those years So, thank you so much and good to see you again Great. Thanks very much. Mr. Esmond Hunter we can’t thank you enough. I had if there is a more earnest hard-working Employee not only in the schools, but in the city I’d like for somebody to show them to me. So, thank you Thank you Yes, mr. Kimball you do such hard work for all of us but your good humor is much appreciated So thank you so much for that as well Great. You went down this in want to make some comments? All right, we’ll start with you. Mr. Lawrence and then we’ll come back up this way Um a hunter I first met you back in the the day care days, and I rapidly found out that if I had any question You would answer and you know, I found at least at the same time But in terms of numbers you were always on top and I think what really hit me was today when we were down Talking before and Tony actually had to make a point of saying you hadn’t worked this Sunday Because not working on Sunday afternoon is odd for you. So, thank you We sometimes describe some of our students who have been here from kindergarten through twelfth grade as lifers After is the ultimate life, yes Having been here sir through his school days and then coming back to us as an employee as leader in our finances and Even as a piano player for our commemorative activities, which I understand he’ll be doing for us worried. Okay Thank you for a lifetime was good work I just like to commend. Mr. Kimball for his his good humor and earnestness, but also for his I think his commitment to Being reality based when it comes to numbers whether they be financial or enrollment I think he’s got a commitment not to what we think is the case, but what is the case? I think that’s extraordinarily valuable and I think he serves us all well by calling the things the way he sees them and That is a rare commodity and want to be greatly prized. So, thank you Very good I’m just going to close by saying a couple things first many people may not realize this but In addition to putting up with the vagaries of keeping this board organized Hunter is our chief financial officer and our chief operations officer He oversees much of our school division very successfully as we all know and the second thing is just kind of anecdotally To talk about his commitment We had a budget work session on Saturday which meant hunter was up early and over to central office with the rest of us for three and a half four hours of Hard work on the budget it was and he cheerfully participated in that Tony says he didn’t work on Sunday however, I did see Hunter on Sunday at the dogwood with a big smile on his face and And and a big hug say boy. That was a great budget meeting yesterday We’re so charged up is going to be a great year And my husband after he walked off looked at me and said I wish my employees were that way It was just you know was just so Hunter. So thank you very much Hunter. It’s a pleasure to recognize your contributions in your friendship All right, that was fun Moving on to the next item, which is the consent Make one one one come in and that is as you know, the either the position I hold is Clerk I’m appointed annually unlike you who are elected for four-year terms. Well, most of you are today with some Charlotte I know you’re you’re in there for a little shorter term. So every year I May have made a pilgrimage and sometimes the mountain has come to Mohammed and the and the clerk of the court in Arlington has come to Come to the central office, but I take the oath of office But I do remember well when David Bell was the clerk of the Arlington Court and I went there with with Marti Goodell to get sworn in and we as the deputy clerk and we both took our oath of office and signed our statements everything and got them notarized and As I signed them. Mr Bell took them and he turned to miss Goodell and he gave them to her and he goes to the person who really does the work Thank you for that, all right, so the consent agenda is next we have a motion to approve the consent agenda I Chair move that the board approve the consent agenda as presented. Thank you very much Would you like me to read it? Oh that is great. You get to read it. wow. we’re just tipping along here so we can see the President’s speech Very good, I’ll make it quick Points that the board approved the following staff appointments for the remainder of the 2012-2013 school year Jennifer Read first grade or professional, Mount Daniel Marguerite Flanagan special education inclusion paraprofessional, Thomas Jefferson Celia Mae Dale Romero food service work group, Muriel and Henderson and Susan King 3rd grade teacher Thomas Jefferson a Retirement that the school board accept the retirement of mr. Robert Nissen Building Services supervisor system-wide effective, May 31st 2013 And non reappointments that the board approved the non reemployment of Stephen Papellion science teacher George Mason effective the end of the 2012-2013 school year due to reconfiguration and reduction in course needed Thank you Now I can proceed to a motion Madam chair move the board approve the consent agenda as presented. All right Thank You. Mr. Rasnake. Is there a second to that motion please? Thank you all in favor. Please, say aye aye And are there any opposed or abstentions? No. All right. Thank you very much. We’ve adopted the approve the consent agenda this evening Moving on to business action information. The first item is the approval of the 2013-2014 school calendar. I’m going to turn it over to dr. Tony Jones to brief us about that topic our Division wide calendar committee met and actually came up with to differ Calendars and to be honest this year. I mean, it’s almost like every year when you can’t start before Labor Day, you know There are certain things that you’re locked into the biggest difference between this calendar and the other calendar that that the committee came up with Was having the day off before Thanksgiving some people wanted that some people didn’t coming back on January 2nd and 3rd or not coming back on the 2nd and 3rd as instructional days if we had Voted to come back on the 2nd and 3rd, then it would have shortened the school year by a few days but ours This is actually an unusual year and Tom Horn helped us a little bit because of the athletics calendar and the way that actually falls at the end of the school year So what we did we took the two calendars and then we send those out to all of those. Yeah It’s a committee but then we also send it to the whole division and everybody votes and this year It was right around 85% all wanted the same calendar, which is amazing. That’s really really high So everyone’s very pleased with the calendar overall, and it was nice to see this year last year We were split my buildings The calendar was because we had the election day and some unusual things and last year early-childhood Really wanted one calendar and high school wanted another and so we had people that were kind of Little cranky didn’t quite go the way they wanted this year. All the buildings were balanced. So that was great to see and very supportive of this calendar All right, and does anyone have questions for the superintendent about the post calendar this time? Why is graduation to be determined? Right now because what this calendar does and it was gonna it would do it. It didn’t matter whether or not we were moving those two days of January not it just it falls later and our typical graduation is the 11th and We’d be like on the 11th. And so right now the high school they don’t even have This calendar out yet where we can actually get the date booked and so she’s calling right now and she’s waiting but the high school would like to look at that 16 17 18 date because We haven’t quite figured out if kids graduate on the 11th Highly unlikely that seniors are going to come back to school for the remainder of the fiscal year but We are very that we’re accountable to have them there And so we’d like to be able to have graduation on a day that really works with this calendar But again the high school staffs working on booking that right now All right any other questions for the superintendent or? anything down here, I Hear whispers, but I’m known No Thank you Don’t make me reprimand you down on that end All right, is there a motion please to approve the counter I’ll move that we approve the calendar as presented for 2013-2014 Thank You. Mr. Cheney. Is there a second to that motion? Thank you all in favor please, say aye aye Are there any opposed or abstentions? All right, thanks very much we have approved the calendar for the 2013-2014 school year The next item on the agenda is a new one for us. This is the approval of a student liaison to the school board This is a new thing we’re doing. What I’m going to do is I’m going to turn this over to Mr. Lawrence And if you would give just a little bit of an overview for the community about the board’s intent and adding this Liaison and then we’ll take it from there Well the idea for this came actually from a student in our schools who? Saw that other jurisdictions did it and really wanted to know what the school board thought of it and and she came to both Mr. Bresnik, and I and you know We raised it here And and what I really liked was the fact that everybody either said it’s a great idea or said we’ve talked about it before and we’ve Wanted to do it and we just haven’t done it So, you know, we we did our research and we found out that other jurisdictions did have it we talked to people down at the vsba conference back in I think November maybe October and So we decided to To do it and and we set up a process so that wasn’t a free-for-all the superintendent and the the principal of the high school had to come up with a List of names that they sent to the Student Government Association and then it was up to the the sca or the SGA To actually choose who they wanted to be the student representative and the representative is not just for the high school it’s for the for the students as a whole and I’m I’m very happy that the the Student Government Association has made its decision actually made it today And I’m even happier at the the person they chose because just known for a very long time. So I don’t if you want discussion now or start with emotion if you’d like to make a motion, that would be terrific Okay madam chair I move that the school board approved the appointment of Maeve Constance Curtin as the student representative to the School Board for a term ending June 30th 2014 And I second. thank you. Are there any questions or discussion? During that I’ll call for the vote all in favor, please say aye. aye and are there any opposed? No, there are all right. Congratulations miss Curtin on being our first student liaison I’m gonna ask you if you wouldn’t mind coming up and to the podium and just introduce yourself to the board and Then you may join Ms. Hi here at the table for the balance of our meeting Thank you, so I’m Maeve Curtin I’m a junior at George Mason High School. I wanted to thank you all for Approving this position. I think it is Very needed and I’m very excited to serve in this capacity and looking forward to working with all of you. So thank you very much Thank you and welcome. We’re so pleased to have you join the team And now that you’ve been appointed the Superintendent her staff will make sure that you get an orientation and begin to get the materials and so on so that she can be prepared for the meetings I know everyone who sits up here will volunteer themselves as a resource for you If you have questions issues concerns just want to understand something that’s going on. Don’t hesitate by Knocking on my doors And so now you live down the street from me Calling someone emailing someone we’re all really here to help you get acclimated and be an important part so Thank you so much Great The next item this evening is a construction update from the superintendent Well, we are just clipping along if you haven’t driven past TJ again It changes every day and they’ve done two levels I think was two levels I was standing at the stairwell watching it was kind of creepy I think for the workers because they’re at that level now where it’s Like you’re standing right at the end of the hall staring at them I’d like to watch the work developing. So it really looks like a building and when you stand in the hall It’s really it’s fascinating. So we’re really excited over there We have actually had the trial flip of the switch with the lights Which was very exciting for some people to make sure that they actually would come on and then you know They’re doing all of the testing so that’s going fantastic. We’re also Seve is working incredibly hard on on the fence suspect I think you know how much work has to go into that and how many meetings With Fairfax Fire Marshal we met with Virginia Tech and UVA yesterday because they’re next door And they have to bring in all of the bigwigs from other places in order to surround the table with us And we also have that Virginia Tech Fire Marshall they offered his service to come and walk the property and again because we always share the boundaries so Lots of exciting stuff moving forward there today we actually had a marquee up front and some people saw because when they when they showed up to do the demo they already You know the Mason logo and everything on it but that’s an aspect that the seniors have really worked on over the last couple of years and this year we feel like the funding will be there so that when the fence goes in aesthetically to also have a marquee coming in an Electronic one which the high schools wanted for a very long time We’re moving in that direction as well. So it’s gonna be really nice. I think when it’s all done So just letting you know I did I did try to talk them into just leaving the truck there until the end of the year and they they would not do that but But construction is going great. So thank you. All right. That’s great. That’s good. Anybody have any questions about that? Dr. Jones drive by it’s amazing what’s going on at TJ so it’s so exciting. Yes majesty has one question of dr Jones there have been some reports on Blogs or other sites suggesting the fence was a hasty knee-jerk reaction to Events such as the shooting at Newtown. I don’t know if you would care to respond a little bit and maybe clarify You know after Newtown we we did a safety audit and in really looking at everything, you know We’re looking at cameras our door locks the way that we want them is the glass in there, right? I mean, it’s everything and the fence is an item that we’ve talked about internally for a very very long time because Mason is just first of all, but if you think about where it’s located just by Route seven Hey cop in the Metro on any given day. There are at least a hundred people that are walking across the campus and Sadly enough not all of those people are of some mind. They’re not It’s a safety issue for us and so, you know I think one of the questions people have Have maybe tied the fence to that it would prohibit Something like what happened at Sandy Hook has nothing to do with you know active shooter. This is a different It’s about defining the perimeter. We’ve been working with the police They also think it’s going to be a huge help for us to keep people off of the property and I will say right now Because I had somebody asked me this today We haven’t even issued a PO there’s so much work that goes into this and then when when mr. Padilla gets ready to actually Move forward with a contract we actually which we often do in school divisions we have state-level contracts that we can ride with other school divisions so that you don’t have to go out and bed you can actually There’s it’s already been done. And so we’re able to do that with the fence, which is the way we’ll move forward but right now we’re just trying to get the design where it hooks in and There’s just a lot of work that has to test to take place before a fence will go up So we’re working on it right now diligent Alright. Thank you very much. Anyone else have a comment or question? Yes. Yes, Mr Rasnake Madam chair. Can I ask you I’d like to ask the superintendent (unintelligible) One Dr. Jones was there any Was there any contract let for the Security assessment at the school? No All of our assessments so far have all being ( unintelligible). We worked a security company and Fire Marshal’s today We had a whole different company on who’s talking about access control and helping us assess our entrances and exits So, you know right now luckily there are so many organizations willing to work with schools that we’re getting a lot of consultant help Okay. Secondly,would it make any sense to Release the results of those assessments to the public beings that I would assume they’re sensitive in nature and that it may be something that Would be better kept in the purview of the superintendent’s office. Could you kind of talk about that a little bit? We’re very careful about safety and security Because if we do have a weakness somewhere in a building that we want to work on and we need to fix the last thing We want to do is advertise that and so we’re even very careful about how we perform our drills, you know And and that’s what we’re advised to do and have been for many years Staff know that all of our safety and security is something we try to keep internal because the more you would advertise What you do is inviting people to Understand your process and your procedures and that’s not wise Have you received any requests for information from the press or the public on this particular issue? No, I think we had a QA early on that we did ourselves. But other than that no and Have have you had any discussion with the police department or the Chief of Police regarding the validity of Establishing this sort of perimeter? Well, we’ve been coordinating with them in a matter of fact We have a meeting again tomorrow with it with chief Kevin that very much so they’ve walked our perimeter We’re all and I mean we’re all on the same page. has the chief police said no, this fence is a bad idea Let’s not do this. No as a matter fact. I mean the inputs been great from the police department we have great coordination and you know where we’ve probably had more discussion is do you have a gate that moves or do you just leave it open because wants you to find the perimeter and So now we’re all on the same page. Okay. Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you, anyone else? All right, very good I just this one last what there how long has this fence been content You know if you talk to. Mr. Padilla, he he would have a voice that’s talked about it forever He’s been here for six years ninety-seven because it’s a huge it is a big issue something we really are concerned about and we talked extensively about it last year and you know, it has a budgetary obviously implications and And we thought this year that’s why we put it in the CIP And then if you remember, we as a school board decided that it was important enough to move forward But it’s it’s been a concern for a long time Miss Carney, I can go back to 2004 and Mary Ellen Henderson was approved and it was contemplated as part of the capital improvements there and just as part of it was decided not to put it in but it was certainly talked about as part of the Security perimeter at that point. That was a long time ago Thank you for that. Mr. Cheney Anything else? All right, thanks very much for that, dr. Jones, but you may as well Keep being sharp because the next topic is a technology update from you One thing that the school board has asked for is the technology update on when we actually had our outage and we had a huge meeting last week probably two or three hours just to really we wanted to have the whole team together and So we had to wait a week or so just to get the team together the first thing that I would say is there’s really nothing we could have done as a school division to not have Happened what happened because it was an issue with Dell and it was between Dell and VMware, but it really was a Dell issue And you know, I think whenever technology goes down there are a couple of things that people ask first of all Most people think it’s a server issue just because that’s what most people know But it wasn’t actually an issue with our server and the second aspect the two questions I probably get asked the most and I never received there was even a letter to the editor in the paper Where it talked about why don’t you have backup? Well, there are two really two different features one is backup and one is redundancy when we’re talking about backup We’re talking about lose loss of data and you know being concerned that but we have no concerns whatsoever We go out in six different directions and that was never a concern for our tech team about backup We have an extremely extremely powerful back-end. So When we talk about redundancy, that’s the piece I think that a lot of people have assumed should have kicked in and Redundancy is when your server goes down and then it goes out in a different direction and it just keeps you going But if the issue is not a server and the server is fine And there’s no indication that anything is wrong with your mechanical side Redundancy is not going to kick in because it wasn’t a server issue and that’s the part I think publicly a lot of people don’t understand Because if a server had gone down we have actually I think it is six different directions That’s why we never go down You know and I I’ve really tried to I think be encouraging to say we have our tech teams been here Two of them between 15 20 years and they’ve never had that never gone down like this. So When it happened one of the most difficult things was trying to figure out why You know, where was the problem because usually if it’s a server you’ve got red lights flashing and all kinds of things So they actually it took I don’t need I would say 15 hours 12 or 15 hours just getting Through Dell and through VMware to a high enough technical level because you have to start with the low level tech and then they keep passing you on and we they reached a point really late on I think it was the Friday night after they’d already been down for a long time and and Dell was insistent that we needed to take down a server which was actually our exchange server and We’re saying that that was the issue so The text did they were telling them look there’s no indication of the server issues I went ahead and took it offline when they did that It looks for about two minutes like oh well, no, it didn’t work And at that point Dell realized it was something else that was not a server issue. So and I will add to that We always call in we’re not I guess coffee So to speak to think we’re supposed to know it all so we do work with a lot of contracted health and Teledyne was there who’s a contracted company that we share with the city and Collaboration and they sent out their technician that same night that does a lot of work for the Department of Defense was brilliant He actually about midnight said I’m sorry about you’re wasting your money. I need to go home Because this is a Dell issue which was kind of discouraging actually because you hope these people are going to come in and fix the problem for you and We also have Cisco who we do contracted work with and as we’ve moved this year for BYO bring-your-own-device They’re the ones that have helped really set up difficult and high-level networking. They were calling and checking on us as well And then we also had Jamal from the city who came in and helped us just because we also had one of our senior level techs who was overseas and was remoting in so So as I went through the night and they what it was a problem with when you do upgrades you get them all the time like if you For us I’m with something like power school You have 5.0 and 5.0 25.0 3 and you probably see that even on your home computers often You don’t do every little single upgrade all the time because sometimes when you upgrade it throws something else off Well what we just happen to have the perfect storm Well VMware had an upgrade and Dell had an upgrade and their partners for virtual there’s only really two big companies that that school divisions use where within their script and it’s much higher level than I once it gets to four screens and all those numbers running up and down but they had to go in to really find within that script where the problem was and it took them until about Saturday morning when they were able to decipher that it was an issue at Dell and they’ve Acknowledged that in last week we did issue a letter to Dell and asked for an apology because we think it would be they’ve done they’ve already Apologized on the phone to us and we do have the name of every you know, our technicians We’re great – to mark to take down the name of every technician who worked with us through the process but we’re still hopeful that they’re going to do the right thing in issue apology letter just so publicly people will know that this was a Dell issue So that is that’s the extent of it And again, I commend our techs they worked literally night and day and it’s the first really even 24 hours I would say was it’s so difficult when you’re trying to problem-solve and you have no idea What the problem is and you’re calling in the best and brightest in the country to work language system and they can’t figure it out either So, you know I commend them for their tenacity and staying with it I know it’s hard on the students and they were very patient. That’s it. Said that okay, very good any questions? Any questions, mr. Castillo Yeah, I would just say three things. The first of all is in in the IT world, they talk about having one throat to choke and We need to know whose throat to choke here I don’t know whether it’s a Dell throat or a VMware throat, but somebody needs to have accountability so we can choke them the second thing is Whoever’s throat needs choking. They need to know and this is common in the IT world that you don’t do critical updates to infrastructure around you know the retail industry doesn’t touch their infrastructure the quarter before the Christmas shopping season and Similarly YDell and VMware in the education market would think about doing something like this before exams Is is a question. I would like to have answer That’s the the the final question is what if anything do we need to do differently? So that in the unlikely event this happens in the future. We will have a continuity program to ensure that we can continue operations unimpeded by This this kind of problem I think is absolutely critical. So I Look forward to hearing the answers to those those questions. Thanks Alright. Any other question or comments? All right, dr. Jones thank you for that and you know since we are in the budget time period you know if there are things that need to go in our budget to Make sure that that we’re in the best shape we can be in you know, I think the board would support making sure that happens so All right. The next item on the agenda is a discussion of the fund balance policy by way of introduction I would tell the community that This past summer there was a lot of discussion in our city as there has been for almost since I got on the board about the fund balance the school board has where it comes from how and when it’s used and not used and At the end of all of that I told the superintendent that I thought for transparency and clarity that it was important that the school board adopt a policy about our fund balance where it comes from how big it can be and how we Manage it so that everyone in the community has visibility into that so when I think the superintendent and mr Kimball and Tom Horne, I’m sure for helping us to come up with what is tonight a draft fun and balanced policy This is the first discussion. The board will have about it We aren’t going to approve it tonight, but we are going to discuss it and give some direction to the superintendent so with that I will turn it over to the superintendent to step us through what they’ve put together and I will then call for questions and comments from my colleagues well, one thing that we’ve we’ve aimed for in the fund balance policy is trying to keep it simplistic because when we looked at policies around the country Some policies will be half a page and some will be 10 pages and it’s so driven by for instance like with our city charter which is different With this fund balance policy what it’s really doing is at the end of the year It’s really trying to change I think more vocabulary oriented and I know somebody suggested cognate of fund balance contingency policy as in the title because at the end of the year if we have the That they would actually help fund a contingency the following year which we struggle every year as you know this year We had one hundred and fifty thousand in contingency, and it was gone I don’t know if it’s gone before the first day but it was fast and and what is in the superintendent’s recommended budget this year is two hundred and fifty thousand which is still Given the growth that we have not a huge contingency to come in and hire teachers the 150,000 is one teacher pretty much in a para. So 250 is two teachers into Paris That’s kindergarten in first grade And if you think about Mount Daniel where you have nine and a half percent growth this year that very well could be the case Again, and with this policy what it does is it actually allows us not to exceed 2% The subsequent year’s budget and if you’re looking at this policy and how it would apply today hunter help me. It’s around 700 750 hundred thousand dollars so would give us a healthy contingency and We still have some questions I have some questions into John Foster, and I’m sure that you’ll have more questions for me on this policy just because we’re working with city charter and Knowing how that would look at the end of the year All right, that’s where the 2% number comes from All right, I’m gonna start on my right-hand side. Mr. Lawrence do any questions or feedback? Just two things one is we’re not trying to say we need to have a 2% fund balance This is just if there’s excess not to exceed. We’re trying to we were trying to stay out of Kind of that hole not issue that we had last summer where people thought it was too large and 2% keeps it at that very Reasonable level and that also was going out and doing our homework and research and looking at what divisions are doing Okay, but the idea is that this would make us spend down to no more than 2% I’ve got one head nod To my knowledge and I don’t have the draft in front of me. But what what is implied is that given any fund balance that remains at the end of the year any amount up up to two percent of of the operating budget Would be earmarked as contingency that could be accessed to hire teachers staff by buses if there were any funds above that if you know if there were a hundred thousand two hundred thousand if we were 3% any funds above that then would be designated for Other purposes including at least like half an item and thence down with them at the bottom of the draft policy The idea is that we’re saying want to make sure that we keep it We get it down to two by spending it on certain things, right? And we actually I’ll tell you the policy That probably was the most helpful there because they are the most similar to us as Arlington and this is what this number one has that down on the bottom where it says FC CPS capital projects and The immediate one-time needs of non-recurring nature and that language is really what they use in Arlington. That’s very helpful And their policy is a little bit different. Obviously, they’re set up differently, but Their policy was very helpful so that you’re actually what we’ve done with our funds right now buying buses You know if we were over that 2% we could take care of some of this pressing needs and mr. Lawrence That’s a very good question and I can give you an example that I believe was three years ago I believe it was in the spring of 2010 or 2011 am not sure which year it was the General Assembly that year gave all school divisions actually all municipalities in the state a Holiday from making their VRS payments in the final quarter of that fiscal year. It was completely unexpected completely unanticipated The result of that meant that in which in the short term was a very good thing. It meant that The Falls Church school board did not have to say down to Richmond to VRS between 500 and 600 thousand dollars That being said what happened is that five had six hundred thousand dollars then became unexpended funds at the end of the year that we were anticipating spending and Then rolled forward into the fund balance under under such a policy as this, you know, as soon as we became we would become aware that You know that a significant expenditure would not be made and there would be excess funds at that point I mean theoretically one could see that okay, so, you know to two percent of the of the budget work We don’t work in earmark for contingency which would leave X hundred thousand dollars, which could then be? Targeted towards the you know, very very specific items. I Guess it’s the long winded way of saying you know that every year We you know, we we spend what we need to spend in order to You provide that the educational program. It just so happens that the year in right now. It’s very very tight the needs are tight that you can see the board just Appointed more staff tonight admit mid mid-year. There may be other years where where it may not be so tight but but that in terms of having a Prescriptive prescription or mandate to spend down to you know to a certain point and just spend for the sake of spending. I Don’t believe that that’s the intent of this policy. Dr. Jones and did you? The intended policy really is just to make sure that That 2% goes any contingency and then we could fund those things with the remainder Like for instance the tennis courts that’s been in the CIP for the last two years It would give you the flexibility to be able to say we can take care of that you know, we didn’t have a lot of snow and ice this year and we have saved X amount of dollars and We can actually fund the tennis sports right now Okay, all right, thank you Mr. Sharpe, do you have any questions? Yeah, as I understand that the Charter calls on us to return Certain funds if they are unexpended and I think we ought to try to articulate in this policy when We would have such funds We’ve articulated The contingency and I I see that I see that we might Having money above the contingency we could then potentially Do certain one-time expenditures but I think I think we also need to to Articulate when it’s appropriate. Yeah, when It’s propriate to return funds to the city there are also instances where and these these I don’t foresee in Very near future for sure When we may have sort of on the on the down side of a Of a cycle we might see Instances where we have a decline in enrollment that we didn’t expect or just not as as large an increase as we had expected and money that we were obtaining from the state on a per student basis might be more than What we’re legitimately title to and we I’d like to have an understanding at least of what happens in those cases whether there’s a you know Potentially a credit is allowed to us by the state to word Like next year or whether we’re obligated to return some funds to the state. I just like to see If it’s good, if it’s not articulated explicitly in this policy, what would happen in those instances? I could respond to both of those questions now In terms of the state when the state Provides this money they do provide us money as you guys you mentioned on a per pupil basis They look at student counts in a number of times throughout the year a September 30th. Is it as a Is the number that we send down the the enrollment as of September 30th And just sort of as a benchmarking to kind of give them a feel about what kind of numbers that are looking at They don’t really do anything with that September 30th number What the state does is they do provide school divisions funding beginning in the new year based on our projected enrollments They by September the 30th. They have an idea about whether whether those projections are high Are they low just about where they state, you know, they fit in March the March the 30th is March 31st is the Official date that we provide a count for our number of students our average daily membership as of that date. It’s the average daily membership for the preceding seven months and at that point the state will make adjustments to the amount of money that they send us they will either Send us less money if the enrollments are below what was projected or if the the enrollments are actually higher than projected The state payments were average day with the pervasive gate. Well at that point increase for the months of April May and June So on the state is very it’s very cognitive where and adjusts for the actual number of of students so I mean and the good news is We don’t you know, we don’t, you know lose lose money, but we don’t we don’t get extra money Either a colleague of mine several years ago in Fairfax noted that If the state appropriates a certain amount of money for basic aid, you know say based on like a million and a half students and The and the actual count comes in at like a million four So there’s a hundred thousand few listeners. They they still pay the same amount of money per student that was calculated Basically, the state realizes the savings of paying out basic aid on a hundred thousand students Conversely if the number comes in at 1 million eight hundred thousand students 300,000 students higher what the state does is takes the pot The funds available and then prorates it and reduces the amount Which so that basically they don’t stand to make any loss But they get to keep a gain if if in fact the enrollment comes in lower And there was at one point some some effort to sort of make make that a more even playing field in terms of the language in the Charter the city charter Directs the school board as I think the board will knows that any funds remaining unexpended at the end of the fiscal year it directs the board not to return them to the city but to use those funds to Support the upcoming year’s budget. Now that being said there were two years in a row of FY 9 and 10. I believe that the board actually took a vote and did send money back And it was it was it was over $750,000 between the two years that the board is in fact returned up to the city but that was not prescribed by the Charter it was above the volition of the board Well, I Think it’s again notice those two things. It would be good to have a background Indicating what are the circumstances that we Essentially could return money to the city. What are the circumstances that might Arise where state return would be appropriate as you’ve articulated what happens with the state, it seems like that comes so late in the year that the amounts are probably de minimis and Would not have a significant impact There’s also the incidents that you mentioned earlier of the state declaring a holiday on VRS Unexpectedly, and I think we also want to In this background have some understanding of what we intend to do in in that case in the future particularly, if we anticipate that there is going to be a required increase in VRS payment in the next year or very very soon thereafter and whether We should have an option to retain Those in a reserve fund which which is not you know one of the one of the items that we have at the end of this policy right now or just Just what it is we should seek to do it in that instance Thank you All right Mr Castillo, do you have questions? Yes. Thank you No
I just had a question in terms of the the relationship then between the fund balance under this proposal and in amounts for contingencies basically the fund balance would fuel a Larger budget for contingencies is that is that right with? Essentially that is that is correct. Let’s say we have a million and a half as a fund balance now and 250 for contingencies what would happen in the proposal? The way I envision it and and and again this is Theoretical so just just understand that this I I’ve thought it through it. I may not be correct Okay Is that given given the draft policy before you that for the upcoming but you say that policy were in place right now that We would place in that budget a a 2 percent contingency In line item that basically would that should something happen Should there be a VRS holiday should more sales tax revenue come in Because at this point we don’t believe that there that that 2 percent number is going to be there but it would least provide the placeholder and the leeway for the board to Utilize those funds if they are available. So so say for next year there would be $700,000 under the under the contingency line if if the fund balance is not does not reach that the the $700,000 mark We just need to be cognizant of that and make sure that we don’t dip in to that budget at 750 thousand dollar fund balance below the amendment below the funds that are actually available to utilize If we hit it right on the 700 thousand mark, everything’s great And then we the board has the flexibility then to Target those whoever it sees fit If in fact the number is above that the the the 2% at that point I could imagine that the board would have a work session or a number of work sessions and Discuss, you know possibilities of how to best utilize those funds to target them put them into a reserve return them to the city Move them to the capital fund Those sorts of things that that’s the way I would see it operationalized Under the Under this revised proposal is contemplated would any City Council approval be required for expenditures under this new contingency? for the 2% the City Council approval would come as part of the budget Approval production process in the spring that the 2% would be in the school board’s proposal in its request and If if the council approves proves the the request then the 2% is part of that then it’s in the school board’s budget It’s there. It’s a line item and it’s and it’s there for to be accessed by the board the only again the only caveat is if we do not have adequate Fund balance at the end of the year to cover that We just need to be very prudent to make making sure that we only spend the money that we have available And finally at the end of the year, would there be any sort of Fiscal year u.s Government problem where we have two hundred thousand left and this fund Would there be an incentive to go ahead and spend it on something rather than return it to the general Treasury or Essentially what would happen is that the fund balance it basically what it is is its revenue that has come in in previous years that the board is then saying we’re going to access this and Utilize it and carry it forward if in fact it is not utilized At that point a number of things could take place One depending on the activity in the fiscal year that were in the most recent fiscal year you would either add to or maybe Subtract from out of fund balance that you know that carried forward Everything else being equal it would then be part of the amount of money that the board would discuss during budget time about moving forward into the next year They would calculate what 2 percent of the budget would be we would figure out what that is. We would say Okay, we have the you know this fund balance that week where we have this contingency That we know we’re not going to spend so we know we’re going to have you know, two hundred thousand dollars That will be that will be part of carry forward that will help fund part of the fund balance or we know that we will have More than two percent and at which point again the board can discuss the disposition of those funds and targeting them Yeah, I guess I would say only that in light of some of the recent discussions with the city council about some of these supplemental expenditures I think they’ve largely adopted what we’ve characterized the fund balance as it is how it works and what it is this seems not you know imprudent but it’ll basically he’ll sort of one-time mini dividend at which time then it’ll Go to a more steady state So, thank you very much All right, thanks Listen, mr. Cheney any questions ? just I think my attitude is let’s keep it simple we’ll ask for what we need and we’ll Spend prudently after that and then the fund balance will kind of take care of itself And and that’s what we’ve always done and and that if we do that then then we’ll be fine some years We’ll have more than that So I’m you’ll have less I would just advocate keeping the policy as simple as as possible and then allowing us to make the right decisions given, you know what we see upcoming so Thanks you. Mr Rasnake Yes, so Just a couple of one kind of question one kind of comment Has the city manager or the CFO seen This fund balance policy and if they provided any comments? we actually just talked about it really for the first time this morning because we’ve been working on getting it to the point that you’re Ready for it So they know they knew it was actually it’s something they would like for us to do and we have been in discussions with them so so because it’s very important to me that we clarify with the city their position in regards to this and and Mr. Castillo alluded to it, but it seems like we’ve been in a Situation where we’ve been criticized for carrying a fund balance and criticized for spending out of the fund balance So I’d like to know what their position is on the fund balance It’s been my Belief that the fun balance is a good way of budgeting it’s a prudent way to budget with a carry forward and I think that the city thought that was the case other than Over the summer with this tech issue So I think it would be a really good idea To get what the city’s position is on fund balance. Not that it will dictate what we decide to do as a policy But I think that it would make some sense to understand What they believe is prudent in terms of our direction for budgeting Because to be quite frank I Am lost now as to which way they think is the best way for us to deal with fund balance Thank you. Thank you, sir I don’t really have anything more to add except that. I agree it’s important to keep this simple because I think there’s a lot of confusion about What is contingency versus fund balance and if we treat it in a much more, you know? Easy-to-understand way then. I think it’ll help us with our budgeting and then we won’t have to answer a lot of questions about it So I do, you know applaud this All right, I don’t have much to add to that except I agree with mr. Cheney, let’s just keep it simple the intention here is to clarify not to confuse and Complex, this board’s always done what I think is responsible with the fund balance and I just want the community to know what to expect from us and for boards over time to have some consistency in terms of understanding about and I think that’s important I do have a question which is: lines 11 through 14. I’m not sure why those are there I mean, I think the board generally recognizes its responsibility to ensure the resources are used properly and reported in accordance of law So I’m not sure why it’s stated on this particular policy Since that’s kind of what our job is to do So, I don’t know if we want to leave that in there or pull that paragraph out But I’ll leave that to staff to discuss as you take all this in and come back to us with a revised version I’ll let the community also know, I think Dr. Jones mentioned, John Foster who’s the city attorney and also an attorney on some topics to this board, we’ve asked him to make sure that whatever we’re putting in place is Coherent with the city charter to make sure that we’re all good there. So If there’s nothing else on that topic Then we’ll expect staff to bring back to us some revisions for discussion and perhaps first reading Sometime in the near future, also want to thank Dr. Jones and Mr. Kimball and also Mr. Horn for your efforts I know you did a lot of research looking at a lot of different policies from a lot of different places to make sure there was something that was Really appropriate for our city and our purposes. So that’s great Moving right along, next is the superintendent’s report. So I will turn that back to Dr. Jones We do have a Very exciting event tomorrow. So I just want to point that out. We love our schools and that’s gonna be at MEH we hope everybody will be there and Mr. Kimball will be entertaining us at the beginning I think, playing the piano but it’s really fun when you look at the guest list It’s not a huge huge group of people, but it’s just really a fun group it is I had a meeting with Dr. Pace just a couple of weeks ago. So I’m excited to see him again He’s so delightful. There’s just a lot of people that have really had So much of an influence, I think on the schools in Falls Church City that will be there tomorrow So we’re looking forward to that and also this is school board. Oh We love our schools, it’s also to celebrate Mason’s 60th year. Thank you for that And the weird thing is I know it’s not at Mason that we’re celebrating Mason But it’s at MEH and that’s because number one we wanted Mr. Kimball to play the piano. There was no piano at GM as part of entertainment but also just the setting up in the MEH cafeteria is A better venue for us. We just didn’t know how many people to expect and but it’s gonna be a great night And since we’re really talking a lot about GM construction, you know It’s great timing a lot of our old, the pictures of the school division You can see all sorts of pictures tomorrow night, you know going back in history There’s a great little video clip that shows some historical pictures as well. So it’s gonna be a great night Also, the other big thing is we are celebrating our school board this month And so you’ll notice there are lovely cards that GM art students have provided for you The posters down front are from Mount Daniel and TJ and Ms. High is making her way because at middle school You know, we love middle school They put together a video because they’re loving all their new tech stuff. But there’s there they want to say Thank you to the school board And all of the school sites though, do want to, and the principals and leadership team and our on behalf of our students just express Our sincere thanks for all of the work That the school board does on behalf of our school division. It’s not a job where you make a tremendous amount of money I don’t think, and you do an awful lot of work and without a great board We would not have a great school division and the decisions that you make and the support that you give our staff All of us, is so appreciated Because it’s a very very hard job and some of you have heard me say this: I grew up with my dad being on The school board, he was president of the board and I remember how often our telephone rang for sometimes very small things Sometimes they’re huge things, but it’s a busy busy job, and we thank you for all that you do. So, thank you All right moving on to Board comments this evening. Mr. Cheney, I’ll start on that end with you Well, thank you for appointing me to the board. It’s my first meeting back And it’s good to be here. I think the only thing I would add is, I haven’t done too many meetings yet But I’m sure I will get into it. We did have the athletic boosters meeting last night, Charlotte was there. I remain as president. And again, thank you for that till the end of the year We are very close to bringing you the check for the remaining funds for the lights which are working they have been tested and are ready to be turned on and We’ll be making a presentation There’s a number of individuals that I want to make sure I could thanked for their involvement and leadership in this And hopefully we’ll have a couple of other announcements to make around that shortly I’m targeting our next meeting, it may be the first meeting of March But when the when the bill comes due, we will have the funds for you for the remaining amount. Great. Mr. Rasnake? So I just wanted to sort of talk a little bit about the budget proposal. I know we’re gonna have a lot to talk about but I just wanted to make one thing kind of clear because I’ve seen in a couple places criticism of the superintendent’s request I just want to make sure that people understand that over the fiscal year 2007 to 2014 timeframe we have seen a 25% increase in student enrollment and when I came on this board I sat down with you, madam chairman, and you talked to me about some of the keys to what makes our city’s schools great and one of the things that you really Explained to me that was important was this idea of small classrooms. And I think that we are really in danger of of jeopardizing our ability to keep our classroom small if you look at the data we see from 2007 compared to today we are growing and we may be sort of at that point where I don’t know that we are gonna be able to sort of with a straight face for Too much longer say we still have small classrooms in Falls Church City So while we have seen that tremendous, I will call it explosion, in enrollment 25%, over that same time frame adjusted for inflation The city’s spending per pupil is down 18% And that is a recipe for performance disaster And so I’ll just say that initial criticism that our Superintendent’s request was outlandish I just don’t think that the Simple math adds up in that regard. I was struck by, some people asked President Clinton recently how he had a budget surplus during his time in office and his response was I Thought kind of funny, said it was arithmetic Simple arithmetic So as we prepare for this budget debate all I’d Implore my fellow board members and the community to do Is do their math because to be quite frank with you the numbers are there and I think that they’re really Disturbing right now and we need to do something about it Thank you Mr. Rasnake. Ms. Hyland? Well, I can’t say anything about the boosters meeting, thank you. Thank you, mr. Cheney I did also attend the PTSA meeting at George Mason last week and it was, the entire meeting was the program that was For that evening this man named Steven Wright, who’s a Consultant came in and talked about the interview process Mainly for college interviews, but also just job interviews and it was open to Obviously parents and students and I counted while I was there at least 20 students which was really impressive And I have the PowerPoint Presentation, the copy of in front of me it was it’s like nine pages. It’s not a lot of stuff It’s you know, do’s and don’ts How you should prepare, list of questions that you will most likely be asked, he spent over an hour going over these nine pages So it was a really really engaging presentation. I hope that the students got a lot out of it as a parent I found it, you know very interesting. So I Applaud the PTSA once again for doing some great programs this year Just a program note, their next meeting is March 6th and in lieu of the regular meeting It’s the annual International dinner that evening at The George Mason Mustang cafe starts at 6:30, you’re encouraged to bring an international dish. There’s lots of entertainment It’s really a great event and I would encourage fellow board members and the public to all attend. Thank you. All right Very good, Mr. Castillo? I have three words from my spies and at the schools in MEH um goldfish and stuffed shells so… One of my kids was reporting very favorably about some of the improvements that they’re seeing in the food service And I think it’s being received with great appreciation And gratitude. I was remiss in our last meeting to talk about I attended the gift until an advisory committee back in January and there’s a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm there, a lot of good things going on look forward to meeting again with them soon and I guess the only other thing that I would say is that I’ve been Extremely impressed at all levels with just the level of support for recommendations for various summer programs I think it’s it’s astonishing how much time Teachers at all the schools are willing to devote to things over and above what already is on their plate to help kids with additional Activities and endeavors be it TJ or summer camps. So, I have to say we are very fortunate to have the kind of staff and Faculty and administrators that we have and I think we sometimes are a little spoiled so it’s good It’s good to remind ourselves of that Mr. Sharpe? Last night I was at the partnership for youth meetings Fairfax partnership for youth, which is a regional nonprofit that combines Falls Church and Fairfax County. They’ve been engaged Particularly the staff there has been engaged in anti-bullying Activities, they held a conference Right at the end of January. It was very well attended by counselors and PTA leaders and others to learn strategies for preventing and remedying bullying activities The group has had some very difficult budget times Back in 2007, they had a budget a little over two hundred thousand dollars This year they have a budget less than a hundred thousand. So their budget woes have been Perhaps even more strenuous than ours and some others But they’re continuing to provide some good service for the community. They have some good things on the horizon including Well, they every month they have a mentoring training Program and in February, the mentor training will occur on February the 20th They will have also on February the 12th. Which is tonight they have a youth-led peaceful conflict resolution meeting which is involved mainly with schools in Fairfax county But they also remind remind me that february is youth leadership month national youth leadership month and we’re very fortunate that we’ve At this long last recognize that we have student leadership that should be present and giving us feedback For our board discussions on a much more regular basis, and thank you. Thank you for stepping forward to do that Lastly I’ll just say I’m also liaison for the Chamber of Commerce And I think the chamber has some particular challenges facing them at this time. You may have noticed that the assessments for commercial property They are the lowest performing, if you will, category among our assessment Categories In terms of the increase that they’ve experienced in the value of their properties they also face some unique challenges in the requirements that will be I think adopted for providing for stormwater Expenses stormwater management because the the policy that the council appears to be heading toward is one that that would impose a higher level of obligation on properties that have hard surface that causes runoff they’ll also have the opportunity to mitigate that that to a greater extent than others with measures they might want to take but but there’s there is a I think a heavier burden that Businesses will bear because of very unique kinds of properties from that From that new obligation that the city is going to be undertaking and then we have our own Expenses that we’re gonna try to try to cover and I agree with mr. Reznik that we have a lot of catching up to do and and we ought to Get going on making a good a good measure of that catch up. We may not be able to get it all done this year Because there there has been such a heavy deficit over these past past several years But we ought to make a long strides work toward getting our schools back on track with small classes and Adequate pay for our teachers Thanks very much. Thank you. Mr. Sharp, mr. Lawrence Two quick things first again, I warm welcome to Maeve and I look forward to the next year and a half with her 1 1 boost for the for the band boosters before you come to the Wheel of our schools tomorrow at 7 from 4 & 9 there’s a fundraiser at flippin pizza. You need to download a flyer at Falls Church City ban boosters weebly.com weebly and 50% of the proceeds will go to the band boosters and this is for the trip to New York to Lincoln Center. So Please go there get pizza and then come over and get some dessert and listen to Hunter play the piano for us. Thank you That’s great thank you, mr. Lawrence. I wanted to say just a couple things this evening first to our new colleague Miss Curtin in future board meetings We’ll ask you to make comments at this time is why I want to put you on the spot tonight if you’re not prepared to Do that, but if you are I’ll call for that in a minute You will also join us in our work sessions as an equal colleague and we’re just looking excited it forward to that I want to congratulate our National Merit finalists. I have to admit to a bit of bragging each year at this time About our National Merit finalists and people who know me for a number of years are kind of tired of it But every year they say I can’t believe a small school system like yours has that many kids who are both semi-finalists and finalists And I think that’s a testament to our teachers and the rest of our staff To this board to the community and the parents and the way we do things here in Falls Church It’s just our way and we see the success of it every day every week every month every year and that reminds me of something that David shiburin said very soon after I joined the board I think it was the first year when we had our meeting to kick off the budget with city council colleagues he was on City Council at that time and he had an observation which was that the citizens who live in the city Falls Church are willing to pay a lot of money for excellent schools But not a lot of money for mediocre schools and mr. Rasnake’s point I think we are teetering on an edge where our schools Excellence is in jeopardy because our classes are too large And we have a lot more kids coming and we don’t necessarily have all things. We need to educate them So I just wanted to go and record. I’m a I’m a fan of David showers I think he had the right approach and I think the city of Falls Church believes that as well. I Am looking forward to we heart our schools tomorrow night This is a great opportunity to see former superintendents former school board members former city council members to get together and talk about what it was like in the old days and what it’s like today and to recognize George Mason and I want to thank the staff for coordinating that opportunity for those folks to get together. I think it’ll be terrific I want to welcome Craig back to the school board We’re just pleased as we could be to have you here and look forward to working with you over the next six months before this interim term ends And if you would please make sure this school board knows when you’re going to have a ceremony to turn the lights on the baseball field I think we all want to go and attend that April 2nd is the First home game under the lights and we’re planning a soiree that evening. So assuming the weather’s good That’s the only thing you can’t control April 2nd will be the event Ok, great, and I also want to thank you for your role in that It’s just a tremendous thing that you and the rest of the Boosters have done for for our kids and for the city It’s just awesome I want to just congratulate Bob miss him on his retirement He’s just been such a great asset to our school system for so many years and he’s just a nice man to boot And he’s a continual learner as you might expect to find in the schools, you know And he’s moving out to be with his family and to contribute out there to a school in the special ed Area and I think that’s just absolutely awesome and we’ll miss you And I’m sure we’re gonna have an opportunity to tell him all this to his face sometime, but I just wanted to recognize that finally for budget Watchers the next event for the budget is on Tuesday the 26th of this month where we’ll be having a public hearing and a budget work session at central office so, please feel free to come and watch the website for new materials and information that the superintendent is pulling together as we go through our Budget time this year miss Curtin. Did you want to make some comments this evening? Okay, so I’m thank you again for Approving me and everything. I’m looking very much forward to working with you all Just a couple things for my side. I would like to agree with you all that Small class size and teacher salaries are very important to the students just today in my theory of knowledge class. We were discussing Those things as per dr. Jones request And we had some very interesting Conversations about the effect of class size on student learning in addition to technology, which I know we were discussing earlier so those are definitely things that I would love to share with you and just the results and I’ve had Certain members on the SCA. I’ve asked them to ask their clock there’s friends and in their classes if at all possible To discuss that so we can figure out what how students feel and I know that the sentiment is it is very important to us At the high school right now we have challenge day going on those today and yesterday Which is very important bonding for the junior class, and I’m very excited to participate in that tomorrow And then just miss Highlands comment about the PTA meeting. I’m glad to enjoy that and the student turnout. I Would I was very impressed with that as well I’m glad that all the juniors responded to my request that they show up and hopefully we can continue To have that sort of student involvement in the PTSA, you know, that’s something mrs. Mother Mothershead and mrs Irma and both really want so I think that’s all I really have For tonight. All right. Thanks very much All right. The last thing on the agenda is the approval of minutes We have two sets of minutes to approve the first are from January 8th January 8th 2013 meeting thank you very much. Is there a second? second Can I just suggest one change We’ll just let me get a second and then it will see a second. All right Any questions or discussion? It sounds like you have question. Well, not a question is just unpaid Well, when I printed on page four, it’s the discussion of the seekpeek and eek recommendations it’s just under Five point zero four p to spell out what eek stands for since the others were spelled out. That’s all Okay. Thank you On favorite pretty the minutes. Please. Say aye aye Thank you very much and now the minutes of January 17 I move that the board approve the minutes of the January 17 2013 meeting Thank you very much. Is there any discussion? All in favor please say aye I will abstain from that Alright There are no materials for board review this evening Is there any other discussion or anything else we talk about if not, we stand adjourned for the evening? Thank you everybody Hey, what was this car?