I apologize in advance; it looks like a big
piece of poo surrounded by corn. Wow. Now take a sip. Five, four, three- It’s not milk; I know it’s not milk.
You’ve had milk. Blah.
I don’t like it. Nope. What did that taste like?
I don’t know, but it tastes gross. That is not on my list today. Bye-bye, walk
out of my list. Is that mash potatoes? Sweet mash potatoes?
It’s called sweet kesari. It’s disgusting. Why would kids eat that? That’s just mean. I feel sorry for the Indians. No, are you looking? No.
No. Wow. Eat it with the other thing that’s next to it. Do I have to? Yeah. I have to, great.
It’s the worst day of my life. Ew, gross. What did you think it-
I thought it was dessert. It looked like cake. Is this from France?
I love France. Everywhere in France, it’s really fancy.
What do French people do? What do they drink all the time?
Tea. Not wine?
I don’t think they drink wine. We’re going to bring out some wine
for you guys. Okay.
Wait. What? Yes.
What? Yes, bring out the wine. Nope. I knew it.
No, the end of humanity’s come. Dude, you’re super over dramatic. I would rather have this food than what I have at school. Careful, watch your hands. Whoa. That stuff smells disgusting. Hmm, it actually doesn’t taste that bad. Man, this is delicious. Ah, banana! It’s a plantain. Isn’t plantain like something that you rub against? What if I told you that’s a root? Wait a minute, is this cheese? Please, no. I really do not like cheese. I hate this day. Ow! Nope, I hate it.
What the heck is this? Can I have some?
I- Grapefruit?
Lingon-berry? A bunch of carrots filled with raisins?
No thank you. I don’t think the other kids won’t like doing
this. Ooh. La. La. Whoa. Mmm. That smells good. Chili. Oh, it’s hot. This is so hot. I could eat all of this. It’s hot, that’s what it tastes like. I tend to stay away from beans because they
make you fart. Is there a song about that?
Yup. Beans, beans, the magic fruit the more you
fart and the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel and that’s why beans for
every meal. Oh. Wow. I’m not going to eat one thing on this plate, come on. It’s terrible; I would never eat something like this. Wow. No. No. I don’t know how to use chopsticks. This is how you use chopsticks, I think. Ah, slippery. How do Chinese people eat this? My nose says it wouldn’t be so good. You hate soup? Yeah.
Do you like noodles? Nope.
Come on. It tastes like pho.
I like pizza way better. Oh, I know how, use the chopsticks. Almost
got it. Yeah. Yeah. This is Chinese? No, but this is Japanese. Japanese? I get it. Who is Japanese? Tom Cruise. Ooh, what are these? Sponge cakes.
Old bread. Cheese. It’s really hard though. What’s that look like? I don’t know, but it looks delicious. Kids eat this for lunch in Afghanistan.
Just this? Afghanistan.
Afghan-what? Do you feel bad for the kids who have to eat
that every day? No, I feel actually pretty good because this
is really sweet and it tastes really good. It surprises me because it’s a big block of
this whatever? This tiny little block has nine hundred freaking calories? Oh wow. I would eat this for lunch most of the time. Yes, I’d eat it every day. I am definitely not eating this every day. Oh man, this is gross. I am out of here.
Straight to the toilet. I would go to Afghanistan to get that really,
really good cube cookie thingamajig. Okay, and maybe I’ll be a little bit more open minded. But mom, not for your food. I will not be open minded for your food. Was that the point? Was that
the point of me doing this, to be open minded?