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Length : 0:03:10 Speakers : Andrea Tutunjian, Michael Laiskonis,
Sim Cass, Zac Young, Maureen Drum Fagin, Dr. Luisa Costello, Amanda Pabon, Danny Meyer,
Elisa Strauss, Kathleen Hernandez, Gail Simmons Special Comment: [0:00:00]
[Audio Starts] Andrea Tutunjian: In no other field do art
and technique come together as beautifully as they do in pastry and baking arts.
Michael Laiskonis: The Pastry and Baking Arts diploma program offers the students what they
really need for real-world experience. We focus on a five point system of theory, technique,
palette training, speed and teamwork. So within twelve months you can already be well on your
way to a culinary career. In the pastry program, you’ll start by identifying
and working with all the central baking ingredients. Then you’ll learn to practice pastry and baking
techniques until you master them. Next, you’ll create ice creams, gelato and sorbets. Then
you’ll move on to breads and other yeast-raised doughs, followed by all essential pastry doughs.
And then it’s on to creating an international assortment of cakes and cookies. From there,
the pastry masters’ program recreates recipes and plated desserts by award-winning chefs.
Next, you’ll immerse yourself in chocolate from simple tempering to complex showpieces.
Finally, you’ll be making and decorating cakes with inscriptions and piping, ultimately creating
a tiered cake of your own. Sim Cass: We, at ICE, offer small attentive
classes, hands-on approach in making sure the students succeed. We don’t want neat,
straight lines. We want nice, raggedy edges, like me.
I find the ingredients here at ICE are of the top quality, the same quality we used
in restaurants and bakeries out in New York. Zac Young: It’s amazing to learn from chef
instructors who have worked at America’s top restaurants and bakeries. They aren’t just
teachers. They’re mentors who are going to guide you through this industry.
Maureen Drum Fagin: An ICE education takes learned skills from the classroom and put
them into practice in the field. Dr. Luisa Costello: My culinary voice is pastry
and baking, expression, crafting original products so that individuals can enjoy them,
watching the excitement on their face when they bite into it.
Amanda Pabon: I had just graduated from my high school and I decided to come to ICE so
that I could pursue my dream of opening up a Puerto Rican bakery. I’m hoping to come
back to ICE very soon for my Culinary Management diploma as well.
Danny Meyer: People who make the choice to go to a fantastic culinary school like ICE
are saying, “I want to give myself a leg up.” Elisa Strauss: I was working in the fashion
industry as a textile designer and I realized my real dream was to own my own cake business.
So I came to ICE and it led me through every step of the process. I loved the feeling I
got when I toured the school and I saw the great course selection. ICE helped me guide
through an amazing process as I opened up my custom cake business.
Kathleen Hernandez: To get such a wonderful culinary education in the heart of New York
City, It was ideal. Zac Young: I was working in the wig department
at Radio City. I became obsessed with baking cookies and I enrolled in ICE to follow that
dream. Gail Simmons: ICE gave me my culinary voice
to speak with confidence, to have the language I needed, to be at the top of the food industry.
ICE has helped more than 10,000 students find their culinary voice. You should be next. [0:03:10]
[Audio Ends]