File Name : School of Professional Development
Length : 0:02:59 Speakers : Male Speaker 1, Maxime Bilet, Scott
Mcmillen, Steve Zagor, Richard Vayda, Michael Laiskonis
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[Audio Starts] Male Speaker 1[1]: ICE’s School of Professional
Development features classes taught by industry experts to keep culinary professionals on
the cutting edge. The Modernist Cuisine & Advanced Culinary Studies program at ICE has specialty
classes such as sous vide and cooking technology, culinary applications of hydrocolloids and
the ICE professional series where chefs hone their skills and perfect their craft.
Maxime Bilet: One of my favorite tools that we use in the kitchen is centrifuge. And basically
you get pea puree and we spin it at 13,000 gs. The top layer is this juice very bright,
very intense. In the middle layer, we call it pea butter. We spun 150 pounds of peas
just for this bag. Scott McMillen: ICE Advance Pastry Studies
offers continuing education for graduates and professionals using the finest pastry
chefs from around the world. Male Speaker 1: Here you can study the techniques
and art of professional bread baking taught by Sim Cass, founding baker of Balthazar,
and the art of professional cake decorating taught by cake legend Toba Garrett.
Steve Zagor: The business side of professional development is our series of “how to open”
courses. It involves taking that dream and making it come true whether you want to open
a catering business or retail food store, a restaurant, a cafe or a bakery. It gives
you the opportunity, the knowledge, the motivation to make it happen. We also offer our Meet
the Culinary Entrepreneur lecture series featuring some of America’s top culinary business owners.
Male Speaker 1: The food media department at ICE offers a line up of classes and speakers
that reflect the evolution of media in the culinary world. Topics include food blogging,
recipe writing, social media, cookbook editing, food photography and public relations — in
each case taught by working experts. Richard Vayda: The wine studies and beverage
courses here at ICE are designed to build awareness, understanding and appreciation
for the broad spectrum of wine as well as other beverages such as beers, spirits, cocktails
and sake, and whether you have a novice palette or advanced, we have exposure to the world
of wine here, and also to food and beverage pairing.
Male Speaker 1: The ICE Study Abroad program offers recent ICE graduates the chance to
work in restaurants around the world giving our students another layer of experience and
a competitive advantage in the market. Michael Laiskonis: ICE will help you find
your culinary voice. Like any artist training, it doesn’t stop there. Not only will ICE help
you hone your skills but will be there for you long after you graduate. ICE will share
the enjoyment of the success of your culinary career. [0:02:59]
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