Hello. Welcome to American Baker in Germany. I’m Michelle and this is… Sabrina. And how old are you? Six. Yeah, and today—the day that we are filming
this—is what special day? It’s my first day of school. Yeah. Your first day of first grade. I’m so proud of you. You’re such a big girl. And, it’s a very big deal in Germany. They make a very big deal about it. So, we made a special cake for Sabrina’s
first day of first grade. Isn’t that exciting? Yeah, it is! So, this is going to come out in a couple
weeks because it takes me some time to edit it, but this time that we are filming is Sabrina’s
first day of first grade. So, congratulations! Are we ready to make this cake? Yeah, of course. Let’s get started. Sabrina wanted school supplies on the cake. I started out making a few pencils. I rolled out a snake of first blue fondant. Then cut it into regular lengths. I cleaned up the ends. Then I rolled a few very small cone shapes
of the same blue fondant. Then I rolled a few flesh-colored cone shapes. I cut off the end of the cone and the tip. Then glued it onto the cylinder of blue. Then glued the tip on. This is edible glue, by the way. You can also use a bit of water. Next I made red pencils. Then yellow pencils. Next I wanted to make a pair of scissors. I rolled out some gray fondant fairly thick. I cut out a triangle and rounded the tip. I trimmed the other end to come to a point. And pressed some texture into the fondant. Then I rolled out some turquoise fondant about
the same thickness. I cut out a triangle from that fondant and
stuck the two colors together. Then I cut out some circles out of the turquoise
fondant with the back of a piping tip. Then I cut around them with a knife to create
the handle of the scissors. Next I wanted to make a notebook. I rolled out some dark green fondant thickly. I cut it into a rectangle and corrected it
a bit. I pressed a line into one side with the back
of a knife. Then I rolled out some white nice and thin
and cut out a small rectangle. I rounded the corners with a piping tip. And stuck it on the notebook. Then I used a fondant press mold to make the
word Mathe, or math. I chose math because it’s a short word and
might fit on the label I made. It had, of course, nothing at all to do with
the fact that I studied math… Then I stuck the word on the label. It just barely fit. Sort of. Then I rolled out some purple fondant and
cut out the words Sabrina and Einschulung (or school start) and let them dry overnight. If you like watching me make cakes, consider
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our future videos. Now, we’re finally at cake. I have to explain why I chose to make this
cake like I did. This cake was only for our family, so I made
a six-inch round cake. But there were so many decorations, I knew
that they would never fit onto the cake itself. I decided to make the cake board part of the
decorations. That’s why I placed the cake to one side
of the cake board. This is my vegan chocolate cake and Swiss
meringue buttercream. My daughter’s favorite. As you can see, I’ve crumb-coated the cake,
frosted the cake again and cleaned up the cake board. I chilled the cake while I prepared my fondant. I mixed all the pink colors of fondant I had
as well as all the skin colored fondant and ivory fondant I had. I knew I would need a lot of pink. Then I rolled out some of the pink and covered
the small cake with it. I smoothed it down with my hands
and trimmed it to size. There was a bit of cracking at the edges. Then I rolled out all the rest of the pink
fondant as big as I possibly could. I wanted to cover the cake board with the
pink fondant. Then I cut out a circle out of one size the
same size as my cake by tracing my cake pan. Then I carefully picked it up and draped it
over the cake board, placing the cake in the hole of the fondant. Then I trimmed the edges. But clearly, the fondant was short. None of the corners were covered. And I knew that if I patched them with pink,
it would be really obvious. So, I decided to go with contrasting colors. I rolled out some purple fondant. I used a decorative cutter to create a nice
edge. And I used a small round piping tip to make
it look like lace. I then used the purple lace to cover the corners
and trimmed it to the edge. I did this with every corner. It totally looks deliberate. Then I placed the words under the cake. To get it centered, the best way is to start
in the middle of the word. Then, I let Sabrina decide where to place
the rest of the decorations. We put the notebook on the left side. The scissors on the bottom right corner. The pencils around the cake in groups of three. One final point. The cracking fondant on the cake. I mixed some pink fondant with clear alcohol
to create a fondant paste and mended the cracks with it. Don’t be concerned about the alcohol. Once the paste dries, the alcohol has evaporated
and no alcohol is left behind for the children to eat. This cake took a while to make, but turned
out so sweet and was just what Sabrina wanted. I think this is the first cake I’ve ever
made where the cake itself is almost an afterthought. But it shows what you can do with a cake board. Congratulations on your first day of school,
Sabrina. We’re proud of you. For more cakes and tutorials, visit our website
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