– It’s summer. (“Nothing Like Them” by Loving Caliber) (cheering) – We are vandalizing the kid’s car. – [Bailey Marne MckNight.
(cheering) Brooklyn Victoria MckNight. – [Woman] Woo, Brooklyn. – Hey Guys and welcome
back to another episode of – Behind the Braids.
– Behind the Braids. – In this week’s VLOG, you’re gonna see a lot of activities. Bailey and I graduated from high school. Daxton graduated from fourth grade. There was just a lot of things going on. It was the end of the school year, so now it’s summertime,
– Summer. – which is super exciting.
– Yes. – But before we get onto the video guys, don’t forget that you can buy the Lash Next Door by clicking the link in the description box below or the information button right up there. So go click that and buy your mascara, – Yes.
– because I love it. – I love it. – Ya’ll love it. We’ve heard nothing.
– Brady loves it. – Brady loves the mascara. He totally, definitely,
– Uses it. – does not use it.
(laughing) But you guys, make sure you click the information button up there or the link in the description box below to go get your Lash Next Door. Now let’s get on to the vlog. (whooshing)
(upbeat music) – Okay guys, so it is like maybe 12:30 on launch day with the
mascara and Sunna and I are sitting here frantically
working over the website. I know our web guy Peter’s
frantically working it over on his end and the twins are down at the other office frantically
working on other things too. So we’re all frantic and yeah, Sunna and I were up. I think I crashed at 3 am finally and I’m pretty sure,
Sunna, when did you crash? – Never.
(laughs) – I don’t even know if
she slept last night. You guys, seriously this is what launching
products looks like. It’s high stress. I feel like I literally
haven’t slept more than four or five hours a month. So I definitely need
a vacation after this. But it’s today and I feel
like I’m having a baby and I’m in labor right
now and I’m stressing out and we’re almost there. So that’s what’s happening right now. – [Bailey] Okay guys, this is what happens when you sell out of mascara in 24 hours. You recruit everyone you know
to come help stuff mascaras. – That’s all mascaras guys. (laughter) Just so you know every one
of these is hand-wrapped. – Uh-huh.
– They are. – [Mom] Brooklyn and Bailey just got some presents from Maverick. – We’re like so excited! I’m ready to take this on my trip. – [Mom] They’re so excited. – I’m gonna look so cute and retro! – [Mom] To take them to Hawaii. – Yes. – [Mom] And then I also
got this beautiful candle. Check this out though, this is what’s kinda fun about it.
– It smells so good. – [Mom] It’s a Neroli and Sandalwood, both scents which I love, but this candle has a charm buried inside it that you have
to burn the candle to find and then it’s like a protective charm that you can wear on
this little leather cord that’s also provided. So how cool is that? And it smells really good. So I’m totally digging and cuteness, little hats. Do your thing ya’ll, do you thing. ♪ Lookin’ at the fall ♪ ♪ Nobody could break us ♪ ♪ Yeah I thought we had it all ♪ ♪ Take me back to when it was ♪ ♪ You and me ♪ ♪ You and me baby ♪ ♪ It was you and maybe ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ (clicking) ♪ Baby it was ♪ (singing) ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Baby it was ♪ – Kamri McKnight (applauding) – [Dad] Go Kamri! – Kamri received my
Outstanding Student Award. Kamri is a role model student, never strays from that. She never settles for mediocre work. In fact, she’s exemplary in every task. There are several pieces of her work that I’ll be saving to use as examples for future students. Her purpose and dedication
to being her best self is apparent in everything she does and I can’t wait to see what
the future holds for her. (applauding) (whooshing) – So we are on our way to Brooklyn and Bailey’s Baccalaureate Program. Did I say that right? – I think so.
(laughs) – Baccalaureate.
– I didn’t have one growing up.
– I didn’t have one either, which apparently is a religious ceremony the week before they actually graduate and it’s kind of like the
church service version of the graduating class. So we’re going in to a really beautiful, large Methodist Church
that we live close to and it’s gonna be this
inter-denominational ceremony and Dolly-G, one of Brooklyn and Bailey’s
most favorite teacher’s ever. – She’s been anywhere
where there’s a teacher in their videos, it’s Dolly-G. – Yes, it’s Dolly-G is speaking today. – So you’ll know her. – And so we’re gonna
love getting to see her and enjoy the music and
the different things that this program has to offer, as we kick off Senior Week
with Brooklyn and Bailey. (clicking)
(upbeat pop music) – I’m a survivor of the class of 2018. (laughter) I’ve seen some of you go from immature, naive and small little fourteen year olds to successful, mature and amazing adults. – [Male] Brooklyn McKnight. Bailey Mcknight. (whooshing) – [Mom] So the program is all done. – Finito. At one point, so we have
these roses tied to a rope and we’re supposed to untie
it from the rope to signify– – [Mom] Well you’re
supposed to make a circle. – Yeah. – [Mom] So you’re a unified group and then untie your individual roses. – And untie your roses, drop the rope and step over it to signify
like you’re parting ways, but it all got like, anyway. – Messed up. – [Dad] Rope and rose sound the same. – This speaker said, drop the rope, but he said it super garbley, so everyone dropped their– – [Mom] No he didn’t say rope. He said rose.
– He said rose. – So we all dropped the rose. – So we dropped the rose
and stepped over the rose. – And we weren’t supposed to do that. – And then it was like a big hot mess and everyone was laughing. Yeah.
(laughs) – It was supposed to be meaningful, but really it was just humorous. – It was very funny.
(laughs) (whooshing)
(upbeat pop music) (cheering) – Hi, I’m Brooklyn McKnight. I’m gonna be majoring in Entrepreneurship. – Yeah!
– Woo! – And I’m Bailey McKnight and I’ll be majoring in Entrepreneurship. – Woo!
– Yeah! (clicking) – So today we are at the Fourth
Grade Graduation for Dax. – Daxton graduates elementary school. – And he’s gonna go to what they call, Intermediate School here, which is fifth and sixth grade. – It’s like a middle school. – Next year and they start
rotating the classrooms, so will definitely be
new challenges with Dax in his organizational
skills and his Autism, but–
– Going from what? Are they five periods
or seven periods a day? – They go to eight periods a day. – Eight periods a day.
– But yeah. – Daxton doesn’t do well with that. So we’ll see how he goes. – We’ll see how it goes and we’re excited to see his program. (clicking) – Daxton McKnight. Daxton’s favorite memory here, for being able to go to this school because of the wonderful
learning environment. (applauding) – [Mom] How do you feel about
graduating from fourth grade? – Good. – [Mom] Yeah, what are you excited about? – Um, I don’t know? Maybe STEM. (clicking)
(upbeat pop music) – So you’re graduated
from elementary school. How’s it feel? – Good! – Good.
You feel smarter? (laughter) – No.
– You don’t feel smarter? – No.
– I can feel the smartness coming from there. I can feel it comin’ from there. (whooshing)
– My dad is 49 years old. – My dad’s
– 49! – favorite color’s pink and blue.
– You think I’m 49? Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are my favorite colors?
– My dad’s favorite– – Wait, wait, wait, hang on, go back, what are my favorite colors? – My dad’s favorite colors is pink and blue. – Pink and blue. – My dad’s favorite dessert is a donut. – Donuts? – My dad’s favorite
show is Donuts Plonuts. – Donuts Plonuts.
(laughs) Okay. – My dad always says, love. – Love. – My dad cooks the best, – Slushes. – Slushies. – I cook slushes for my kids. – My dad’s job is help packing scrunchies. – So, my job is to help
packing scrunchies. (laughs) Hear that mom and the girls? Packing scrunchies is my job. – My dad laughs when I say jokes. My dad really loves, – Have a tickle fittie? – A tickle fight. – Oh a tickle fight. I like to have tickle fights. – I love my dad because he loves me, – I do love you.
– By Paisley. – By Paisley, oh you’re so sweet! I love you! (whooshing)
(upbeat bouncy music) – Hi guys, this is Paisley. Today’s my last day of school. I’m just walking to the bus stop and we’re gonna have so much fun. It’s Yearbook Signing Day. We’re gonna have a Yearbook Celebration. It’s gonna be fun. I love my hairstyle. I’m gonna love school
today and it’s my last day. Bye.
(whooshing) (upbeat drum music)
– Alright so it is the last day of school for me. Last day of seventh grade. Finally an eighth grader, all of that and so I think I have the
most eventful day planned. So it’s a Half Day at school. So I get out at like 12. I have two hours where
I’m in sports class, I guess is what you could call it. And they’re having a water balloon fight. So, I get to do that. Then I come home with one of my friends and then we’re going to a girl’s like, after school, like summer swim party. And then from that one, we’re going to another swim party, but
it’s gonna be a crazy day. It’s gonna be crazy, but
it’s gonna be so much fun. (whooshing) – I’m excited. – [Dad] Why? – ‘Cause no more school! – [Dad] No more school. – It doesn’t feel like the
last day of school though. Yesterday really did. Today it’s kinda dumb because like, in middle school we actually had like, classes and so it was like a, like you count down the clock
until it’s actually summer, but in this one it’s like,
today I just have one final that I have to take. – [Dad] A final on the last day of school? – I have two, but my
last one is just soccer. So, everybody’s leaving, so it’s like, you don’t actually get the countdown. So it just kinda come and go
for the last day, I guess. (laughs) Everybody’s leaving at different times. (whoosing)
(upbeat pop music) – So we’re here at the school and we are decorating their car. – We are vandalizing the kid’s car. – [Mom] Just a little reminder that today is their
last day of high school. What? (cheering) – It’s summer! (laughter) We just got off the bus
and it is a Half Day. And it is officially summer! We are walking up to the house. This is, oh this is Alyssa, by the way. – Oh yeah, hi.
– We’re gonna go get ready for all our swim parties tonight! – Yeah!
(laughter) (whooshing)
(cheering) (clicking) – What are you gonna do with your summer? – Make stuff. – Make stuff. Like code stuff? – Um-hmm.
– What are you gonna do? – Code stuff.
– And swim? – No.
– Yeah. And have fun? – Um-hmm.
– Eat popsicles and make messes? – Um-hmm. – And help mom and dad clean the house? – Yeah, no. – And do the yard work.
– No. (whooshing) – [Announcer] Bailey Marne McKnight. (cheering) – [Girl] Woo, Bailey! – [Announcer] Brooklyn Victoria McKnight. (cheering) – [Girl] Woo, Brooklyn! – [Woman] So what’s going on Rylan? – They can’t find Bailey’s diploma. – [Woman] The school has lost the diploma. Brooklyn got hers. – I got my diploma. It’s somewhere over here
in this pile of things. – [Woman] You graduated. – I graduated. Bailey’s diploma is lost and her and Nay-sa are trying to find it with all of the people
handing out the diplomas. – [Woman] So maybe she’s
not actually graduating? – Maybe she has to repeat a year. That would be fun. (clicking) – [Girl] Bailey what are
you getting delivered? – My diploma that they lost. – She graduates! – [Girl] Woo! – Dolly-G comin’ in clutch. – We found it.
– I saved the day. I forgot my cape, but hey I got it. – She’s a super hero all year round. – [Mom] She forgot the cape, but she’s the super hero all the same. – Yeah. – ‘Cause Bailey can graduate now. – Yes. (whooshing)
(upbeat pop music) – Thank you so much
for watching our video. It was so cool ’cause everybody graduated and it’s officially summer. – It was so exciting! I know.
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