(upbeat music) – [Blynn] All food starts as science. (whooshing) delicious. I experienced the world
through math, logic, and problem solving. – Morning Chef. – Oh! I don’t know why but I don’t seem to relate to some of my colleagues. – Blynn was raised by a wired
monkey covered with cloth. She was part of an experiment
at Quendelton University to see if compassionate parenting had an effect on adolescent behavior. (cackling) – Yeah! – Technically, we were never allowed to
run an experiment like this. But before we got shut down we discovered the answer. – Your hand feels very good. – It does. (dramatic music) – Truth be told Blynn revolutionized the way we think of food. – Blynn’s food turns
everything upside down. – [Blynn] New and
different are always good. You can’t eat some of my food. Even if you tried really hard. (buzzing) that’s because I’m not bound by the common expectations that the old guard is. – [Hugh] She said what if soup was hard? What if salad was loud? (crunching) what if you got a bagel with cream cheese but the cream cheese was the bagel and the bagel was the cream cheese? – I mean she really
mixed up the adjectives you’d use to describe food. (tinkling music) – What you gotta understand is that no one was doing this at the time, it was the wild west out there. There were no rules. There was no script. We were just flying by
the seat of our pants. – When she first started some people scoffed at her for shunning convention. They assumed that anything that was the size of an atom was not a meal. They were clammering, I’m still hungry. Why did I pay for this? Am I gonna die? They were total amateurs at eating food. (soft music) – People didn’t understand her. They were even up in arms when she debuted her signature pasta. And that dish was a revelation. It was so fresh, so elegant. She was young but she already knew
how to work with pasta. (soft music) – [Frankie] Her pasta
rocked the culinary world. It put her on the map. – She was the first to
say sure we can eat pasta but what if we eat around pasta? – She was using the
negative space of food, I mean, anyone can eat food but to eat not food, now that was an idea. At first people did find Blynn’s food alienating. (buzzing) (explosion) And it’s all well and good
to alienate your customers, that’s fine honestly, great. But when she found out premier food critic Mike Gublonix was stopping by, ooh! Anyone would really need
to straighten up for him. (upbeat music) – Mike Gublonix is the
king of eating food. And a good review from him means everything to a chef. – I was feeling nervous
about what to serve him and I felt so uninspired. And when I feel uninspired
I return to my ingredients. Which is what I call my gadgets. This is to harness the chewed up feeling you get on the roof of your mouth after eating Captain
Crunch into a cocktail. This curtails the aging process of milk. This I’ve only tested once, but it can switch the
properties of any human with an apple, temporarily. For just an instant on the tongue you could have the
sensation of being an apple. I mean, isn’t that cool? Being an apple has to
be tasting one, right? – Sure. Yeah. – She literally has the ability to swap the chemical makeup of something. – So of course she thought this was going to impress Gublonix, the king of eating food. (explosion) – I don’t know why, but I knew I had to use that machine. I just had to. – She was determined and nothing was gonna stop her. But no one could have
seen what happened next. – [Guest] Excuse me, sir? Sir? – [Guest] What happened to this guy? – [Guest] Did he have a stroke? – [Guest] Someone call an ambulance. – Gublonix swapped bodies with an apple, permanently. – That’s it for this episode preview. To watch the full episode go to dropout.tv and start your free trial today. – Did they need to eat it? Did it taste good? How, why, who cares? Do you? Do I? Who’s talking? (upbeat music) – It was thrilling. – Thrilling! – The whole thing was dumb. – Was it food, was it art, was it murder?